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    Malenyevism is similar to Leninism and Trostkyism with the belief in a vanguard state, agrarian peasant revolution and a permament revolution though seemingly without the idea of Degenerated Workers' States which hints at the authoritarian note of the United Contana.

    Foundational Beliefs


    The Vanguard is a structure wielded by the proletariat in order to secure their political power to bring the bourgeoise to heel.

    Permanent Revolution

    The "Permanent Revolution", which is the belief that the complete victory of the bourgeois-democratic revolution in Russia is conceivable only in the form of the dictatorship of the proletariat, leaning on the peasantry. The Cap.png democratic revolution grows over directly into the socialist revolution and thereby becomes a permanent revolution.


    Comrades in Marcias

    • Marcianism - I am a student of Karlos Marcias.
    • State Socialism - The Socialist state must be strong to resist reactionaries and bring communism into this world!
    • Leninism - Long live the vanguard of the working class!
    • Trotskyism - For a permanent workers’ revolution in the world!
    • Red Youth - Long live the Sordish revoluton.
    • Romantic Communism - Circas was a great poet and comrade. He will be avenged!
    • Smolakism - My good ally from Wehlen and I supported your Operation Bear Trap against the BFF terrorists.

    Annoying Comrades

    • Vagslandian Socialism - Revisionist, but a useful ally against imperialist Lespia.
    • Artor Wisci - The bourgeoise revolution is necessary for the socialist revolution.
    • Workers Party of Bludia - Good at fighting for Bludish rights and socialism in Sordland but you are far too moderate.
    • Communist Party of Sordland - You have your problems and Sordish socialism is revisionism, but I support your struggle against the Sollist bourgeoisie!

    Reactionary Capitalists


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