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    Luckyducky9999's Ideology

    Luckyducky9999ism is a technocratic nazbol ideology.

    How To Draw The Flag

    Flag of Luckyducky9999's Ideology
    1. Resize the canvas to 3x3 pixels
    2. Three pixels with neon green 00ff00
    3. Middle layer is white 000000 and remaining three are purple 64/0/128
    4. Resize it to 14 times (42px by 42px)
    5. In the exact exact centre you draw the symbol 10x10 in black 00000
    6. Resize the image to large square image, some multiple of 21
    7. Duplicate the image next to itself so it is in proportion 2:1
    8. Paste the image again carefully in the exact centre
    9. Paintbucket blotches left from previous 2 symbols so there is only one

    Anti-Alcohol, Anti-Drugs, Anti-Smoking, Anti-Partying, Anti-Underwear, Anti-Vaping, Anti-TV, Anti-Journalists.

    This Ideology is State Athiest and will spread Atheism through conquest.

    Current American Culture, Economy, American Shadow Goverment and Military Expansionism will be gone before this ideology to be implemented in an unchallenged way.

    Egyptian-style Cat Worship. I want to ban all dogs as they are the 3rd most dangerous animal to human beings after viruses and other humans.

    Anti-Anarchism, Anti-Democracy and Against Human Rights.

    Human beings are naturally (and happiest in) herds a.k.a. hiveminds just like all other herd-hype animals but the system is supressing it.

    All of the people in the porn industry are super-ugly with dirty stains on their skin. They all have got to have something wrong with their brain and morality to become pornstars to begin with. A hundred years from now all pornography in its forms can be destroyed, however the immediate goal should be to transition to a black and white Hentai-doujin-society or potentially even a world with only Erotic Literature.

    I don't want to print any human faces on the money or things of the state as human faces in their current form are ugly. Ears are ugly and people should hide them beneath their head hair. Every person worldwide should avoid getting tans, wear sunscreeneven on cold days, and dye their hair black. I think that Bright Red, Purple, Dark Red, and Neon Dark Blue should be the only 4 lipsticks women can choose from. All women will wear WW2-style dresses. All people should also use fashion products to make their skins look whiter. Part of my Communist economic platform is to abolish the Fashion Industry and replace it with a catalogue of clothes items that each have an assigned number 0-9,999 that everyone can wear till the end of time.

    I am against usage of the word "Based" as it secretly has drugaddict origins, and the word "Redpilled" has wifebeater origins.

    Copyright, Trademark and Patent Abolition. People must download everything.

    I am a fan of Solar Panels and want them everywhere. I will use GMO to engineer the food to be ultralarge. You will be able to buy a banana from the store that the fam cuts into sections with a knife because of how fillling it is. I am also want the food that people to be both Filling but NonFattening.


    As much as possible of all the deserts in my empire need to be reclaimed. Spacewasting, that is what endless sand is.

    "We should support whatever the enemy opposes and oppose whatever the enemy supports" is the attitude or metric I have always naturally had as part of my truth-searching personality towards the US Media, by default. I really really annoyed by Journalists. One reason is they lie on literally every second sentence, really. I don't call them the "Mainstream Media" because that insinuates an available news organization somehow exists in the world promoting truth when it totally doesn't.

    I want to do weather modification experiments to make nice calm british mega rainy weather the default for most countries.

    English should be the only language in the world. 7500=Too much. Destory all the languages with only 4 speakers.

    I am anti-cryptocurrencies as 99% of all transactions using them are for crime/degeneracy purposes.

    Free Software Movement + Linux + SearXNG MetaSearchEngine + Thinkpad T420s + Librewolf + LXDE.

    Autistic Supremacy. I think that

    All new technology is idiotic super ugly aerodynamic online juiceros with new names. The scientists who invent things are going through sad times. But I am still a hardcore fan of science fiction books and want a version of the future I like.

    Rapid and Immediate Total Nuclear Disarmament. Probably the most important goal.

