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    Hi, Jreg I'm a fan of yours, keep up the great content!

    ATTENTION: This page represented the views of Lpyaperson, however, he does not believe in this anymore. (Of March 18, 2021, I am an Antiregulatory Free-Market Capitalist Christian Conservative with isolationist and pacifist characteristics, Became Lassiez-Faire on March 6, 2021, but later decided on March 18, 2021 that Lassiez-Faire would only work conditionally in a more pre-industrial society, so thinks 1st and 2nd world countries would be better off just with free-market capitalism)

    To find extra information on me go to User:Lpyaperson.

    Lpyapersonism is the ex-ideology of the user Lpyaperson, a right semi-libertarian (moslty libertarian but still has some aspects of authoritarianism) ideology. This ideology is socially right-leaning, culturally right-leaning but still tolerates leftist cultural ideologies and economically right leaning towards far-right.

    An odd trait about this ideology is that it will disguise itself as left-wing when it is around other left-wing ideologies but on the inside still be right-wing.

    Offical hair colors: Top: f89d01, Bottom: ffc800.



    All hardcore p*rnography would be illegal, banned and destroyed in my ideal society for minors. I am just saying if this topic was on the political compass test, I would definitely get auth-right. Adults are allowed to look at hardcore p*rnography but minors cannot. In my ideal society, you would have to get a license to look at this material and only adults would be allowed to have the license. You can obtain this license by asking for one by a local government offical for one. There would be a room in a local government body where people with this license could go in, to look up hardcore p*rnography with.


    Update: (I want as little regulation in economy as possible but at least some for conditionary standards, I want a free market, I want capitalism, I support Christianization and I am conservative)

    I believe each state in a nation, gets to make their own laws on what is banned or not banned in a economy, but the overall economic system being free-market capitalism. If the representatives, senators, and governor all agree on changing the overall economic system it can happen but the people will always have the power to move to another state if they dont like the state they are currently living in. Also I think it should be illegal for the national government to interfere with the economy. I also think that stimulus bills should be hand out by state and not nation.

    I don't think the government or local governments should have a minimum wage because I think businesses can set their own pay for their workers.I think if pay for the employees is too low then the employees can quit and if all the employees come together and decide to quit then the business will not get any profit because they have no workers to help produce the product for the business. I think there is a natural balance between the profit of the worker and the profit of the business and it will. In a more simplified version, if worker pay decreases too much, then the number of workers will decrease, decreasing the profit of the business. if worker pay increases too much, the profit of the business will decrease and will probably be financially bad for the company. Too much worker pay for business I feel is bad for the business but I think it is the same for too little pay for workers is also bad for a business since the reasons I have shown.


    I believe public schools should exist, but different from the average US system, I think only parents who have their children at public schools should have to pay for a school tax, rather than everybody having to pay. I also believe a parent, 100% does not have to make their child go to school. I also think that private schools should be fully legal. I think that schools segregated by biological sex, should be legal but ones who segregated by race or ethnicity should be illegal.

    Free Speech

    I believe that no one should have to go to jail or get into trouble because they said something. I believe people have the right to say whatever they want at anyone. Those who silence others from their free speech will be fined by the state goverment. I believe a website online or app must have a spot where people can spread text without being censored/banned, etc. The only thing that could be bannable would be p*rnography or the spreading of personal information like (credit card number, passwords, etc) without the consent of the owner of the information. If this right is violated, someone can report the violation to the closest townhall or station. If someone is spreading supposed false information about something or someone or someplace, they still have the right to share that information whatever it be true or not.

    I do have a plan and how cancel culture could be defeated. If warning tags like "This video has a posibility of misinformation" or "At X minutes and y seconds, that information is possible for misinformation" were put on videos which are targeted as misinformation, I think this could replace cancel culture. Also for hate speech in videos, or videos seen as hate speech a warning tag on the video could be put and says "Warning: This video might incite violence, suicide, murder, other illegal actions and the injury of feelings". These tags could even be put on posts on like Facebook, Twitter, etc. I think this system could make a really nice replacement of cancel culture, because when something which is seen as misinformation or hateful could just be tagged by bots, and the warning on the post could pop up right above it. For videos, maybe bots could play an add-like clip before the actual video which gives a warning of the previously mentioned. So now if someone wants someone else cancelled, they can't do that because now they don't have an excuse for their feelings being hurt or *misinformation* being spread because they were given a warning before hand so therefore it is now the viewers' issue not the video's.

