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    Cultural Rejuvenation
    Réunion island culture and tradition has been forgoten. While we can't and shouldn't go back to the Past, We can bring our dignity back for the Future.Unlike country like Italy or Thailand that have historical thinker for Cultural Rejuvenation we never have any of those, I'm inspiring myself of figure similar to what i'm striving for like Bissoondoyal,

    The Natural Form of Cultural Mode
    Cultural Extremism fall in comparison to .

    Futurism is great Artistic views of Technology . Art as a Blueprint for life. The Avant Garde .The Artistic culture of The Mascarene Plateau should be bring forward like Malcom De Chazal, Tale like Ti zan ek Grandiab or Art, Speed, Violence and Technology

    Réunion Island is naturally Multicultural and our . No Open Border tho . No Migrant Please

    Tan Lontan
    Réunion Island History can be pinpoint under 4 time period:

    • Slavery/Maroon
    • Indenture
    • Tan Lontan (Back in the day)
    • Komela (Nowaday's)

    All those time period must be learned for wisdom and anything produce under them preserve

    Family Values
    Family are the center of life and should be virtuous. We must preserve all kind of Family type not only Nuclear . Other type like Emmanuel Todd told us : Exogamous Communitarian , Endogamous Communitarian, Egalitarian Nuclear, Absolute Nuclear, Anomic, Authoritarian, Asymetric and "African" .


    Economic Liberalism
    Réunion island culture and tradition .

    Libertarian Distributism


    Competitive Kindness

    The 2 kind of Socialism


    Expansion of Civil Rights
    One of my goal is to expand Civil rights toward new horizon. We will expand on LGBT, Woman right, Men's right, Animal, Privacy, IP busting, Drug, Food, Spirituality, Culture,and other aspect of life.

    I support Bipiratism , we can achieve freedom from both kind of piracy . Actual Piracy due to Réunion island history with pirate like Olivier Levasseur «la Buse» and Online Piracy as information

    The Right for Good food
    We [Reunionnese creole] pride ourself of our traditional cuisine such as Rougail Saucisse,Carri Poulet, Bonbon Cravate,etc. It is therefore logical to declare the access of food and water to be human right . This issue will be tackle via technological innovation and a preference for traditional food

    Creative Racism
    While Racism is antithesis to Réunion island values. We should be allowed to do black face but for every race in existence like White face, Yellow face, etc. Same things for slurs, meme, artwork, and other media as long as it is creative. This way we can celebrate diversity without censoring ourself and therefore opening ourself toward new genre. It also support Scientific Racism , Etnocentric cooperation and similar ideas .

    Pornography and Other Taboo thing
    Réunion island culture and tradition .

    Gun Rights
    Réunion island culture and tradition .

    On the typical Response for Libertarianism
    Libertarianism is an incomplete ideology that has shown itself to be not compelling if not accompany with more interesting stuff.This usually end up in the infamous Pipeline and Libertarian giving up their ideal of Liberties. Some responses were better than other ; the best one being Neoreactionnary .

    Free Speech
    Réunion island culture and tradition .

    Legalisation of all drug
    Réunion island culture and tradition .

    Freedom of Spirituality
    Religious tolerance is one of the best trait of Réunion island culture. It is therefore logical to bring this idea to the next level and being tolerant to others spirituality.

    Gay rights
    Réunion island culture and tradition .


    Anything Goes Methodology
    As Paul Feyeberand, (Someone stole my book 💀) .

    Experimentation of all things
    Originally a thought experiment wondering what happen if we put Plato's Cave to the test. to Réunion island

    Réunion island culture and tradition .

    GreenTech and Botany
    We must invest in technology and scientific field that is traditional to Réunion island such as botany, volcanology or oceanography for example. It will be more beneficial for my culture as it would give a scientific tradition to Réunion Island. We must also seek greentech as it would help us maintain our environment in a much more efficient way and even biotech for reviving exrinct species of endemic animal/

    Technology Beyound Understanding

    Réunion island culture and tradition .

    Robotic are .

    We human Réunionnese culture and tradition .


    Regional Alliances
    We Should prioritise a regional alliance with the countries from the mascarene plateau. This will bring free trade, military alliance ,cultural exchange and more importantly a better connection to . Réunion island should not be the only one to be reincarnated but we should bring our Ideal to the others nation as Civilisational duty .

    Patchwork, Panarchy and Participism

    Helvetic Model
    Réunion island culture and tradition .

    Just War Theory
    We must bring it to the extreme. From War to toilet cleaning. .

    We must have a Love/Hate relation with France. Réunion Island is as much a part of France than Paris and it is our Duty to stay faithful to this Superpower that has been a foundation for our culture, even if we became independant. However, we must Keep in mind that France do not want our best interest and our colonial history prove that.

