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    Macronism is an economically centre-right, civically liberal, and culturally centre-left ideology based on the views of French President Emmanuel Macron.


    Macronism supports France based on values of the republic such as hard secularism, freedom of speech and liberal democracy. It advocates strong anti-corruption policies, tripartism with labour unions in the economy modeled similarly to the Nordic Model, interventionism in international politics, and Green Liberalism. It wants to defend progressive values, but does not accept the anti-western narrative often present in modern progressivism, deeming it "Americanist". It also supports strong European integration with the intention of European federalization. As of recently he has taken a more nationalist approach to Islam and immigration issues.


    Macronism can be a very charismatic and ambitious ball, often trying to use his character to unite people with different ideas and come up with solutions that will make everyone content. He doesn't like being "disrespected" and does not hesitate to use force when other ways of achieving his goals fail. He is French and has a French accent. He is occasionally seen showing fondness for his wife and MILFs in general.




    • Populism - We are the real populists! Guys stop protesting
    • Neoconservatism - We had some good cooperation, but the European army will be better than NATO.
    • Trumpism - While I say I don't like him or what he stands for, I do like making alliances with him and we share a mutual hatred for far-left protesters
    • Eurofederalism - Your ideals are cool, but open borders are a terrible idea and France cannot be influxed by uncontrollable immigration of Islamists. You outlive the use for me now that I need right-wing votes.
    • PiSism - Well……you know what? Without Ukraine, I need you to defend Europe more than ever. So let’s stop our internal strifes and unite against the Russian enemy.


    • Right-Wing Populism - Le Pen is bad and dangerous for our country Now let me steal your rhetoric on Islam.
    • Left-Wing Populism - You too, Melenchon.
    • Reactionarism - Speaking of which, don't even try sneaking past me, Zemmour!
    • Corporatocracy - It's not the citizen who will pay, but the multinationals.
    • Islamism - People who make Islam into an ideology against the Republic must be stopped. Also, tell all of your people in social medias to stop making hate speech against me and forcing people to boycott french products!
    • Putinism - We need European solidarity against the aggression of you dirty evil Russian imperialist.
    • Islamic Leftism - Mon dieu, this is what they teach in schools!
    • Orbanism - Can you stop blocking our resolutions?
    • Ba'athism - We'll get you Assad.
    • Yellow-Jacketism - STOP FUCKING PROTESTING!!!

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