    It is important for a democracy to have the freedom of the press because without it, people would not be able to obtain reliable information from the media. It is also important because people have the right to share their opinions and critics. People have the right to peacefully assemble because it is the people's right to spread their opinions, and to dismantle the government, if it is corrupt.

    Free Speech Protection

    Most of the content below came from a comment, https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000065667/r/4400000000000182548

    There are a lot of hate speech laws in europe and I think hate speech laws break the first american amendment which is freedom of speech. I think freedom of speech means the freedom of all speech (including slurs, racial slurs, threats and other bad words). All speech has both positive and negative consequences, forms of speech which I would say cause the most harm and or benefit would be theory because they use speech to influences the ideas of the author onto the readers, and many ideological texts have caused great harm (the death of millions) or great benefit (Rebellion against slavery and or also opression). You say we should ban speech that causes mass harm (death threats, ideological violence, etc) so does that same principle apply to ideological text as well?

    Here is my list of some acts that I think should be legal and should not be legal:


    1. Accusing someone of any act.
    2. All verbal speech is legal.
    3. Verbally threatening someone.
    4. Self-defense (If the victim knew someone else was trying to physically hurt them).


    1. Threating someone with a physical weapon.
    2. Invasion of private property (If someone is on land you own they have every right to call the police and the trepasser will be investigated for further information).

    I think the solution for death threats should be that if someone receives a death threat they can contact the police about it, and the police would go to the victim of the threat and the police will ask the victim for the evidence of the threat, if there is evidence then I think the police should survelliance the certain area more throughly in case the threat does occur. I think someone cannot go to jail/prison for verbal text but if they do physically threaten someone with a knife, gun, etc. they will defenditely be held against those acts. If a verbal threat happens in a public place, I think that is totally legal but if the threatener shows physical threats like the ones I listed before or touches the victim's body in any way, I feel that threatener can be held against for. I say that it only gets illegal for the threatener until there is physical threatation. If a victim physically attacks the threatener and if the threat was only verbal, I think the victim would end up in more illegality. But if the victim physically attacks the threatener because the threatener physically threated the victim then the victim has every right to response back accordingly.

    Opinions, Ideas and Ideals

    1. Is Extremely Feredal, Is Mostly Democratic, Is Isolationist, Is Neutrally Militari-Pacifist, Is Neutrally for Liberty but in more conserative aspects is more security-leaning, Is Extremely Free-Market, Is Moderately Religious, Is Moderately Progressive, Is Multicultrist, Is Pro-Immigration, But, Is Anti-Illegal Immigration, Is Pro-Life, Is Pro-Israel.
    2. On 9 Axes, Extreme Federal: 85%, 15%,Democratic: 70%,30%,Neutral: 50%,50% (2x),Neutral: 55%,45%,Extreme Markets: 20%,80%,Moderate Religious: 35%,85%,Moderate Progressive: 35%,65%,Multiculturalist: 25%,75%, Right Values, Conservative: 25,75,Free-Markets: 20.3,79.7,Libertarian: 16.7,83.3,Neutral: 47.7,52.3,Neutral: 50,50,Pro-Technology: 66.7,33.3,Anti-Racism: 21.4, 78.6.


    This is from a comment under https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000069339/r/4400000000000195549

    When I was a kid, in school I was taught topics like evolution, safe sex and being an "ally". This is a problem with me because it goes against my religion unintenionally.

    1. Evolution is against Christianity because it says the earth is billions of years old, but I know it is only a few thousand years old.
    2. Safe sex allows condoms and condoms allow immoral sex without consequences (If you have sex before marriage the punishment is that you will get pregnant unplanned).
    3. Being an ally, means in a sense that you think homosexuality is ok. Homosexuality is not ok, that is why I'm not an ally, I think there is no war for lgbt rights, I think they already have them. They should have the rights of everybody else but I will not support homosexuality in any way because it is immoral.
    4. My conclusion is that the schools should stop getting in people's businesses and stick to teach the basics: English, Math, World language, etc.

