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    Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Libra Thought

    MLL.png Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Libra Thought (MLM-LT) is an Authleft.png authoritarian left, Prgess.png culturally left-wing, Commie.png communist ideology that is the self-insert of MLL.png CynicalLibra. She adheres to a materialistic analysis of history that links it with class struggle and the contradictions that arise in this struggle. She advocates for the use of a revolutionary vanguard party to build up the conditions necessary for revolution and through the strategy of protracted people's war, win this revolution and establish a ErgaDictature.png dictatorship of the proletariat. She puts an emphasis on the liberation of indigenous peoples in the United States and the Americas as a whole, being pro-landback and for the abolishment of all exploitative systems that have used to oppress American Indians in the US.


    Ormarxf.png Basic Historical Materialism and Dialectics

    As a Marxist, I view history through the lenses of class struggle and the contradictions that arise from it. The world's history can be divided into different modes of production that have been its driving force. These being primitive communism, slave society, feudalism, capitalism, socialism, and communism. The current existing mode of production is capitalism, which itself contains class struggle-related contradictions that plague it and inevitably will bring about its demise.

    We can look at society through its two parts, those being the economic base and the superstructure. The economic base relates to the forces of production in the economy and the relations of it. The superstructure relates to a society's culture, societal roles, and institutions. While these two do influence each other, the economic base's influence is supreme.

    Cap.png Contradictions and Flaws of Capitalism

    Capitalism currently is the dominant mode of production in the world. Capitalism in its essence is based around greed, exploitation, and the desires for profitability, with it leeching off of the wage labourers hired by companies. The practices of wage labour is in essence a form of theft as the capitalist who has not contributed anything to the value of the persons labour steals a chunk of the value of their labour. Things like generalization of commodity production have further intrenched this greed. Why should we keep such a cruel and exploitative system around?

    Orthlen.png The Vanguard Party

    A very divisive issue among communists is the question of “How will we build up class consciousness?” Vladimir Lenin proposed the idea of a revolutionary workers’ party led by already class conscious members of the proletariat that would spread class consciousness and coordinate revolution action. The party would work to create a mass line of support with the proletariat, in order to properly adapt to the material conditions of which ever country they are in.

    Tankie.png People's War

    ErgaDictature.png The Dictatorship of the Proletariat

    The dictatorship of the proletariat is like the name suggests, a dictatorship. It is a dictatorship of one class that works to oppress the other. The state historically and today can be described as a dictatorship, one of different classes oppressing each other. From the dictatorship of the aristocracy and feudal lords to the dictatorship of the bourgeoise that exists currently, the state has been used to oppress opposing classes. In the case of the DotP, it is one of the proletariat oppressing the bourgeoise. It could be described as indeed totalitarian, as its main purpose is to be used as a force to oppress and stomp on the bourgeoise and crush their dreams of capitalist restoration; using at times brutal and authoritarian methods to do so.

    The other mission of the dictatorship of the proletariat is the development of socialism and the transitioning of the mode of production. Overtime, the DotP will slowly disappear as lower-stage communism is developed and the transition to higher-stage communism occurs. This will happen naturally overtime until the state fully withers away and higher-stage communism is reached.

    Statesoc.png A Post-Capitalist Economy

    With my home country, the United States, being a fully industrialized capitalist country, there would be no need for a New Democratic period to occur. Instead, the seizing of the means of production by the proletariat could occur without the need for a capitalist transition period. The end of wage labour and the generalization of commodity production would begin with this. In the place of capitalist markets would be a planned economic system, powered through the use of computers and artificial intelligence. Resources would be allocated through need under such a system, or as Marx described it: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

    Ultraprogressivism.png Cultural Revolution

    As communists, we are progressives in the sense of progressing the superstructure and the economic base. However, when revolution comes knocking on a country's doors and it ultimately succeeds, the reactionary segments of the superstructure logically do not magically disappear. In order to rid the societal superstructure of bourgeois elements, it is necessary for a cultural revolution of the masses to take place.

    Indigenous National Liberation

    The United States of America is undoubtably a settler colonial state built off the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the indigenous peoples of the country. Throughout its over 300 year history, America has used numerous methods of oppressing, assimilating, and killing off indigenous people. My nation, the Cherokee/Tsalagi, was forcefully cleansed from their historic lands in what is now the Southeastern US. In the place of the homelands that these nations were expelled from were "reservations", or more accurately, bantustans.

    With the liberation of the proletariat, all oppressed groups in society will be liberated as well. Now this obviously means indigenous liberation, which would involve the equal granting of power to indigenous people, as well as the returning of native homelands to respective Amerindian nations.

    Foreign Policy

    Dengf.png Hochi.png On “AES” Juche.png Castro.png

    The term “Actually Existing Socialism” or “AES” was first coined and first used by Brezhnevites to denote “allies” of the social imperialist USSR. The term included not only the pro-Soviet comprador states of the Warsaw Pact, but also others like the DPRK and Cuba; however it did not include socialist states like China and Albania who were deemed to be hostile towards the USSR. After the collapse of the USSR, the term slowly died out until suddenly being adopted by supporters of modern-day China to describe the 5 remaining self-proclaimed socialist states; those being China, Cuba, the DPRK, Vietnam, and Laos. However, the term remains as meaningless and silly as it was when it was used by Brezhnevite revisionists in the 60s and 70s.

