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    Manipulism is the ideology of Discord User SkeletonJanitor, it advocates for a semi authoritarian and socialist agrarian state based off of a strong populist sentiment.


    I am a strong supporter of a republican style government and against capitalism. There should be a strong state, like any other government that seeks to protect and serve the destiny of it's people. However, democracies always fall into greed and incompetent governments that hurts the people in the name of protecting "liberty". Monarchy is unneeded, outdated and needs no place in this world anymore, even if it served us well in the past, the nation needs to move on, and the Royal Family will be stripped of their titles and live life as ordinary citizens like any other.


    The first goal of the ruling party is to disinfranchise the bourgeoisie. Their wealth will be seized by the government and redistributed to the working class and government. It is genuinely sad that the extremely wealthy, even moderately wealthy ruling class get to sit on their absurd amount of money while the common man has to work until the day he dies to keep living. Ideally, private property would be abolished, however personal property that does not exploit capital or labour, and does not exceed 20 hectares of land would be allowed in the society. Landownership would be legal.

    The ideal economic structure of the state should be socialization of the economy, via small farming communes and collective ownership of production such as neighbourhoods, streets, etc. While I prefer economic decentralization, the bank and crediting system will be completely nationalized and given control over to the party. The first step to a moneyless society after all, is to control the industry that makes currency.



    Manipulism is generally supportive of homosexual rights. Manipulism believes a same sex male relationship could be just as virtuous and healthy as an opposite sex one. However, the LGBT ideology and degenerate “pride parades” where people undress and put on a disgusting show of their fetishes, especially infront of children should be utterly obliterated. You are allowed to have pride of your sexuality but you must not just flaunt your kinks and fetishes over a movement to normalize them. In conclusion, Manipulism seeks to integrate homosexuals in society, where the need for pride parades to attempt to normalize the LGBT is not needed, as everyone no matter their sexual orientation are treated equally and given the same opportunity based on merit.


    Farmer buddies

    You’re Alright…

    Pitchfork and Torch!


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