    When I realized that my school was teaching anti-christian viewpoints was when I became a conservative.

    1. There is a theory out there that says the earth seems very old from carbon dating because when the earth was formed, so much force (from Noah's flood), that is physically shrunk carbon atoms because of how much force there was in the flood. Because the carbon atoms were a lot smaller because of force from the flood, it made the carbon atoms look much older than they are.
    2. Here is an article on proof https://theconversation.com/arguments-why-god-very-probably-exists-75451
    3. Normalizing homosexuality is Normalizing sin which is evil.
    4. That is not how is works, you could have safe sex and still go to heaven if you repented. Its just that the school influences you to sin because safe sex is sin, because it prevents the consequences of your actions, making you want to commit the sin more.

    Corporatism and Communism

    Here is an opinion and or qualification of mine on the similarities of corporatism and communism. This was originally a comment on Marxism-Leninism-Rothbardism on 3/4/2020.

    There are is a big similarity between communism and corporatism. Communism legally has no private property. Complete Corporatism has private property but only for the elites, so the general society does not have private property, just like communism. The reason why it is much easier to destroy a corporate monopoly rather than a communist monopoly is because the people in a corporate society still have the power to sell and trade easily, so if a(n) corporation(s) gets too big, the people can stop paying for their products and the corporations will not receive funding which will make it hard for them to control and sustain the prosperity they have and the corporations will fall and new ones will replace them if a new free-market by the peoples’ is made. But under communism because the people cannot buy and trade freely, because they cannot own private possessions, it would be very difficult to stop aiding these monopolies because they have to pay for the monopoly through state taxation. Corporations can’t tax you but the state can. The state can steal your money through taxation to be funded for projects or plans that you may not even want or like, but a corporation gives the people the power to decide to invest their labor into a corporation.


    Original comment came from here: https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000065705/r/4400000000000182928

    It is dystopian because it is anarchist. I think just about every anarchist ideology is dystopian. Same for any totalitarian ideologies. So then how would an average person's life be like under anarchism then? Is there a police force so violence can be limited? How will the commmunity try to prevent crime? But you do know there are other crimes than stealing right? Also what if the patient starts assaulting the mental health experts? What if someone is mentally insane and they just starting assaulting others in the middle of nowhere? Do you know how violent murderers can get? The average person does not have the strength nor knowledge on how to deal with a murderer and put them in rehabilitation. Also under true anarchism you can't force someone in a rehabilition center without a form of government, or as defintion, "the governing body of a nation, state, or community.", The defintion of state is "a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government.". A government can be comprised of a political community, this is called an ochlocracy. If the community can force someone into an institution then the communtiy is the government, because they govern the area, this is not anarchism this is local ocholocracy. But how will they catch the murderer? In order to rehabilitate a murderer you need to catch one.

    Capitalism is not Negative

    Here is an opinion or qualification of mine on why capitalism is not negative. This was originally a comment on https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000064081/r/4400000000000176529.

    Capitalism isn't bad. If the corporations get too big the people can stop buying products from them and the corporations will lose money, so they will lose power. The power is in the hands of the people, because the money is in the hands of the people, because of the opportunity to choose where the individual's money goes in the economy is owner by the individual on an individual scale. The individual can do what they want if they're earned labor without the forced share of a commune or the forced share under state. Without money or value for labor we would all starve to death. People need money. They will get greedy but under capitalism if someone gets too much money, the people will stop giving that person money, because the only way you can get rich under capitlaism is if the people pay for your products, without the support of the people you cannot get rich. Under capitalism, monopolies are created by the people, so therefore can be destroyed by the people if the monopoly gets to powerful.

