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    Outdated ideology, if you want to see my actual ideology go here

    M4RKAruism is the old ideology of the user M4RKAru. It's environmentalist, capitalist, georgist, welfarist and patriotic.


    Neobert.png Economy Cap.png

    Although he likes liberty, he believes a totally free market would result in big companies monopolizing the industry. Instead, he supports some regulations to protect small companies in the name of greater liberty, hence the neo-libertarian influence. For that reason, he doesn't like to call himself a libertarian.

    Georgist.png Welfare Socdem.png

    He supports free healthcare and a welfare state funded by the government. He wants to replace the income tax with land value tax.

    FDF-Pirate.png Government Pac.png

    He strongly supports privacy and it's against government surveillance. He also supports semi-direct democracy, constitutionalism, total freedom of speech (including hate speech) and thinks military funding is a waste.

    World.png Patriotism Modnat.png

    Although he supports cooperation with other nations and legal immigration, he is against open borders worldwide. He also supports patriotism because he loves his country, yet he is against assimilation because he thinks cultures get richer when they mix.

    Progress.png Culture Trad.png

    He supports the expansion of civil rights and scientific progress, but he also thinks cultures are worth protecting. In LGBT matters, he supports gay marriage and LGBT pride, however, he thinks non-binary people are not valid, trans people are valid only if they experience gender dysphoria, and basically only LGBTA are valid sexualities (not LGBTLAMCXTFSP++).

    Prog.png Bodily Autonomy Moder.png

    He supports the right of choosing your own sexuality and modifying your body.

    When it comes to abortion, he is pro-choice, because women take abortion seriously, and the state should be focused in reducing unwanted pregnancies instead of reducing abortions.

    However, late abortion is prohibited, and only used when the life of the mother is in danger. This is because he thinks the mother's life is worth enough to kill the baby.

    Catheo.pngAntao.png Religion Relreject.pngLaicism.png

    M4RKAru itself is a catholic, although he prefers the big bang theory (which was made by a priest) over young earth creationism. He also believes it's impossible to see God, at least in this plane, because God is not a person, but the set of forces that keep balance in this universe.

    However, he wants a total separation of church and state, at the same time he respects every religious and atheistic movement although they are all wrong.

    Decel.png Farm.png Environment Ectrans.png Sun.png

    He's pro environment, because he thinks it's beautiful and we need to protect it to survive as a species. He is against animal exploitation and supports animal rights, however, he doesn't think we should completely stop selling animal products, but rather de-industrialize them, because starting eating them was one of the best things humans have done for themselves.

    He also wants new technologies to be eco-friendly and prefers renewable energy (preferably solar) over fossil or nuclear.


    He spends most of his time reading or using his phone. Normally he doesn’t care about things that happen around him. He's a good person.



    • Chcknwngsbll.png Chcknwngs Thought - A more radical version of me.
    • KlevismIcon.png Klevism - Literally me! But with robot arms! You're not as libertarian as you think you are but that's ok.
    • Protoair.png Proto-Airisuism - Woah, you used to be based? Anime hair gang!
    • Modflop.png Moderate JoeyFloppaism - You get me!
    • Andalusian-sprite.png Neoclassical Geoliberalism - PCBA needs more rightists like you!
    • BeryAbLib.png Beryism - Interesting welfare and cool moderate globalism, although a bit too laissez-faire.
    • Mebrouk.png Mebroukism - Pacifism? Social Liberalism? Reforming islam? BASED!
    • Cflski.png Celfloskism - Really good takes on everything, but is a bit too statist to be perfect. Nordic influence gang!
    • Uzarashvilism.png Uzarashvilism - No way, we're exactly the same amounts of based! You're just more socialist, but in the good way. Quit it with Sankar.png Sankara worship please


    • NSL.png National Social Liberalism - I'm not into nationalism... Also can you stop editing your userpage so much?
    • Typicalfan.png Neo-Typicalfan1ism - Cool guy but come on, go full cultural center already. Do that and we're friends!
    • SomeCrusade.png SomeCrusaderism - I love your economics, but you're too religious to my taste.
    • Nourishism.png Caressism Caressism.png - Yeah that sounds pretty wholesome, but how do i know you won't end in a dictatorship like every social authoritarian?
    • MrsVzr.png Chaosocialism - You have a really decent ideology and i agree with your skepticism, but adaptive socialism is extremely cringe.
    • OrangeLib.png Mutual Libertarianism - We agree in some things, disagree in other... but i must know how do you make leftists like you so much?
    • Councilguy2.png Post-Councilism - Cool guy who got too much into nihilism and thought going off compass was a good idea. I wouldn't mind living in an individualist socialist society either (as long as there is markets) but abolition of morality? Really?


    • Neoairisu.png Neo-Airisuism - Eco-Capitalism is an oxymoron, uh? How is it doing in your delusional revolutionary world? Because western liberals are doing pretty good.
    • GenShrekf.png General Shrekretary Thought - Communism failed and you aren't even trying to reform it? Also your ears are awfully drawn.
    • Fant-icon.png Fantism - Silly ancap, you can't have anarchism, welfare and army in the same country! Read more.
    • UltraProgicon.png National Technocracy - You... you got worse... you really became a fascist because of a short film?
    • KaiserKlaus.png User:KaiserKlausMouse - Stop saying you're not a fash because socialism, you crazy irredentist.
    • Davilanda.png Davilandism - Well, your reactionary economics are definitely... Woah, wait a minute. YOU STOLE MY PAGE WITHOUT EVEN TELLING ME?!
    • Anbun.png Anarcho-Buniism - Dude, it's not too late, don't let the stirnerites corrupt you and take you off the compass, it'll be the worst mistake of your life.
    • Cheesenism (PB).png Cheesenism - Fascist larper.
    • Plen.png Plenderplarism - Another fascist larper.
    • Fiat.png F.I.A.T - Yet another fascist larper.



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