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    Mary-Sueism is the most based ideology, nothing can compare to it.


    Mary-Sueism's ideology is based on a Constitutional Monarchy backed up by a Technocratic Parliament, with ecological laws as well as a distaste for violence which is very much prohibited.


    She is known for being very kind, as her ultimate goal is to help and protect others as well as make the world a better place. Violence is only something that she uses as a last resort for defense. She has absolutely no flaws, is skilled at everything, and is loved by everyone. She is capable of doing anything she wishes with absolutely no hiccups or difficulties, because she is based. Of course since she's based, She's just that based. It's to the point where any idea she has is a complete fact. Don't worry about how someone would react to near God-like thought.


    Best Friends

    • Scientocracy - You have good ideas, and are very smart just like me.
    • Technocracy - I heard someone called you the most based ideology.
    • Monarchism - "Monarchism is better than all those unbased ideologies."
    • Meritocracy - Talented like me
    • Basedism - As based as me, no wait I'M more based.


    • Combatocracy - Violence is not Nice!, but if it's for defense and it's what you are good at it's okay.
    • Anti-Anti-Centerism - You seem to take a liking to me, but your ideas are pretty violent.
    • Anti-Radicalism - You hate unbased ideologies and wants to protect your fellows from Radicals, but why resort to aggressivness?


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