    The native americans had practically barely any wealth in comparison to the european society built on capitalism. The reason why almost all of them died due to disease, is because they did not have the wealth to treat those illnesses. Their lack of more advanced capitalism lead to their fall but it was also because of the conquest of the americas. If other rich people give money to tyrannical corporations then don't pay for those rich people either. The only reason why that rich person got rich to afford to spend their money into corporations was because the people exchanged products for money, so that the rich person got rich. Proving capitalism is good once again. If you say that those can get rich and corrupt through government that is true but that can only be if there are taxes, and that ia why I am anti-tax.

    Capitalism is not Negative because of Science

    The europeans would had handled a disease outbreak better sense they had more medical knowledge than the natives. The capitalist economy would encourage new technologies to be made in the colonial times to the present of now day. Because under capitalism, scientists had the freedom to trade and use possessions privately in peace to acquire experimentations and tests. The monetization of technologies would lead to the wide-spread of them, making life easier not just for the scientists but for the general public since they are being sold now for monetization, this is contributed to captialism being a charm and the progress of science. Indeed, the slave-based economies were capitalist due to them being owned by a private owner but as time progressed, Slave Capitalism became Free-market capitalism and evenually it was slave-free. Without this cruel feudalist capitalism ancient scientists wouldn't of had the resources to go on with their experimentals, without capitalism we would not have science.

    Well, yes indeed Feudalism was capitalist, nobilities for their military service and other service were given land, as private trade amongst the buyer and seller. Monetization of technologies would lead to wide-spread distribution because the companies would advertise the technology across multiple locations where people will see it more so therefore buy more of it. While if a scientist had not done that and just sold his technology directly would not be able to get to multiple locations without a company. Selling something as a business is more effecient than selling it directly. This shows that Capitalism monetizes the technology to spread it better.


    I think Abortion is evil and should be a last option for a pregnancy, I feel Abortions should only happen if the pregnancy was from a sexual assault or to save the life of the mother and I also think Abortions for children over 5 weeks should be illegal because obviously the child has a sense of reaction at this state. I think there is a major misconcept in society that unborn babies just don't exist and that is totally not the case. I don't understand why some people say that it is just a clump of cells while a thte same time could acknowledge that every single living thing that walks and breathes on this planet is a clump of cells as well so I do not understand how that claim disproves anything. If you look at photos of unborn children you can just see that they are alive and are humane. Some might say that because they do not look like babies they are not humane, I think this claim is ignorant because babies don't look like adult humans and they are still humans so why aren't the unborn children them as well? Another talking point which some people like to say is that, it is the women's right to execute the life of an unborn baby, I agree under extreme cases but some of these people also say that it is still the women's right to do this without those extreme cases. These people tend to forget that the baby inside of them is not their bosy but their baby's body and that they need to respect their baby's body. I have seen a video were someone asked a lady if they would justify murder of an unborn child in the name of women's rights and the lady said she would which I thought was sickening.

    Women's Rights

    A lot of people say "My body my choice" when someone asks me to put on my mask, I will put it on but in my head I will say "My body my choice" because in reality it is my choice to wear a mask. This phrase can justify a lot of things, both good and bad. Lets say a robber had a gun in his hand and they were about to kill the owner of a supermarket and the supermarket owner says "Do not kill me" but the robber says "My body my choice" so the robber kills the man. When the police arrive the police try to bring the robber in their police car but the robber says "My body my choice", and "I have the freedom to be let go because you guys don't have power over my body". The police get mad and bring the robber into jail anyways. Another scenario is where someone is getting sexually assaulted and the victim says "Stop assulting me!" but the assaulter says "But my body my choice, I have the right to use my body" then the police come again and take away the sexual assaulter. A third scenario is where you are in a public restroom and someone next to you is peeing on the floor. You tell the person next to you to stop peeing on the floor and the person says, "My body my choice, I have the right to use my body, to pee on the floor" evenually after you walk out of the bathroom you tell the owner of the mall about the incident and the owner says "We will have to kick that person out of the mall then". So now you can see why I don't like using that phrase.


    The text below is from the original comment thread, https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/wiki/SuperStraight_Pride?commentId=4400000000000065236&replyId=4400000000000184426.

