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    Marxism-Liberalism is the ideology embodying all of the worst fears of American right-wing media. It is totalitarian, culturally far left, and economically left-leaning, fluctuating between center and far left. It advocates for the genocide of cishet white men, the abolishment of Christianity, and the establishment of a totalitarian, politically correct marxist vanguard, among many other things. Its overarching goal in taking these positions is to bring about the destruction of America, American culture, and American people.


    Marxism-Liberalism (xe/xem/xyrs) is extremely flamboyant, screeching at everything and everyone that does not align with xyr beliefs - especially conservatives. Xe likes to be in complete control of every conversation surrounding every aspect of the American political atmosphere and the daily life of American citizens. Xe also likes to attack anyone perceived to be straight, cisgender, white, and/or male - the more categories a person fits, the more xe is inclined to attack them. Finally, xe is also very self-assertive about xyr internal emotional identity, wearing all of xyr emotional impulses on xyr face, talking about how gay xe is, dying xyr hair blue, getting tattoos and piercings, smoking weed, taking LSD, and encouraging everyone else to do the same, especially children. Xe's language patterns most closely resemble those of a stereotypical American progressive college student.




    • Liberalism - Mom, you're a great inspiration, but you're far too moderate...
    • Hippieism - Love the messages and the fashion, but why so peaceful?
    • Pink Capitalism - I love your messages and am a loyal customer to all your new products, but please scale back on the love for free markets, as that reminds me of them, and please stop hiring straight white men to be your CEOs.
    • Jihadism - Fellow hater of America who wants America and its people to burn, but can you stop being so sexist and stop calling me a degenerate infidel?
    • Marxism - Mucho texto, didn't read your 67-page criticism of me. Thanks for the aesthetics, though! Eat the rich, or something!!
    • Marxism-Leninism - Huh? Why don't you like me? Why are you calling me a fed? I am literally doing your bidding!
    • Anarcho-Communism - What do you mean I'm not serving the people??
    • Masculist Communism - What the fuck??


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