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    Lunarikian Thought is an ideology formed from Monsysclism-Nihlisticism, having grown discontent with some of their ideals. They're based around a futurist world where a monarchy is required to be appeased with the workers, via The Worker's Guild, while promoting the liberty to your mind and body, to all. As a result of the failures of the capitalist states of the modern world, they strive for leaving the current planet and expanding elsewhere to start anew.



    They fully believe in a syndicalist state, in which the people will work for their needs and the government will provide said needs. Wages are equal to everyone, in all sectors, unless deemed more valuable by the monarch/worker's guild. A government forced price ceiling and floor is set to all things sell-able and tradable. Land Value Tax is implemented in order for the achievement of equity. Capitalism is forbidden in all sectors, with a partial exception for regions deemed unmanageable by a centralised state, in which case the forced price is removed, but the wages are still kept the same. The government is allowed to appoint "Monitored Investors" which is a government-sponsored investor that will invest in projects, they'll be allowed to have higher wages in order to support their projects. They can be dismissed at any time, for any reason.


    As a monarchy, they hold near unlimited power, but due to the ruler being forced to be a hardcore syndicalist, they will continue to keep the nation as a syndicalist state. Limited restrictions are applied to prevent a transformation into a proletarian dictatorship. The Worker's Guild is a parliament in which they can propose laws, for the monarch to accept. No elections to the Guild will happen by vote, but the Guild itself will find a new person if one of the members there dies, removed by the monarch, or abdicates. These happen by a majority vote, and the monarch can veto it. The Worker's Guild has a large amount of people, to encourage differing viewpoints.


    Flag of Lunarikian Thought

    See the right side of the screen.

    Alternative Flag of Lunarikian Thought



    • FALGSC - Literally me, but with communism.
    • Nayism - A friend in more ways than just ideology. Transhumanism can only proceed further, even if it requires oblique modifications that may or may not cause harm to society.
    • Neo-Kiraism - You're almost perfect, all we need is for you to progress further.
    • Ultravisionary Socialism - To the stars and above! Revolution spreads above all comrade.


    • Amazonism - Spreading revolutions to around the world, but don't kill everyone just to get your way.
    • Foxiteism - Hey, I know you! At-least you're better than this bloke.
    • Kira Kween Thought - While you're almost good in everything, I like having a monarchy.
    • Monarchism - Just Monarchism... Can't say much about you.
    • Monsysclism-Nihlisticism - The original. Not very high in support, but they did create me after all.
    • Sablinism - Your ideas are wonderful in practice, but where is the space stuff?
    • soulism - We expand further, if you let me rule for one god damn second.
    • Syndiclism - Just Syndiclism... Can't say much about you.


    • Egoism - Is everything a spook? No, not really.
    • Reactionaryism - No, we should not regress. However you like monarchism so, ehh???


    • Antifa - Destruction of my Monarchism? How rude!
    • Totalism - You are just as bad as Antifa, now perish!


    • Primalism - Destroy
    • Taboritsky - Alexei was always dead, you are just a man without the soul to live with. And now you are next.

    Remove at all costs

    • Karbyshevism - You want to destroy my country, so I must destroy you first!



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