    <Okay so, its not gay to date trans women> Actually it is homosexual to date a trans women because biologically trans women are men. <its not sinful, you are dating a woman> It is sinful because dating biological men as a male is sinful in Christianity. Also like I said before they are biologically males, they have xy chromosomes. <Saying its gay to date trans people is transphobic> We do not mean "gay" as in the derogatory term but as the factual term for being homosexual, It is a fact that if someone of gender "x" dates a trans person of gender "y" then in reality the trans person's sex is "x" and because that trans person's sex is "x" and the sex of the other person is "x" as well that would make the two, homosexual because they are both of the same sex. <homosexual is attraction to same GENDER, not sex.> Then why is the term homo-sexual and not homo-gendered? The simple answer is because homosexuality is based on sex not gender, homogendered is based on gender though. <Saying you wouldn't date a guy when referring to trans women is transphobia. Trans women are women, not men.> How is it transphobic? If a trans women asked me if they wanted to go on a date with me, I would decline and say that I am superstraight because of my religious beliefs. I do not hate or harass that person but I just told them a simple answer to the problem. Another question is, so I would have to disrespect my religion to not be "transphobic"? <All in all, do your research on trans people before saying this> This has nothing to do with research and everything to do with context of language. I used my defintions to fit my traditional views and I guess it was "transphobic" even though by defintion it is a true statement. <this, this is transphobia, just because you don't know whats transphobia doesn't stop you from being transphobic.> This is not transphobia, because I do not hate or dislike transgendered people. I just want my values to be respected as well as theirs. It would culturally hurt me if I went on a date with a transgendered person, so it is better off I do not. </srs, /nm> I think the first acronym stands for "Sex assignment surgery", I am sorry but even if you get that surgery you still have the type of reproductive chromosomes of your sex at birth.

    Message Wall

    This next comment is from my message wall,

    <nor should their sex impact orientation.> The problem is that my orientation is affected by their sex and because so, it does not make me heterosexual (heterogendered yes, heterosexual no). <Homosexuality is sexual attraction to the same gender, not same sex> I just don't agree with that definiton, using the term homosexual for homogendered situations can get confusing, so I do not use that defintion. <while same sex may be used, most of the time it’s used interchangeably with same gender.> Unless it is this scenario, where it would be confusing to mix up gender identity and sex in a relationship, so I would just use the term homogenderity rather than homosexuality. The suffix "-sexual" doesn't fit with the context of the defintion and scenairo. It might be socially accepted as the deifintion but the defintion does not line up with the suffix content. <Although, even then same sex doesn’t make it homosexual.>. By your defintion, no. By my defintion yes.

    <I need you to think, if someone who was a man who was with a fully transitioned woman with breasts and the lower parts is homosexual because of her sex?> Yes, because the man who transitioned still has xy reproductive chromosomes. <No, it’s a visibly and clear straight relationship, not a gay relationship,> It is straight because this is amongst two males, while one of the males doesn't have male gentialia but still has male dna. <so one partnering with a man is not gay because it’s not a men love men relationship.> It is homosexual because there are two men and it is a men love men relationship because they both have xy chromosomes and male dna to determine so. <And I saw a glimpse of you response to me saying do research and I do need you to understand just looking at definitions of terms doesn’t help you In understanding the ENTIRE transgender community,> This is not about the transgender community, this is about the sexual orientation of a man who is in a relationship with a transgendered woman or a non-cisgendered male who identifies as a woman. The debate is on what a trans women is, and it is a male because the reasons I have listed hence before. <you need to see the articles, the blogs, the forums etc to fully understand our community. And learn to respect it aswell> This conversation is not about the transgender community, also why do I need to respect the transgender community? Defintion of respect: "a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.". Why do I need to have a feeling of deep admiration for a community I am not even apart of? Being non-respectful for a community is not mean but is just non-involuntary. In the end, I do not want to be associated with the transgender community for more personal reasons and beliefs.


    This comment is from a comment: https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000068860

    People with xy chromosomes are by defintion males, If a transwomen wants me to call them a she or woman, I will do so. I think male and female refers to genetic sex, because it would hard for me to define a male if physical sex was the defintion for it.

