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    Market Syndicalism is a Demsocstar.png Democratic Marketsoc.png Market Socialist ideology


    Market Syndicalism is mainly influenced by Marketsoc.png Market Socialism economically, believing the stock market to be unfair, and shares only should be spread throughout the firm's workers.

    Bankocracy.png Banks

    Market Syndicalism believes banks should all be nationalized into a government-owned bank, with all citizens being put-into this bank. Believing the profit-incentive of co-ops to still be too damaging for the national economy, while also forcing the government to care more about bank actions and the economy in general.

    SyndieSam.png Trade Unions

    Trade unions are a must for society, with Market Syndicalism seeing them as a vital tool for worker's right and keeping the labour movement strong.
    The Education system should teach it's existence and the government should pressure people into unionising, but not mandating it due to the corruption it would entail, and because it makes people resent unions.

    Marketsoc.png Co-operatives

    Co-operatives should be the most common type of business due to it's promotion of worker's rights and self-management, while also promoting good social behaviours.
    The Education system will also teach about (worker) Co-operatives to keep people properly informed about it('s benefits).

    Self Employment

    Self Employment should be an available option, various jobs don't need co-operatives or even other people, and enforcing co-operatives everywhere would be incompetent.

    Urbanism.png Housing

    The government should take an active stance in constructing houses. Housing should also be deregulated so that you don't have to deal with NIMBY housing councils to construct anything. Land Value tax should also be implemented, with it highly increasing if you buy lots of properties to disincentivise people buying a fuck ton of land. Private corporations also would be banned from owning housing and the housing market would be dissolved.

    PolState-Car.gif Law

    Market Syndicalism is pro-rehabilitation, skills should be taught to prisoners so they can actually contribute to society when they get out.

    BBCOPCBAWicon.png Free Speech

    Should be mostly free beside death threats to specific people / communities, shops / organisations also have the right to kick you out for what you say.

    Psychopathy.png Torture



    Unitary.png Centralisation

    Market Syndicalism is in favour of a devolved level of centralisation.

    Confess.png Voting and Elections

    Elections should be no more than three years after the previous one. Electoral threshold should be 2%.


    Yes.png Great Yes.png

    Kinda Yes.png Good Kinda Yes.png

    • Panleftist.png Left Unity - Left Unity is good for recruitment for the left and transition into socialism, but after that it's a tool for tankies to oppress non-authoritarian leftists.

    Meh.png Middling Meh.png

    Kinda No.png Bad Kinda No.png

    No.png Disastrous No.png

    • FeudalWar.png Feudalism - No.
    • Polpot.png Pol Potism - Sadistic cancer on leftism.
    • Ancapf.png """Anarcho""" Capitalism - Corporate Oligarchy go brrrrrr, they don't even have to pretend as hard to care about the people because "Corporations are for profit" can be used as an excuse.
    • Nutzi.png Nazism - The best thing you did was committing suicide in 1945.
    • Pinochet-hat.png Pinochetism - Bastard that overthrew the democratically elected Allende.png Allende government.

    Yes.png Great Yes.png

    • EvolvingSoc.png Evolutionary Socialism - Excellent, very agreeable and living under this would be great.
    • Yoda8soup.png - Feels nearly the same as mine, and has a good personality too!

    Kinda Yes.png Good Kinda Yes.png

    • Glencoe.png Glencoeism - Alot of your ideas are good, but you're a bit too liberal-ish (Pax Liberalis is especially terrible though)

    Meh.png Middling Meh.png

    • O'Langism.png O'Langism - Alot of similar points, but just a bit too radical, he has a nice personality though.
    • Atronic.png Atronism - You have great social views and policies, but your governmental views feel a bit...Tankie-ish Also wtf was that anti-humanity furry stuff for a few days.
    • Jefsynd.png Jefbol Thought - Most of your views are alright, but the anti-abortion is a bit mid, and some of your views are more radical than mine, overall okay-ish.

    Kinda No.png Bad Kinda No.png

    No.png Disastrous No.png


    Comment here to be added, or to ask me stuff or just anything really ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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