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    Marxism–Leninism-Rothbardism is a civically authoritarian, economically Left, and culturally variable ideology which seeks to use Marxist-Leninist revolutionary strategy to achieve True Capitalism. It has identified 5 stages society must pass through to achieve Anarcho-Capitalism. Beginning with the establishment of the Capitalist-Internationale (which will ultimately replace the United-Nations) the world will be united one state at a time, mutually aiding one another at the direction of the Capitalist Internationale towards the common goal of achieving Anarcho-Capitalism on a planetary scale. Breaking the chains global crony-capitalism, and securing freedom, property, and most importantly, profit for future generations.


    Note: These are the definitions Marxism-Leninism-Rothbardism uses to define these terms, not the literal definition for them.

      Socialism - Government intervention into the Free Market. The more the Government intervenes, the more Socialist the economy is.

      Communism - Full State control over the Economy.

      Malevolent Socialism/Corporatalism - Used to maintain the Cronyists control over the economy. The Status-Quo in virtually the entire developed world.

      Virtuous Socialism - The period following the revolution, and institution of a Marxist-Leninist-Rothbardist Government. Characterized extreme Government intervention into the economy, siezing the means of production from the Cronyists working towards Virtuous Communism.

      Malevolent Communism - Full State/Cronyist control over the economy, used to oppress the people forever.

      Virtuous Communism - The period succeeding Virtuous Socialism, declared when all functions of the economy have been fully Nationalized, and all incomes, and prices of goods, and services have been equalized to the maximum possible degree.

      True Capitalism - A Stateless society run on the principles of Free-Market Laissez-Faire Capitalism.

    Flag of Marxism-Leninism-Rothbardism

    The Five Stages

    Stage Zero: Status-Quo

    The world is trapped in a state of Malevolent Socialism (Crony-Capitalism), slowly creeping towards Malevolent Communism (Totalitarian-Corporatocracy).

    Criteria to advance:

    Establishment of a vanguard party and declaration of national-revolution to both the host-nation, and to the Capitalist-Internationale.

    Stage One: Revolution

    Malevolent Socialism must be overthrown by force through the establishment of a vanguard party to instigate a revolution, resulting in the establishment of a Marxist-Leninist-Rothbardist government. The states which institute such governments on a national level will be admitted as full members of the Capitalist-Internationale, which will offer mutual aid to revolutionaries in other countries which are still carrying out their revolutions. Stage One will be considered completed by the Capitalist-Internationale when every country on earth is under the control of a verified Marxist-Leninist-Rothbardist government, and admitted into the Capitalist-Internationale.

    Criteria to advance:

    ⦁ Instillation of a Capitalist-Internationale confirmed Marxist-Leninist-Rothbardist government in a state, and becoming admitted as a full-member of the Capitalist Internationale.

    Stage Two: Virtuous Socialism

    The post-revolutionary stage will work towards rapidly nationalizing all property within the state, and equalizing all incomes to the highest degree possible. First within the specific state, then onwards towards mutually aiding other states of the Capitalist-Internationale in achieving maximum income-equality. Stage Two will be declared completed by the Capitalist-Internationale once they have confirmed every individual member-state has met the strict criteria to advance onwards to Stage Three. The date of this declaration will be known as the "Day of Equality".

    Criteria to advance:

    ⦁ The highest, and lowest income within a nation are within one percentage point of each-other (accounting for additional income equity as a result of dependents)

    ⦁ The state median income is within 1 percentage point of the Capitalist-Internationale's stage 3 median.

    ⦁ Price of individual goods and services, and accessibility to them are within 1 percentage point of the Capitalist-Internationale's Stage Three Median.

    ⦁ Overall cost of living is within 1 percentage point of the Capitalist-Internationale's Stage 3 Median.

    ⦁ %100 employment, education, or training rate between ages 6-60 (Not including the disabled, or prisoners).

    Stage Three: Virtuous Communism

    This stage is characterized by total state-control of the economy, and sustaining the maximum level of income equality throughout the Capitalist-Internationale. On the 100th anniversary of the Day of Equality. Unlike the previous two stages (which will end in individual states at different times), Stage Three will be considered completed by the Capitalist-Internationale everywhere on earth on the same day, the 300th anniversary of the Day of Equality. This is to ensure that everyone three generations removed from anyone who was alive during the Day of equality is deceased to minimize the potential for pre-revolutionary cronyist sentiments from surviving the Virtuous Communist stage. All documents pertaining to  any ideology counter to Marxism-Leninism-Rothbardism have been destroyed, and completely forgotten about long ago, and all history books have been rewritten to reflect Marxist-Leninist-Rothbardist values.

    Criteria to advance:

    ⦁ The Capitalist-Internationale will order all states to move to Stage Four on the 300th anniversary of the Day of Equality.

    Stage Four: Deregulationism, and Meritocratic-Privatization

    After 300 years of near absolute income equality, and 100% state-ownership over all industry, infrastructure, and resources, the state will begin the process of privatization. This will take place through open auctions, starting from the least important functions, and ending with the most important being sold to the highest bidder. The proceeds generated from auctioning off state-property will be transferred to the Capitalist-Internationale to be distributed equally across the people of the world. Elite-state, and Capitalist-Internationale officials are forbidden from participating in these auctions, since all incomes have been equalized, the process of auctioning off state-property will be meritocratic considering whoever the highest bidder is has displayed the highest conscientiousness in forgoing the most resources to have the highest investment capital, as well as the lowest aversion to risk in a given auction audience. Once a property has been auctioned off, it is strictly forbidden for the state to impose any regulations on, or give any aid whatsoever to the property owner. It is considered sovereign territory outside the control of both the Capitalist-Internationale, and the member-state's national government. This stage will continue until all vital functions of society have been auctioned off.

    Criteria to advance:

    ⦁ Privatization of all vital functions of society, and abolition of all previously existing laws, rules, regulations.

    Stage Five: Anarcho-Capitalism

    The final stage of Marxism-Leninism-Rothbardism. Once all vital functions of the State have been privatized, The Capitalist-Internationale will order the leaders of the Marxist-Leninist-Rothbardist State abdicate power, thereby abolishing the State. Once all states of the Capitalist-Internationale have privatized the final vital functions of the state, and the last state government has abdicated power, the Capitalist-Internationale will dissolve permanently. True Capitalism has been achieved at last!




    •   Anarcho-Capitalism - We share the same end-goal, but you have no scientific analysis towards achieving true capitalism, and have shown no revolutionary potential.
    •   Marxism-Leninism - I thank you for your contributions to my scientific analysis, but that doesn't change the fact that you're a filthy malevolent commie.
    •   Socialism - You're only good when you're used towards achieving True-Capitalism.


    •   Neoliberalism - Fake Capitalist, and a filthy revisionist at that. You're nothing but another Malevolent Socialist!
    •   State-Liberalism - Private corporations owning everything? Pure Malevolent Communism.
    •   Corporatocracy - The ultimate evil, the primary motivation for Malevolent Communism!

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