    This is a comment from a comment: https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000074542/r/4400000000000216913

    I would not date a transman either, I wouldn't want to date anyone who is transgender in general. Because it would probably make me feel uncomfortable plus it would look homosexual since transmen look like men (or at least in most cases). What's wrong with the torah? Do you have any reasons to why to say that the torah is biased?

    This comment is from a comment: https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000068881.

    Even though actual transphobia (Physically harming a transgendered person) is a sin of wrath, (Because any form of physical harm is wrath), I would rather be transphobic for a moment then be transgender which is more long-term. Note that both transgenderism and violence or hatred towards transgenders is a sin. Hating someone for sinning isn't the right way to handle sin. The right way is persuading them or influencing them not to sin.


    The reason why we need to limit the number of immigrants who come to the US is because if we let any more per year, we are not going to have room to put them anywhere. Under the biden administration, some immigrants have some pretty poor conditions because there is no room for them in the regular detention centers. Also we need to limit the number of immigrants because there are not enough jobs for them, and we would have to privde jobs oversea, and I especially don't want people working for countries like China because of this. Also because the number of illegal immigrants will increase naturally and we already have a problem with that. I do not understand why some people think getting into the US illegally is ok, because it is not. The US needs to know about every immigrant who comes here so we can limit the number of terrorists/criminals who come here, I mean we do these things for a reason (Ahem, 9/11). I know immigrants who came to this country legally so I don't understand why other immigrants can't just do the same. I think a lot of people think we need to loosen up the policies of immigration because of racism, and because immigrants have no where else to go but I disagree. I think if immigrants can't come here then they should try and go somewhere else like Mexico for the meantime. I know the whole immigration process is hard but it is not the US's fault that their are millions of immigrants fleeing from bad-quality countries.


    This section comes from a comment at https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000072922/r/4400000000000209667

    Evolution doesn't make sense, the theory says that black people were around before white people but because darker skin is a dominant trait in genetics you would see the opposite effect with a general population getting darker or staying the same skin tone rather than the opposite. Dominant genes > recessive genes. But why would some portions of the human population get lighter skin over time according to evolution if lighter skin is recessive? Why would lighter skin be more useful for survival in colder climates?

    This section comes from a comment at https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000074775/r/4400000000000218531

    The flood killed the dinosaurs. The reason why there seems to be a meteror that did this is because I bet when the flood was coming all across the world, A huge rock on a cliff was pushed by the flood at such a speed at which it was launched into the earth. I have a question, if the earth gradually became how it is now, then what are they're some parts of the grand canyon which do not show erosion in its layers?

    Why the Geological Columns represent Different Elevations

    This section comes from a comment at https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000074775/r/4400000000000219756

    Because the dinosaurs did not live at the elevations of the earth at which most mammals lived at. I notice if you look a the layers of the earth, the organisms at the bottom are all cold-blooded meaning that they lived in hotter climates, and us you look on the layers above you see more and more warm-blooded creatures, indicating that these layers were in colder climates than the ones below it. So I think, the reason why this occurs is because the lowest layers on a geological column were the ones at the lowest elevation and the dinosaurs did not go on the higher elevations because it was too cold for them, this makes sense in my mind, since fur and features that produce heat on species are relatively on the higher layers of the geological column probably becuse they were the ones at the higher elevations who needed the warmth because the higher you go in elevation, the colder the air and the climate gets.


    This section comes from a comment at https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000073493/r/4400000000000212316

    The reason why you feel happy sometimes from sinning is because the chemicals which are produced when you do that sin numb the pain in your brain, so the person thinks they are happy but they are just numb to pain. Just like how drug addicts or hardcore alcoholics most if the time have a hard time realizing they are in pain because the chemicals produced have made there brain extremely numb to the pain they need to realize they have. I do not believe morality is the pursuit of happiness. I can debunk why, eating a lot of junk food will most likely make you feel happy but is not good for you. The same thing with sin, if you indulge in lots of sin you will be numb to the benefits of trying not to sin. Just like if you workout a lot and eat no junk food, then you will enjoy junk food less because you are not numb to the chemicals in your mind and can control yourself. I know but christian salvation is good for you. You can still defintitely be happy while being christian. I don't think Rechtewig understood the analogy. I was saying that some desirable things are not good for you in life, like sugar, drugs, alchocol, etc. I think its a pretty simple concept and its the same for sin. Yes, sin is mentally harmful for the people of society.


