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    Managerialism is a Non-Quadrant (but always Pro-Market) ideology that believes in giving the decision making in firms (Be they private, cooperative, state-owned, etc.) to Managers, in order to more efficiently manage the decision making and maximising revenue.

    Managerialism believes to be the best system, together with Technocracy and Corporatism, as they all rule purely through Meritocratic means, making it possible for everyone willing to study to become part of the Managerial Class (At least in theory).



    Social Beliefs

    Managerialism is a very pro-competition ideology, where anyone can compete on the basis of intelligence, ignoring (at least in theory) Race, Ethnicity, Culture, Native Language or Citizenship.

    This system is, theoretically, extremely Meritocratic, ignoring (again, at least in theory), economical and social background.

    Managerialism may be an advocate of free education for everyone, as it is the main way that someone can ascend to the middle class of managers, lawmakers, etc., but this is not a given for the ideology.

    Corporations are seen as the basic building block of society, as the basis of social activity and as the basis of economic activity; everything should be, thus, built around corporations.

    Economic beliefs

    Managerialism is staunchy Pro-Market, pro-free enterprise and pro-austerity, as they see Regulationism as an obstacle for their rule in firms; Regulations, still, aren't to be ditched entirely, but usually just relaxed or reformed by actual experts.

    Some managerialists may support State Capitalism, as such extreme state control on the market is a breeding bed for managerial positions.

    Austerity is very popular among Managerialists, as they view free-competition as the best way to make a service extremely efficient.

    Small-scale planning and goal-setting are inherent parts of Managerialism, which happen in a hierarchy, where higher ups give goals to those below them, which then give goals to those below them etc.; all of this would keep efficiency and performance high, thanks to decentralization of decision-making.

    Political Beliefs

    Managerialism is generally Libertarian or Liberal and may want the state outside of its affairs (Until they need a Bailout), in order to eventually establish a Corporatocracy.

    Some are straight-up Anti-Democracy and would prefer to establish a Noocracy, together with fellow Technocrats and Corporatists.

    These Noocracy and Corporatocracy and aren't inherently malicious, as many managers may also care about Workers' Rights and the Environment more than the Higher Ups do.


    Managerialism is generally found together with Technocracy and Corporatocracy, insulting most other ideologies for their perceived stupidity compared to the aforementioned trio.

    How to Draw

    Corporatocracy coloring

    Flag of Managerialism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw in a yin-yang style symbol (monad), with the left part in light grey (#D3D3D3) and the right part in light cyan (#24C5DC)
    3. Add the eyes and done!

    You're done.

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Light Cyan #76D7C4 118, 215, 196
    Light Grey #D3D3D3 211, 211, 211

    Capitalism Coloring

    Flag of Managerialism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw in a yin-yang style symbol (monad), with the left part in light grey (#D3D3D3) and the right part in yellow (#FFCC00)
    3. Add the eyes and done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Yellow #FFCC00 255, 204, 0
    Light Grey #D3D3D3 211, 211, 211


    Managers and Bureaucrats

    • Technocracy - Fellow manager in the state and in the central bank. We have the same origins overall.
    • Corporatism - My vaguely fascistic brother who too knows how bad The Owning Class and The Workers are bad at decision-making. Organicism uber alles!
    • Gig Economy - Ohhhh, I love you!
    • Meritocracy - You. You are the best system EVER.
    • Oligarchy - It may sound bad, but if everyone can become part of the oligarchy through hard work, I see no problem Time to make that as hard as possible
    • Noocracy - Knowledge = Power, fuck yeah!
    • Social Capitalism and Third Way - Free college for my kids? They gonna become managers as soon as possible! Oh, yeah, and others can too.
    • Neoliberalism - You made me class-conscious before the workers did. I love you.
    • State Capitalism - A fusion of me and Technocracy. Thanks for all the employment you give me!
    • Technoliberalism - Fellow manager, but he is for universal suffrage. Well, seems like we need to make a new managerial party!
    • Reactionary Liberalism - idk about your social and cultural policy, but keeping democracy from the middle class onwards is based. Just allow women into the system, you know, they are pretty intelligent too.
    • Thermidorianism - You were the good ones during the french revolution.
    • Authoritarian Democracy - This is something I like; only intelligent people will be able to candidate and vote!

    Middle Class

    • Liberalism - Thanks for giving us modern, meritocratic hierarchies and free markets, we will need them! However, you also gave us universal suffrage.
    • Market Socialism - Uh, everyone a manager I guess? Hey, sometimes, co-ops just elect managers and representatives (which are just glorified managers).
    • Syndicalism - Sometimes workers know a bit more about what is needed on the workplace. We can work together
    • Marxism - You failed to predict me and my brother and gave us the concept of class consciousness. Thank you, filthy commie!
    • Marxism-Leninism and State Socialism - You are a communist, but you created the modern bureaucratic class. Thanks man!
    • Corporatocracy - Managers are the de-facto controllers of corporations, but I think that, sometimes, the higher ups just stop us from truly thriving.
    • Capitalism - Same as above, but you sometimes advocate for the rule of those who have the money and not for the rule of those who are knowledgeable (and sometimes the money-havers are REALLY stupid)
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - You will need MANY of us without a state - which is already pretty idiotic.

    The Owning Class and the Workers

    • National Capitalism and Welfare Chauvinism - Foreign managers can easily beat managers from our nation, you racists!
    • Plutocracy and Timocracy - Having money and property doesn't make you inherently intelligent.
    • Socialism and Communism - Completely unrealistic; how do you expect dumb workers to drive an economy on their own... ah yes, state planning using supercomputers. Completely idiotic.
    • Left-Anarchism - NO LEADERS AND NO CLASSES?!?!??!

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