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    Matteel's Dadism left to get milk is a culturally center-left, economically center left, and civically variable ideology (from liberal to statist) representing the beliefs of MATTball.png Matteel's Dad

    Welf.png Economics Welf.png

    Matteel's Dadism believes while that capitalism is in-general good, it's not without it's problems. That is why he supports a modestly large welfare state, to provide people safety nets, and for people who are disadvantaged and a mildly progressive tax system. Along with environmental protections.

    Rfrm.png Cultural Views Rfrm.png

    His cultural view is center-left, he wants to see change made to the country and in-general supports things like LGBT and trans rights, but doesn't want to destroy culture just for the sake of it being culture and is against SJWs. He also supports the legalization of weed while decriminalizing other soft drugs, but leaving hard drugs criminalized. And is also against some moral issues like abortion. But overall he is center-left in his cultural values.

    Religious.png Religion Religious.png

    He is tolerant of all religions and atheists and supports separation of church and state. He sees religion as a private affair that someone should make on their own decision and shouldn't be forced through policy, and if they don't want to make that decision, that is entirely up to them nor are they misguided. He himself is a Protestant Christian.

    Internation.png Diplomacy Internation.png

    He has an international view to Diplomacy, seeing co-operation with other countries as a good thing, and supports regional unions like the EU (mostly). He also supports Polyculturalism and Interculturalism, seeing it as the best solution to keep a nation together. That being said, he does think the current United States immigration is desperately needing of fixing and we should ease the legal means of entry into the country. But opposes globalism because he sees it as just another form of Imperalism that strips nations away of their sovereignty.

    Gallery (These are my actual dad's test results he sent back to me)



    • MATTball.png American Social Democracy - My son, regardless of what you believe, I will still love you! (Just why did you have to reject religion though?)
    • LiberationTheo.png Liberation Theology - Too economically left-wing for me, but still pretty good.
    • Progchrist.png Progressive Christianity - Basically me!
    • DemocratF.png Democratism - You used to be a good party, but you've been slipping in recent years. Still better than Republicans.
    • Soclib.png Social Liberalism - Nearly perfect!
    • Bidenism.png Bidenism - You defeated the orange man, great job!
    • Sanders.png Sandersism - I've heard a lot of good stuff about you, and the democratic party is starting to disappoint me as well.


    • Fiscon.png Fiscal Conservatism - While I do understand the need for fiscal responsability, can't we just have a modestly sized welfare state?



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