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    Majiraism is the ideology of satirical American perennial presidential candidate[1] and furry YouTuber, Majira Strawberry. He is a member of the fictitious "Furrd Party".


    2016 Elections

    During Majira's run for president in 2016, he announced Nicholas Wilde as his VP and announced several polices he would enact upon being elected.

    • Banning awooing.
    • Replacing all iPads with drawing tablets and forcing everyone to draw him art.
    • Stop Vine from closing.
    • Banning squeaking toys from furry conventions.
    • Making it treason and punishable by death to ruin the allusions of the furry mind.
    • Making Russia an ally of the US.
    • Creating "No-Diaper Zones" at the Rainfurrest Conventions.
    • Segregating bronies from the rest of the world.
    • Physically removing all furry-haters.
    • Replacing all Mountain Dew with Bleach. This is supposed to kill all the furry-haters somehow.
    • Removing all non-furries from Twitter. This would likely involve nationalizing it.
    • Furry supremacy. Literal Furryocracy.
    • Ensuring the right to a free body pillow and kigurumi for all Americans.
    • Replacing all spatulas with golden spatulas.

    2020 Elections

    During Majira's run for president in 2020, he again discusses some promises he supports.

    • Cut funding from everything.
    • Bringing back Vine.
    • Legalize majiruana (not marijuana).
    • Replace all the L's in the pledge of allegiance with W's.
    • Give every American compulsory Majira body pillows which they must cuddle with at least three times a week.
    • Give every person in America a free Nintendo Switch and establish Anarcho-Smashism.

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    1. Please note, he never actually ran for president. This is just based off some videos.
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