    New calendar based on the metric system, with the reunification of Egypt ( 3100bc) as year 0000. This is specifically my conception of a metric calendar that I personally came up with. Each year will have 1000 days, Every place on earth will use british timezone. 1 Year = 10 Months = 100 Weeks = 1000 Days. Years before 3100bc should be written as negative numbers. All planets that humanity conquers must also use this calendar. A human lifespan of 79.3 imperial years is rendered in this calendar is 29 Metric Years. The Imperial Calendar will still be used sometimes for calculating birthdays and holidays in the same way china has chinese new year starting somewhere random in February. The 10 Day week will have 6 working days and 4 weekend days. The sabbath or church day will not matter as we will all worship Cats instead.

    Degrees Kelvin should be the temperature scale people use on a daily basis.

    Couples should be semi-randomly arranged by at age 22 for every person in the world by a state-controlled supercomputer with no process to change to a different wife. No Birth Control. Grandparents should do 100% all of the parenting. This supercomputer rigs the semi-random odds both in accordance with my world state eugenics programme and what qualities would make the happiest and longest-lasting couples. Forced Heterosexualism, Monogamy, Actual Real-world Matriarchy, No Racemixing. Abolish Marriage. I am not a Malthusian - I know The earth has enough space to hold trillions of people. My eugenics is a form of "positive eugenics" in other words not using death as a tool. You don't need to sociopathically angirly extermiante a group to make them minoritize longterm, you can just have 1, 2, 3, 4 etc child-policy that China suprizingly doesn't have but is propagandized to have.

    Aerodynamic things are ugly. Ladas will be the only car and everyone will get assigned only one for free. A single train can contain as many people as a 50-lane highway, so we will rapidly build trains everywhere fast like China.

    One World Government (but only if it's ideas are similar to mine, it's not headed by freemasons or my enemies etc.)

    One World Currency

    Establishment of New Cities all across the world.

    Reverse all annoying enlighenment ideas.

    Using AI for Crime Prevention like in Minority Report

    Abolish The NSA, The CIA and NATO.

    Social Credit System and Police State (Reward Good Behaviour + Punish Bad Behaviour)

    Slavery, The Death Penalty or Forced Donation of All Organs are the only 3 things criminals can get sentenced to.

    I want Interpol to evolve into a "Worldwide Police State" which targets Freemasons, Capitalists, Gangsters, Con Artists, Elite Criminals and Corrupt Politicians, Serial Murderers etc of all types. Instead of having a rigged democracy-produced court system we have now where the rich escape with good lawyers and people play sob stories to escape, it will be a totally new one world authoritarian legal system. The judges of the new one world legal system will be Robots. Interpol will be the only police force in the entire world but they will have thousands hidden agents on every neighbourhood.All the laws should be explained simply in a single widely distributed A5 book like they did in Kaddafi's Libya.

    Only asexual people should be made into secret agents of the Luckducky9999ist Secret Police. So they don't get distracted or bribed with hotness.

    Hasn't anyone noticed the most profitable industries in america are all specializing in stupid nonsense? Like seriously why can't we just totally destroy 1. Insurance, 2. DVD Salesmen, 3. Propietary OSes like WIndows and Apple 4.Google 5. All these car brands that make ugly cars etc.????

    I thought about combining every single country that lives along The Productivity Belt (all countries above 30 Degrees North) into a single civilization both mentally, culturally, linguistically, and physically via cool futuristic highways into the same civilization.


    - Fast Mass Production of Massively High Quality Pretty Unbranded Goods, Factories everywhere like China.

    - The economy will use more robots than any other.

    - All people in existance with more than $1 MIllion equivalent will have all their money and property stolen, and redistributed mathematically equally (every human fresh start).

    - All companies are stated owned monopolies, 100% State/Planned Economy

    - Zero Unemployment, All Workers in Useful Jobs that make sense instead of mcdonalds. Even sick people will work.

    - Healthy Food is easier to find than Snacks like in Japan.