    This is a comment from: https://polcompball-democracy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000075719/r/4400000000000558054

    A question of mine, is what makes a joke or meme discriminatory? I think blackface is much more discriminatory than the emily acab meme, because it portrayed black people as monkeys but the emily acab meme just portrays that progressive white girls don't know what they're talking about, which I think is much less offensive than blackface. True, but then again you can't really control what people will joke about in society. Could you give an example of a speaking point which is discriminatory and that could be found in a meme? or may you give an example of a phrase or quote which would be discriminatory and would probably be used in a meme? When I think of the attack heliocopter meme, I generally think the meme makes fun of the idea of transgenderism rather than transgenders, moslty I think the context behind the meme is that you shouldn't identity as something that contradicts your physical self or genetical self.

    Monopolies and Taxation

    I think if a business gets too big and becomes a monopoly and the people do not like the monopoly. Then if the people stop paying for the business's products which are the products which fuel the profit of the business then there will be no profit of the business and because there would be no profit, the businesses would not be able to operate itself and will have to naturally shrink as its profits decrease. Profits fuel businesses, profits come from the people. If the people can make a monopoly by giving one business tons and tons of money for their products then I think the people can also stop paying and buying these products to shrink the monopoly. Without the people's money put into the monopoly, the monopoly would not exist.

    This was from a comment under, https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000068317/r/4400000000000192083

    I assume, you want the rich to be taxed, so the poor gets money. That sounds nice, but here is the problem, and this has somewhat happened in some places of the US. Because the government now has taxed the rich a lot, the businesses that are owned by the rich do not want to stay here becayse they have to pay a lot of taxes, so they leave. Because the businesses leave, many jobs are lost and destroyed, which would be opportunies for the middle and poor class. Because it is now harder for a poor person to find a job, because there are less jobs now, they are more likely to need government money. So they get on government money and now because more people are on these programs the government needs more funding, so they tax the rich even more. This cycle will continue until the rich get so fed up at how high their taxes that the rich just either leave or their is no more of them. Now because a bunch of people are still on government money and jobs are very low since the rich are gone. The government starts to tax the middle class to the point wheee the middle class can't afford to be middle class and they are also poor. Now that everyone is poor, they can't afford to live by themselves becayse there is no more business jobs, and the government now controls the economy or at least what remains of it because no one else can stop them because they don't have money and (usually also because at this point in the transition, guns are banned which means they can't fight back of the government).


    Another aspect of Lpyapersonism is that the ideology goes by this manuscript, this minecraft obligation cannot be violated under Lpyapersonism

