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    Tomboyism, also known as Masculine Feminism (MascFem) (which is commonly mistaken for Butchism), is a feminist ideology that believes that masculine behavior and personality traits are akin to natural leadership qualities. Tomboyism believes that the masculine personality is the reason for male dominance in the world, rather than biological differences, and that to compete with men for positions of power, and abandon the traditional gender hierarchy, women must become more masculine themselves, rather than trying to normalize the idea of femininity being powerful. Masculine Feminism views femininity as something that has been culturally instilled by harmful men as a means of oppressing women, keeping them from becoming strong leaders, and must be rejected for women to truly become equal.


    The term "tomboy" s used to describe heterosexual females who exhibit behaviours that are considered more typical of boys, such as playing sports, wearing 'boyish' clothes, or engaging in activities that were traditionally seen as male-dominated. However, this label was historically used in a derogatory way, implying that these girls were somehow abnormal or deviant.

    In recent years, there has been a growing movement to reclaim and celebrate the idea of Tomboyism, not as a deviation from the norm, but as a valid expression of personality and it’s aesthetics. This movement emphasises the idea that females should be free to express their masculinity, regardless of societal expectations.




    • Patriarchal Masculism - I know you like manly stuff, and that's cool. But if you say one more bad word about women, I will kick your incel teeth down your throat!
    • Feminism - Have you thought about hitting the gym and pumping some iron? Hard to take you seriously when you aren't tough.
    • Maternalism - I dig that you're all about recognising women and being politically correct and all that, but why should women be pigeonholed into just being this feminine-version of mothers? You're totally missing the mark on what it means to be maternal!
    • Conservative Feminism - Kind of 'based,' but you think that tomboys aren't cultural.
    • Marxist Feminism - I want to get rid of gender roles too. But Marx looked pretty wimpy. Doubt he could bench very much, and if you can't bench press much, you aren't cut out to lead anything.
    • Matriarchy - Girls should run the world. But only tough ones who can handle their liquor. Leadership is no place for make-up and shoe shopping.
    • Men's Liberation - I get that you support feminism, but you don't have to reject masculine personality (if you don't want to).
    • Femboyism - On one hand, you're like tomgirls. On the other hand, you're not!


    • Masochism - You're just a horny sub who praises problematic men!
    • SJWs - You hate me and you claim to be a tomboy, so I hate you!


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