    Cball-China.png China and Dengist Rightism

    Firstly, we look at China. China post-Mao saw two rightist coups in the space of only 4 years. The first one of these was the 1976 coup by Hua Guofeng, which saw the left line of the CPC brutally crushed and the imprisonment of the Gang of Four, as well as the rehabilitation of Deng Xiaoping and his reactionary clique. The second one of these was the coup launched by Deng Xiaoping himself, which saw the complete restoration of capitalism in China. Wage labour, surplus value extradition, and the generalization of commodity production all returned under Deng. Under Jiang Zemin, the CPC began to allow billionaires into the party and corruption rose to all time highs. Under Xi Jinping, China has risen to become a major imperialist capitalist power on par with the United States, with China participating heavily in the territorial division of the world and the continued dominance of finance capital around the world. Modern-day China is a sickening distortion of what Mao worked to build during his rule.

    Hochi.png Vietnam

    Vietnam is a tragic tale and is a classic example of comprador capitalism. After Ho Chi Minh’s death in 1969, Vietnam was taken over by the Le Duan clique of pro-Soviet compradors. The Vietnamese economy post-war essentially become entirely dependent on the social imperialist USSR. In 1979, Vietnam on behalf of the USSR invaded Cambodia in order to remove the progressive peasant-led government of Pol Pot and the Communist Party of Kampuchea, and to replace it with a government led by the pro-Soviet comprador bourgeoise. With this, Vietnam was engulfed into a 10-year long counter-insurgent war against the CPK while it’s economy suffered even more. While Doi Moi officially started in 1986, it didn’t take full force until the 1990s when the USSR was dissolved. The Vietnamese government in response to the loss of the USSR decided to concede to neoliberal demands and took out an IMF loan. This loan forced them to privatize much of the economy and make it easier for foreign capitalists to tap into the Vietnamese market. This IMF loan allowed the United States to take the role of the USSR as the puppet master of Vietnam, which it remains today as.

    Castro.png Cuba/Castroite Revisionism

    Cuba is another tale of Soviet comprador capitalism. In 1959, the left-leaning nationalist “26th of July Movement” under the leadership of Fidel Castro, overthrew the pro-American comprador bourgeoise represented by Fulgencio Batista. The 26th of July Movement was a broad movement, uniting all of society against the corrupt pro-imperialist Batista government. An important thing to note though is that the 26th of July Movement didn’t consider itself communist, and considered itself to be humanist. In fact, Fidel Castro (leader of M-26-7) openly criticized communism when he said this in 1959 in an interview:

    "I am not a communist for three reasons, and I tell you this for your spiritual peace of mind. First, because communism is the dictatorship of a single class and I have fought all my life against dictatorships and I am not going to fall into a dictatorship of the proletariat. The second reason, because communism means hatred and class struggles and I am completely against that philosophy. And the third because communism fights against God and the Church".

    He also openly advocated for class collaboration, as seen here:

    “Little businessmen industrialists have credit today. The revolution has no interest in nationalizing them. The revolution has enough to do with developing the sources of wealth it now has at its disposal. The revolution feels that there can be collaboration from the little businessman and little industrialist. It believes that their interest can coincide with those of the revolution.”

    The Cuban revolutionaries instituted mass land reform and attempted to create a progressive social democracy that would eliminate feudalism in Cuba. However, the comprador bourgeoise of the American imperialist machine were unhappy, so attempted to overcome the government numerous times. In response, Castro as an opportunist decided to allow the Soviets to imperialize Cuba and turn it into a sugar colony in exchange for protection against the United States. He did this by declaring himself a Marxist-Leninist and allying himself with the Soviet imperialist bloc. Now it’s important to note Castro hadn’t actually become a Marxist-Leninist, this was just an opportunistic ploy to get support from the USSR who would soon imperialize the country.

    When the USSR was dissolved, the Cuban economy as expected collapsed. However, Cuba later found a new comprador master, that of China.

    User Relations

    S (100-85)

    A (85-70)

    • --CYBERLEN.--icon.png Average Castroite but Futurist (Castro.png/Fut2.png (75/100) - “Muh dogmatic Maoists rejecting Cuba and Vietnam”. Otherwise, alright ideology.
    • Jefsynd.png Armchair Sorelianism (Deleon.png/Sorelia.png) (71/100) - Fairly based. My only critiques are your use of trade unions as a tool of revolutionary organization instead of the far superior worker councils, and your characterization of the USSR under Stalin as “bureaucratic state despotism.”

    B (70-60)

    • DoesntExist.png Korean Ceausescu (Juche.png/Guildsoc.png) (62/100) - Not a fan of Juche and too sympathetic towards Nazbol ideologies, but not really a bad ideology per say. Also you're a cool person.

    C (60-40)

    • O'Langism.png Jefbol But Anarchist And Not A Marxist (AnSynd.png/Synthesisanarchy.png) (54/100) - insert Engels quote here about authority Troll.png
    • Yoda8soup.png Petty Bourgeois "Socialism" (Greensynd.png/Marketsoc.png) (52/100) - While I do respect your environmentalism and indigenism, there are still many things I find to be wrong with your ideology. Firstly, social democracy whether labelled left or right is still social democracy; class collaborationist capitalism based upon the exploitation of the third world. And secondly, market socialism is inherently petty bourgeois and not socialist, with wage labour, commodities, and markets being embraced under the banner of "socialism". Petty bourgeois socialism is still petty bourgeois after all.

    D (40-25)

    F (25-0)

    Which Political Figure Does My Ideology Remind You Of?

    Best and Worst Parts Of My Ideology?

    • Smallcontrabassia-charlesball.png User:Charles_Calvin - I like the Fem.png Feminist and the World.png Globalist Parts, however i dont really like the extreme auth-left ideologies like JosephStalin.png stalinism of your self-insert.
    • Occo.png Dr. Occo - The best part is obviously the Prog.png progressivism, but other than that… The worst part definitely is Antirev-icon.pnganti-revisionism.


    ask questions about me and my ideology and I’ll answer them


    1. nationalism (not national liberation) is anti-Marxist, cope
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