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    Macías Nguema Totalitarianism

    Macías Nguema Totalitarianism is an Off-AuthLeft ideology that is based on political beliefs and the attempt to implement it in the government of Francisco Macías Nguema, former dictator of Equatorial Guinea. He is known for his madness and authoritarianism, as well as earning the nickname the African Pol Pot.


    Francisco Macias Nguema was the former president of Equatorial Guinea between 1968 and 1979, in which his totalitarianism made his nation known as African Dauchau, African Pol Pot, one of the worst dictators and self-declared "Marxism-Hitlerism". Estimates point out that he killed about 6% to 15% of the population (at the time, about 350,000), in total dying from 20,000 to 80,000.

    He was a man considered mentally ill, manic-depressive, paranoid, violent, psychopathic and megalomaniac. In power, he censored the media, completely isolated the country and abolished private enterprise and private individual life (completely, somewhat similarly to 1984). He created a black ethnostate of the Fang ethnicity, ordering to kill, rape and torture anyone who was of another ethnicity, evident in the mass rape actions and campaigns and in his following line "Kill the white, rape the women, you have the right to loot, death penalty for anyone who helps the white man! We are at war against Spanish imperialism! The loggers are our enemies!", he also ordered the killing of immigrants with inhuman torture and humiliation, such as the placing of ants with iron. in their bodies. Several schools were closed and the ones that remained were scrapped and indoctrinated, in which he himself indoctrinated the students, and also persecuted intellectuals for wearing glasses. He was also a cannibal, in which he ate, broke and decorated the skulls and heads of enemies, some of which he personally stabbed. One of his main marks was his attachment to Nazis and Hitler, whom he praised numerous times, also clinging to Francisco Franco, Idi Amin, Bokassa, Kim Il-sung and the Falangists. Catholicism, which is the predominant religion in Guinea, was first modified to idolize it, but later it was banned, with the death penalty and even crucifixion of followers, in addition to the word Jesus being banned, destroying the churches, ordering to defecate in the bibles and prohibiting ceremonies and religious celebrations (wedding, funeral, Christmas, Easter, etc). Even though the state was atheist, there was a cult of personality, in which he was regarded as god and creator of the universe, giving God authorization, together with forbidding the word "intellectual". There was sexual blackmail, children in the military, widespread hunger, complete destruction of the economy and infrastructure, banned bread, robbed banks, increased infant mortality, a life expectancy of only 30 years, end of agriculture and industries, and support from the communist blocs. He has managed to earn the ire of even his own nephew Teodoro Mbasogo, who deposed and killed him in 1979, becoming president consecutively.


    Most of their beliefs were not fully implemented, but they still caused serious problems in Equatorial Guinea. In general, he preaches a 1984 dystopia, but without Newspeak, he also preaches the supremacy of ethnic Fang Africans, a socialist economy, Auschwitz-like slave labor, ultranationalism and anti-intellectualism. One of the most notable things he preaches is temporary Catholic theocracy, but with the bible rewritten to idolize the dictator and treat him as greater than god, and then banish him there, so that the population already has the idea of him being god. , so much so that the national motto was "There is no other God than Macías Nguema".

    How to Draw

    Flag of Macías Nguema Totalitarianism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw the equatorial guinea flag upside down and inverted from left to right
    3. Draw his coat of arms
    4. Draw an eye with a pupil and that's it





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