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    Lukkoism is an anarchist, socialist, semi-individualist, transhumanist ideology. Lukkoism believes that (in short and incomplete), we should use armed insurrection to take power from capitalists and the state until we gain total power, believing that spontaneous action and revolt from all over to eventually unify as a united Anarchist Army will aid the human race more than compromise or reform. Lukkoism advocates for an anarchist socialist style of government, wanting communes to be established after the destruction of all states, and making millions of communes. They also believe that queer people and women should revolt if possible, and that we should aid the environment to rebuild itself from our needless destruction.

    The State

    Lukkoism advocates for the abolition of states, nation states or otherwise. They, as other anarchists (and socialists) view that the state is an extension of capitalist oppression. Lukkoism thinks that all statists should attempt to be shown the error of the state, however if they engage in violence then it is okay to purge them.

    The Economy

    Lukkoism believes that all economies should be set instead of purchasing goods and services with a middleman currency we should instead trade the goods that the workers make for things we would need. For instance, you would give technology away for the appropriate level of food. Trade to Lukkoism is important, being decentralized is more important.




    Lukkoism is an extremely pro LGBT ideology that advocates for the liberation of the queer people by the revolt and revolution of queer people against statist oppressors. The creator herself is queer, so it would only make sense. Lukkoism also advocates for Pink Naturism, more on that later.

    Transhumanist Philosophy

    Lukkoism believes in editing the human form in order of improving the work that humans are able to do. And they also believe that using this technology should also make humans immortal, as an immortal human would be able to aid the human race eternally and there would be no requirement to produce more children and train them to be adults. This sounds like the first interpretation of Post-Humanism, which it is, and Lukkoism technically is connected to Post-Humanism, however they are more connected to Transhumanism. They also believe in editing the human form to make it less human, for example the concept of Nekoism, which advocates for the recognition of Nekos (or catpeople) as an oppressed group of people.

    Other Ideological Attachments

    Other ideologies Lukkoism follows or is attached to that aren't as obvious at first are ideologies such as Anarcho-Frontierism, Neozapatismo, and Soulism. Soulism is a core to the ideology as a whole, as Lukko herself believes that we should be able to engage in drug use as the person wills for the freedom of human kind. It is important to the ideology and herself that we be able to do what we want, however at the same time put the health of the commune and revolution before the self. And why not abolish the laws of physics?

    Native Liberation

    Lukkoism advocates for the natives of particular lands (I.E the Native American tribes, Australian Aboriginals, or New Zealand Maori) to retake control of the land and use it for their own use. This should not be construed as advocating for genocide of people who took the land previously, as mass killings or deportation would be the only way to depopulate the territories of the people who took the land from the natives. This should be seen as advocating of natives to be given control of their own territory once more.

    Naturism and Hedonism

    Naturism is core to Lukkoism as an ideology, as they believe that humans should leave behind societal standards such as clothing, or the "need" to keep sex private, as these standards are authoritarian in nature and limit the freedom of the human race. Lukkoism can also be considered a hedonist ideology as they wish for the ability for humanity to exist in a permanent state of pure pleasure in whatever means need be, may that be through drug use, sex, or other means.

    How to Draw + Flag

    Flag of Lukkoism
    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Bisect the ball with red and neon magenta.
    3. Make a white Anarchy symbol in the center.
    4. Draw one eye outline grey, one black
    5. Fill the grey eye with the same red as the ball color, the other with white
    6. Add eyelashes of the same color as the eye to the ball to show its female, and you're done! (Alternatively make the grey eye a light forest green and the black eye a light red to make Lukkoism high)
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #090506 9, 5, 6
    Red #fe0000 254, 0, 0
    Magenta #fe00f6 254, 0, 246
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255
    Grey #80444f 128, 68, 79
    Pine Green #22b14c 34, 177, 76
    Light Red #ff755f 255, 117, 95