    - "Means of Production" is State Owned (Things that are used for the creation of other things, like AI and Printers)

    - Destory all the Banks, No Loans, No Credit Cards, No Adverts, No Landlords, No Stock Market.

    - Planning via computers like Project Cybersyn and Paul Cockshott's Theories, and Lange Model Communism.

    - There will be large zones in different countries to test different types of communism.

    - Destory the Insurance Industry as it is stupid gambling.

    - Abolish Sweatshops

    - Part of my Communist economic platform is to abolish the Fashion Industry and replace it with a catalogue of clothes items that each have an assigned number 0-9,999 that everyone can wear till the end of time.

    - Anti-Gambling. It is a scam to secretly suck money up all towards The House. They pray on stupids. If gambling exists in the far future it will be for fake money, sort of like in GTA San Andreas.

    - Can be optionally Spread through conquest.

    - Taxes don't need to be used to pay for expensive grand futuristic government projects because the unpatriotic government employees who insist on having money compensation can be told to shut up, tortured or enslaved for irritating me. The only tax will be a Georgist Land Value Tax to encourage the rapid building of skyscrapers etc on unused space.

    - Only 1 Brand per 1 Item. No stupid shopper discount club cards. No bubblegum flavoured anything and bubblegum will be totally illegal.

    Freemasons are the current horders and maipulators of the M.O.P. (Any item that can create another item) and own all the money.

    - Freemasons hate the mad becuase of their unpredictableness (the natural mental-comformism of normies is beneficial to all possible orders not just freemason rule) and send agents to pose as mad in the actuall looneybins just to peacefully investigate, but they rarely gain any knowledge and their reports they send home are ramble non-speak.

    - Freemasons have huge bags under their eyes and are extremely heavy drinkers

    - Freemasons are responsible directly for people not being able to get jobs

    - Rap Music was intentionally designed in a surprize secret meeting first of it's kind of the music industry and prison-industrial complex.

    - Every single country that is sanctioned by the UNSA ("United Nation States Of America" un/usa same thing) is only sanctioned because of a policy of theirs that is out of sync of the official Freemasonic Line of That Year. My Ideology is uncritical friend of all Sanctioned Countries.

    - It is a myth that Freemasons use handshakes, because Freemasons instinctually just know who the others are.

    - Myth that The Current American President is automatically always 31st Degreers. Random Optometrists can sometimes rank above Surgeons, The powerfullness and control correlates sorta with the degrees count but not a mathematical measurement.

    - No one in my family is a freemason, but we are more enlightened and onto to their program than millions of people becuase we have spied on and studied them closely as they try to make us poorer every year and have stupid Agents and plots to make our lives horrible.

    Current Armed Conflict Name My Benevolent Solution to who wins, thereby returning to peacetime
    1 Russo-Ukrainian War Russia. Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z
    2 Internal Conflict in Myanmar Burmese Government
    3 Ethiopian Civil Conflict Pro-Federal
    4 Mexican Drug War Mexican Government
    6 Insurgency In The Magreb Anti-Terrorist
    7 War In Sudan Government
    8 Colombian Conflict Far-Left Guerillas
    9 Instability in Afghanistan Taliban
    10 Somali Civil War Somalia

    TRUST : My Mother, Father, Sister and Brother are my only friends and the only people I trust.

    INFLUENCED BY OR LIKE: Huey Long, Lawsonomy, Gopniks, F.I.A.T, Larouche, Futurism, Lange Model, Legalism, Technocracy, Paleoegyptianism, State Atheism, Kemalism, Meiji Restoration,



    (Avianbroski): WTF is this

    (Luckyducky9999): It is a personal, 300-page list format futuristic political ideology I have been working on since Highschool, which was originally called I.P.A.S.C. International Progression And Standarization Committee which looks nonsensical in it's current form as I am currently not that skilled at working the built in editor or HTML. I hope I don't sound rude or offensive as I have Aspergers, and am a good person.


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