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    Luigism is a religion founded by the Miiverse user MII King.


    Luigism has it's own holy book called " t liigi bible". It states (The misspellings are intentional):

    "Rule 1
    If you are a extreme luigist u must not like Mario. Ligioo only. If u find someone who does not like Luigi. He must die by beheading

    Rule 2
    Only Luigi extremist, all other must die by disembowlment

    You hers me, all ones not worthy of lugi mist fie

    Rule 3

    Being a member of lgbt+ is illegal

    All memebera of this must be burned alive according to Luigios law.

    Rule 4
    monthly festivals

    Festival of the fortenth
    This festival u must sacrifice a liigist of your choice. He will be given a second chance of life is lugiwerld. There he will become a Luigi fan

    Festival of the moons
    On "tis day must draw pictures of mareo dead. Then show it to the sky and shuve it in peples face

    Festival of the fourth day

    This festival u must all rin out of your house and shoot all non luigist

    Rule 5
    Luigi kingdom

    No luigist lives forever. They must blow themselves up Luigi kingdom is good. Luigi cares for u and listed u

    Rule 5
    All forms of non extreme luigism is false and must be purged from exsotoxancw

    Rule 6

    Everyday create monuments out of bones to Luigi

    Pitons birthday
    Rule saVen
    Anyone hop says good things on outings birthday must be killed. He is evil. Youcant do that. Only Lugiii birthday

    Rule Knine
    LUIGIS quiet day
    On May 23rd luig wants you to be quiet. If you make to much noise you die

    Rule ten

    After you nehead a meriost. Kill him and stick his head on pole"

    Luigist believe also in a thing called "Color Comet". It is believed that this comet will hit earth and kill everyone who wasn't on the topic of the conversation!

    Further Information

    Source: https://aminoapps.com/c/dank/page/item/mii-king-luigism/ZpaZ_erTXIg4jZngaloKWK5NZpqVmNYWrZ

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