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    Makoto's Eternity is the ideology of Inazuma during Makoto's reign which lasted before the archon war until her death in the Cataclysm. Makoto's Eternity has been somewhat restored by Ei after a change of heart thanks to Traveler and Yae Miko. Makoto's Eternity is an Authoritarian Right but Progressive ideology and a religious one as well. Makoto's Eternity has a fundamentally different belief in eternity as in eternity through progression that dreams and ambitions brings eternity.


    Makoto's Eternity can be summed up as an eternity through dreams, ambitions, and legacy as well as inheritance of the ambition.

    Transient Eternity

    Makoto's idea of eternity is that eternity is carried through dreams and ambitions as well as memories. Makoto's eternity is more humanist believing that humans and their consciousness as well as their aspirations is what builds eternity. The dreams of humans become ambitions, and ambitions become reality. The aspirations of humans and their memories will make every moment even brief eternal as humans will cherish and turn them into aspirations. Even if some part dies or is temporary, new life will make something in the past eternal through memories and aspiration as well as dreams. This makes eternity not dead but alive and progressing forward.

    The Diarchy

    During Makoto's rule, two gods took the identity of Raiden Shogun which's Makoto who's the main god and Ei who's the shadow. The two gods shared different roles with Makoto dealing with peaceful and civil affairs while Ei deals with affairs that requires force. Despite the two gods existence, since the twins are identical, they take the same role as Raiden Shogun and to most people seen as one gods.

    Families and Clans

    Family wealth and status depends on honor. If a family has more honor their whole family gain wealth and status but dishonor loses their status or wealth. Family wealth is determined by the Raiden Shogun through anyone in the family's feats they've done for the Raiden Shogun and Inazuma.


    Families that want to be in the government and a noble family must duel the Raiden Shogun. If they win the duel they can become a government official. Much to the same as Ei's Eternity.



    • Makoto Naegi Thought - Hey, fellow Makoto!
    • Raiden Shogun Theocracy - I am the Raiden Shogun!
    • Humanism - I love watching humans and their aspiration and grow to form eternity.
    • Progressivism - Eternity through progression through memories and aspirations is the best eternity ever.
    • Pacifism - I don't really like war and my blade is never sharpened which symbolizes peace.
    • Necrocracy - Even after their death, human aspirations and ambitions pass onto their offspring who take on their role to create eternity and fulfill their dreams.
    • Diarchy - Me and Ei rule as Raiden Shogun.
    • Ei's Eternity - Though your idea of eternity might be misguided, I'm proud of you for sustaining eternity for Inazuma and resisting the heavenly principles and I love what Inazuma has become under you.
    • Enlightenment Thought - See isn't human aspiration wonderful!
    • Enlightened Absolutism - Literally how I rule.
    • Individualism - Each unique dream breathes new life into eternity.
    • Triumviratism - I later created the Tri-Commission.
    • Morax Theocracy - My friend who I dined with in Liyue.
    • Liyue Model - Liyue is a great place and Liyue has good relations with Inazuma.
    • Dreamism - Dreams are wonderful isn't it, they are the foundation of what eternity is.


    • Japanese Feudalism - Even though I love honor and noble families, I believe that every human has their own aspirations.
    • Feudalism - Same as above.
    • Autocracy - The Raiden Shogun is not one person even if we make it seem as one, two gods both take the position as Raiden Shogun.
    • Stratocracy - Raiden Ei may be the warrior and the fighter but I personally like peace.
    • Combatocracy - Same as above.
    • Imperialism - I tried taking over all the islands of Inazuma but Orobashi tried to destroy our people.
    • Sangonomiya Kokomi Thought - We have alike ideals but still a dumb devotee of the Orobashi. Although you do have a lot of Inazumans who joined you as well.
    • Anarcho-Individualism - I appreciate individual dreams and aspirations but we still need an order.


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