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    Macielism or also Deboranism, is an ideology that is based on the ideas and opinions of the user here: DebsMaciel.



    The so-called Liberal Democracy controlled by Capitalism that loves to propagate that it defends civil, social rights, democracy and freedom is a big rubbish, since it doesn't care at all about the people and their conditions, especially in the most rural areas . Firstly, an armed guerrilla revolution must take place (the most effective tactic for ending the state), in order to overthrow the Old State and implement a popular socialist regime inspired by the ideas of socialist regimes (in my opinion, more from Korea of the North, since Juche ideas are close to a socialist and traditionalist state).

    As mentioned before, there should be nothing like democracy as the Mensheviks tried to do, but rather impose violence and guerrilla warfare. After every revolution, a Socialist State based on Juche and National-Bolshevism is implemented. This state must be governed by a great leader who guides the nation, this leader is chosen and re-elected every 5 years by the Popular Assembly, made up only of intellectuals who understand the subject (as well as the supreme leader himself). Due to theocracy, it is necessary that the Socialist State, instead of imposing an atheist state, must propagate the ideas of Catholicism as much as possible and place it as the only religion allowed along with atheism if the individual is not interested.


    Despite appearing backward, the economy (along with society) would be quite and almost agrarian. Industrial sectors such as factories and commercial stores would be abolished and replaced by large collective farms subsidized by the big state, all as part of a major reform towards a perfect communist society.

    Abroad, the national economy would be quite protectionist, with the clear objective of protecting national products against the imperialist countries of the USA and the West and only exporting to allied and brotherly countries such as Russia and China.

    As mentioned before, any and all types of Industry would be abolished by the large state, since it is Industry that is to blame for the strengthening of capitalism and social inequality in a society and therefore, it must be replaced by large agrarian sectors such as Farms Collectives, where in each city there would be 20 collective farms subsidized by the large state, while it is heavily searched 24 hours a day by the National Army in case of any irregularity or violation on the farms.

    Social and Cultural questions

    I believe that a perfect socialist and communist society would be based on the return of traditionalist issues, with only true citizens working and helping the socialist state.


    One of them would be the return of the Catholic church influencing culture (Catholic Theocracy), however, do not think that it will dominate the government, this would be the work of the Great Popular Party, which would support and finance the Catholic church to increase its influence. Catholic values would be distributed to those who have no religion, as atheism is a permitted religion, the individual can choose to be an atheist, but not a religion other than Catholicism. This is because other religions are prohibited, both outside Christianity (Islam, Buddhism, etc.) and within (Protestantism and Anglicanism), so as not to hinder the development of a perfect society.


    To try to reduce as much as possible the imperialist influence of modern Western culture that destroys other cultures, we must ban any type of series, games, cartoons, foreign films, and focus on national cinemas to stimulate and even create our own culture, perhaps mixing with other cultures. anti-Western ones like China and Russia. The internet must be completely restricted and only allowed for national or state websites created by the government, as a way for the Brazilian people not to mix with those from other countries.


    Despite almost maintaining a somewhat isolationist policy due to the importance of combating inequality, I would still faithfully maintain my geopolitical position. The alignment with Russia and China would be very strong while I would move as far away from the West as possible, all this so that the world could move forward in the Multipolar World without the imperialist influence of the United States and the West, which were responsible for millions of deaths.

    In a more current/recent scenario, I would faithfully support Hamas' attack on Israel, believing that this is part of a fight to end Zionism in that region. Russia's invasion of Ukraine is justifiable, as this would be a tactic to contain the Western advance and expand Eurasianism to Europe. I defend Korean Unification under the leadership of the Korean People, the annexation of Taiwan by the Chinese People's Republic and a powerful military-economic alliance between Brazil and Russia and China, symbols of the New World Order.









    • Niiloism - Well, we are socialists and traditionalists, but you seem quite strange to me, so I prefer to stay neutral.




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