    Real Ideologies



    • Soc.pngSocialism While we agree on the concept of socialism, he can sometimes be a little more centrist or authoritarian than what socialists should be.
    • Front.pngAnarcho-Frontierism I like his lifestyle and what it means for say, space, but this could lead to or be the start of colonialism, don't be the start of Anarcho-Colonialism
    • Egoism Small.pngEgoism My brother who helped me, although you can lead to capitalism and authoritarianism in a terrible scenario... Thanks for teaching me that laws and morality are spooks!
    • Antifa icon.pngAnti-Fascism Bash the fash! Stop being a fucking hivemind though
    • Minsocf.pngMinarcho-Socialism Good transition between statism and anarchism
    • Libms.pngLibertarian Market Socialism Literally Vaush
    • Councom.pngCouncil Communism Funny funny man
    • Gender Accelerationism.pngGender Accelerationism Vikky Storm Gender Accel is so based, Nyxland? Not so much
    • Smol biotranshumanism.pngBiotranshumanism Transhumanism based, editing biology, based, needs more technology though.


    • Agorismf.pngAgorism I agree with the black markets, however you should move away from selling things and more into aiding revolutionaries especially socialist revolutionaries you capitalist fuck
    • Anpacf.pngAnarcho-Pacifism You will not get anywhere with pacifism. You are my brother however.
    • AnInde.pngIndependence Anarchism You use nationalism to separate from a state. Only tolerable if you join the world commune.
    • Illeg.pngIllegalism I like your praxis yet, you tend to be subservient to capitalist systems. AND ILLEGALISM IS THE MOST BASEDEST IDEOLOGY EVER -"Lukkoism"
    • Panarchy.pngPanarchism Love the ability to choose government style but that also includes statism so...
    • Synthesisanarchy.pngSynthesis Anarchism Poor schizophrenic brother... But when will you realize some leftist "anarchists" are wrong? looks at NatAn
    • Thar.pngAnti-Authoritarianism Based for the most part, until you get to communism.
    • POSTHUMANISMICON.pngPost-Humanism I agree with your first principle, everything else? Less so.



    Mega Yes.png

    Main Circle

    Yes.png Inner Circle

    Kinda Yes.png Insiders

    • Yoda8soup.png Yoda8Soup Thought You're... interesting. I do say you are nice, but when will you take the anarchy pill?
    • Aaron.png Aaronism Such an... interesting ideology, but when will you stray from the markets?
    • Anbun.pngAnarcho-Buniism You... are interesting to say the least
    • Council.pngPost-Councilism Certaintly an interesting ideology, but why anti religion?

    Meh by buni.png Neutral

    Meh.png Lumpenproleteriat

    • Mikolayism Pixel Two.png Mikolayism Strasserist Kruchevism... an interesting mix to be sure. Israel is pretty cringe, and you're a pretty cool guy.
    • Ioist.pngEgo-Progressivism You focus to much on ego and to little on emancipation of the entirety of the human race... Ego is good, but to put ego above the collective of all is cruel.
    • MATTball.pngMattism You... are an interesting combination of ideas. Not bad enough to be a Prisoner of War, but not good enough to be considered an insider or for me to have a neutral opinion...
    • Hamburger.pngRejuvinative Hamburg Thought Small territories ruling themselves? Based. Statist, nationalist? Cringe.

    No.png Prisoner of War

    • NSL.pngPirate Tails Ideology A nationalist, capitalist, liberal, do I need to say more?
    • Beryism.gifBeryism A nationalist, Capitalist, Libertarian. Slighly better, but not by much than NSL.pngHim.
    • Ultro.png Ultroneism Anti-Communist, Anti-Religion... Sorry.

    Mega No.png Executed


    • Postean.png Post Ego Anarcha Nihilism - How this degenerate larp is egoist? Touch grass and stop larping
    • Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - Add me?
    • Ultro.png LordCompost86 - What exactly is capitalist in Stirner? ○ HighDefLukk.png Lukkoism - I wrote this at a time when I was still not the best descriptor politically, what I meant was that if you put the ego over the collective that it can descend into capitalism (or authoritarianism if you think that you should be an authoritarian leader) which itself is a form of opression, I'll change this!
    • Ashley.png AshleyHere - Hello I saw you on discord would you mind adding me to your relations?

    Glencoe.png Glencoe- Add me?

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