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    File:Sergio Espinosa in 1981.jpg
    Sergio Espinosa in 1981

    Magnism is an ideology created in the late 70s by the spanish philosopher Sergio Espinosa. It's goals are to promote a fair discussion between science and religion, between modernity and tradition. It operates in a mix of socialism and capitalism, where competition is allowed trough regulation. Magnism wants a disciplined oligarchy to rule, but stays open - minded to intelligent proposals of their educated citizens. It is also well know for allowing a lot of sexual liberties, a practice often criticized. Environment occupies a key part of their system, which is not afraid to spend money on ecological optimization.


    Espinosa started to think of Magnism in the last years of Franco's reign in Spain. He thought that with the current autocratic system, it should at least be devoted to better causes than war and corruption. He wandered all of Spain to gather information about the specificities of each region. Navarra was the region that most inspired him, crippled with police corruption and abuse. He decided to write a book about these ( See information at the right ) , in which he explains how to turn Spain in a better place, adapted to the country.

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    Further Information


    • La liberación de España: el reinado de Franco para echar


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