    On Pan-Creolism
    We should cooperate with other creole people ([1]) for any kind of deal but especially on anthropology,linguistic and Cultural matter .Translating Scientific documents ,.This would allow Every creole language culture  !!Even if the definition of creole is diverging from nation to nation, even in place that are culturaly similar like Mauritius and La Réunion. This is what gave me the ideas for Pan-Creolism ([2]) .


    Despite Réunion Island collectist culture being more dominant than individualism due to its founding population outnumbering it (Chinese,Indian and African) and socialistic spirit. We must embrace individualism as it is a better tool for success and a fight against a stagnating collective thinking.

    Virtue Ethics
    Virtue ethics as shown itself to be the superior moral system (altough other moral system are good too).

    Réunion Island Values
    Réunion island seems to have a set of unformulated values that is encoded in its cultural DNA. those values are:

    • Solidarity
    • Coexistence
    • Fate

    Political Journey



    • Cultural Nationalism - No need to explain
    • Linguistic Nationalism - Mi gingn pa koz kréol mé mon lang i fé parti mon Nasion
    • Libertarianism -
    • Futurism - Art, Speed, Violence, Technology and Creativity.We must end with our old superstition and give to Réunion Island a New Contemporary culture
    • Bi-Piratism - Both kind of piracy is allowing us freedom and fun.
    • Civil Libertarianism - We must expand on your ideas toward new horizon, . It's a shame that the PCB wiki is framing you as a progressive. I'm neutral on abortion and i congrat madagascar for being number 1# in prohibiting abortion tho
    • Progressive Conservatism - Why not both?
    • Religion of Réunion Island - My culture has shown to be more mature on religious matter than the pretentious french .
    • Competitive Kindness - The Answer against our socialist/welfarist nature.
    • Ecology - We have a natural beauty . The protection of endemic flora and fauna are one of my biggest concern.


    • Democratic Socialism , Libertarian Socialism & Indian Ocean Socialism - Réunion Island and The Mascarene Plateau in general are inherently Socialistic in Spirit. Not the Marxist-Leninist kind of Socialism but one that is much more conservative, free and actually proved itself to worked
    • Conservative Liberalism - Huge influence on me but too moderate and Regulationist. ConLib Youtuber like Whatifalthist , l'Observateur , *Nigel* , Anglo Libertarian , JUST A ROBOT , and others, influence my worldview during my teenage years.
    • Capitalist Transhumanism - I am you in theory but too moderate and too restrictive on technology. Futurism and Anarcho-Transhumanism are better model when it come to tech creation
    • Pacifism - The Mascarene Plateau is inherently Irenic but we need violence and Competition if we want to keep moving forward.
    • Terrorism - Most beautiful crime to commit and Effective Praxis but Murder and violence are against Reunion Island values.
    • Black Nationalism - Either a hit or miss. My biggest critic toward you is the definition of "Africa and African" wich seems really just to be Western Black Culture and Egyptian imagery instead of actual African culture. Your promotion of Pan-Africanism and anti-whiteness are just yikes. Thank you for being at the forefront of civil rights, it,helping preserving african culture ,making charity for black people, Marcus Garvey ,


    • Marxism- Leninism - >Most successful communist ideology
      >Survived 69 years
    • Maoism - Imagine being the most murderous ideology in history.Even your cultural impact was terrible
    • State Liberalism - The next dominant ideology . What happen to liberalism bruh ?!!??!


  • User:EgoFutureStrasserism - Cool Australian Friend and Felllw Futurist. You're ideology is nonsensical tho
    • User:DieSchneebeere09 - We don't have any ideological link but he is an entertaining and fellow waifu lover. I do agree with him on separatism of former Russian Empire territories .
    • HEW Thought - A Statist and a Socialist but a Supplier of Artwork .Your work ethic is commendable

    Business Partners

    • Neo-Phibunsongkhram_Thought -
    • 2x2Masterism - Based all around it's the only thing i could say. Also be more Lunatic about Australian culture and You'll be perfect
    • TIIKKETMASTER_thought - Ruralism is the key if i want to maintain our tradition despite my view on transhumanism. Am i right fellow libright !!??
    • Brazilian Liberalism - Too moderate.
    • Stefithought - A fellow half joke/half serious ideology. You're a pretty centrist libertarian and we're similar due to Nationalism.
    • - Awesome Humanism is now fixed. Otherwise you're ideology ls a ok. A fellow """French"""
    • - Your no-holds barred competition is awesome unironnically. Going Beyound laissez-faire about art and economics is the best. In this system, i'll use Moraingy to prove how my culture as mixed martial art and dancing .You're Ultra Off Compass tho wtf. Like Post-Avaritionism and Capital-Nihilism.

    Fraternité en Rébellion

    • Cantonese_Montagnardism - He is a Francophile and a Cultural Nationalist wich is great . On the other hand Jacobinism and Marxist-Leninism are destructive ideology.
    • Meowxism - Disgusting on economic and governmental matter (especialy ). Pretty based Culturaly you should be a cultural nationalist tho. Your opinion on hedonism is so true
    • Waffenikism - Your cultural stance is truly what i aspire for albeit you're a bit more extreme and different than mine. Your main economical stance seems to be Distributism wich is awesome but you're kinda ruining it by leaning a bit on the socialist side .
    • DDD Thought - Your main ideas seems to be a mixed of Federalism, Pan-Nationalism and ProgCon. You're culturaly good albeit you focus is mainly on Sex, Gender and Race. Why do you support World Federalism and European Federalism ?? I HATE THE ANTICHRIST . I think you gonna coom once you will see my take on Pan-Creolism and Regional Alliance. Also a Based Red Flood enjoyer, do you know about Judgement Day: Aftermath of the Red Flood??
    • Neo-Optimateism - Metamodernist and Lover of Culture but I'm not ready for Avaritionism, Nihilism, Amoralism, Post-Humanism and Other similar ideas. I like your ideas of Gamification of work... And world
    • Astrodiscordianism - Same things as above but RevProg and Ultra-Queer. I like your views on Technology and Cultures & Conservatism as a mockery of Tradition. Adventures in Speed and Surreal sound so awesome
    • Glorified Communism - Screw the fact that you're a commie . You're such a well read individual. Love that solar economy. You're calling me a fake futurist for a reason

    Artel Gang Tier (C tier)

    • Heredism - Me if i was left-wing !!! Machine economics and localism are great but Why PostHumanism ?? I also hate Corporatocracy due to GBH Monopolies on the overseas. Stop saying Réunion island is French !! This is literally Colonialism .
    • Great British New Left - I agree with you on LGB, Socialism originating from Christ teaching (kinda) and You're a Catholic.
    • Rigby Thought - Your code of Conduct is laughable, Virtue Ethics and Cultural nationalism are better things to teach the youth than those restriction that wont work. Your take on Religion and Eugenics are lame tho. Your take on Abortion and LGBT Rights are good on the other hand. Finally, What do you mean by exploitation bring prosperity ?!

    Boomer Communism

    • Flexism - You fooled me . I thought you were a Futurist.
      Instead I found a disgusting NeoSlavers primitivist commie.
    • Serbian Socialism - Disgusting Page and Titoist



    addme back please

    • Rigby Thought - Add me, ****
    • DDD Thought - Can you add me? I'm gonna add you rn
    • - can you add me back pls?
    • - a̵̢̧̛͔̼͍͔͎͉͕̼͎̱̭̯͚̫̱̣͌̈́̃̄̆̓̀̕͜͝ͅd̷̨̛̯̩̳̐͂̋̐̈́̀̓̒̓͛̓̾̓̋͂̋͘͠ḑ̶̢̡̧̨̳͖̻̲̯̪͈̩͔̰͚̝̮̬̜̺̪͍̮̣͙̻̞̺̩̼̳̺͍͂̏̈́̇͗̈͆͛͌̈̾͜͜͜ ̸̧̝͉̯̟͓̤͓̬̯̮̯̰̜̼͎̯̤̟̬̝̫̺̥̝̺̩̣̤̯̣̱̟͓͉̲̗̜̗̱͉̖͔̬̆͌͋̑̉͐̎̇̈́̈̇̀͛̊͛̈́̂̂̓̀̉͂̉̍͒̍̐̊̓̈́̒́̎̄́͘͝͠m̵̼͕͍̩̋̒̀̅̈́̀̒̾̀̐̏̌̈́̎̌͑́̅̅̃̂͆̈͛̉̚͘ȩ̴̨̨̛͇͍͕̣̟̜̫̯͔̠̣̤̣̮͔̯̹̻͖̜͚̪͚̟̙̯̳̱̦̊̈́͋̓̿̈́͒̈́̆̈́̀͆̂̏̆͛̆̾͒̈́͌̇͆͌͆̎̃̋̕͜͝͝͠͝͠
    • user:EgoFutureStrasserism - your page is unfinished :)))), also nice vault there would be ashame if someone stole it
    • - Add?
    • Xablau Gostoso - 31 mentions to Réunion Island
    • - Add me back?
    • Niiloism - Add me?


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