    1. BUILDING WORLDS BLOCK BY BLOCK. In a fictional world, you can build anything, literally. With endless plains, and hundreds of materials, you can create creations that rise up to the skies. You could build a statue, a temple or even a skyscraper! Or you could make a working plane, for you to see in your world.
    2. SURVIVING THE NIGHT. In survival mode, you fight monsters, explore the world, mine for ores, cut trees to build structures and overall maintain to stay alive in a world where you can die. Unlike, creative mode you have a limited number of resources which can be received from collecting, mining, cutting materials.
    3. COME BRING YOUR FRIENDS! In Minecraft, you can play on Minecraft servers, there are 6 servers everybody starts with which have some basic games you can play like bed wars, a game in which you build to get to your opponents and fight them to the death, to win. Another one is skyblock, a game where you are on an island in the sky and you are rewarded with resources after completing objections on your island. Most of these games are multiplayer, and are played with a group of people, usually Friends.
    1. OH THE PLACES YOU WILL GO! In Minecraft, there are different biomes which you can travel through. There is a tundra biome with polar bears, ice skeletons, snow, ice and even abandoned igloos. The desert biome has husks (desert zombies) and abandoned pyramids. Those were two examples of biomes you can explore in your Minecraft world.
    2. ONE SEED, TWO SEED, RED SEED, BLUE SEED. In Minecraft, you can obtain seeds by cutting grass. By using a hoe, which can be crafted in the game using wood, you can turn normal dirt into croppable land which seeds can be planted on. One thing to remember about these crops is that in order from them to grow, they need to be at least 6 feet near a water source, so be wise when deciding where to start a farm!
    3. YOU CAN WEAR ME AS A MASK! A type of seed in minecraft, is the pumpkin seed. Pumpkins can be used as masks and can be useful in caves, if you are met face to face with a mob. Pumpkins can also be used to make snow golems as well. They are pretty big compared to other seeds.
    4. GREEN CRYSTALS THAT SHINE IN THE MINE. There is a green ore in Minecraft that you can find in the mines called emeralds. Yes, like the ones in the Wizard of Oz. These emeralds can be crafted together to make shiny green blocks that look really nice around your world. They are known to be the ore underneath diamonds on the ore hierarchy.
    5. BIG NOSES AND SCAMMY MERCHANTS. Villagers are human-like characters with really big noses who like to trade with you as in their villages they live in. They are scared of mobs. Unlike mobs they have the ability to open doors. Most villagers make the worst trades ever and they will only trade with you, if you have emeralds for them.
    6. OINK, I’M A PIG, GET SOME MEAT FROM ME. Pigs are animals in minecraft that are honestly pretty useless. They just walk around the place, unlike sheep and cows they have no other purpose for the game, they are just there. I can just say that the only thing that is good from pigs is that I can eat their meat if I get hungry in the game.
    7. FIGHT AGAINST FOES! Mobs are monsters in Minecraft that attack the player in survival mode, each mob has their own way of attacking the player. For example; the creeper explodes behind you like a bomb, the enderman can teleport anywhere it wants, the endermen usually is not that aggressive but approaching it and getting too close to it may trigger the enderman to attack you.
    8. I’M NOT A BOMB, I SWEAR. A mob in minecraft which is pretty common is the creeper. Creepers are green long creatures which can explode into oblivion. There have been so many times where creepers have walked up behind me and blew up right when I was doing something, it is so annoying.
    9. I’M GONNA EAT YOUR BRAINS. The zombie is the most common mob in Minecraft. It roams around the world trying to find players and villagers to kill for flesh. Zombies in Minecraft walk with their arms up and when killed rotten flesh and can obtain from them, yeah pretty gross. I have fought with these mobs a lot in the past.
    10. THE MOST VALUABLE MATERIAL (UP UNTIL LAST YEAR). The diamond ore has been known as the most valuable material in Minecraft, because of how rare it is. It is cyan-colored and can be used to make armor. But last year, an even rarer material appeared into the game known as netherite. Ever since then people have complained about the overthrow of the diamond ore being at the top of the material hierarchy.
    11. A STONE THAT LITERALLY NEEDS DIAMONDS TO MINE. There is an ore in Minecraft, found obsidian. The stone can only be made when water and lava come into contact, and a diamond axe is required to mine the stone. It also takes a long time to mine. I have lost so many obsidian blocks just because I didn’t collect it fast enough to catch it before it was absorbed in lava.
    12. ENTERING THE LANDS OF LAVA. If you make a nether portal (can be made with a dark-colored stone-like material called obsidian), and light it on fire using a flint and steel, you can travel through the portal to get to a land called the Nether. In the nether the entire floor of the world is made out of lava and there are new exotic mobs that can kill you, so look out!
    13. THE <ACTUAL> MOST VALUABLE MATERIAL, HE HE DIAMOND GO BRR. The netherite ore is the current most valuable material in the game, it can be found in the nether, or the lands of lava. It is a grayish color, and its texture reminds me of dark medieval iron (but a lot darker tone). The stone made from the ore looks like the bricks made from a black tower depicted as a villain's lair.
    14. OUTSIDE OF THIS BLOCKY WORLD. There is a third world which can be accessed in Minecraft, it is known as the End If you find a stronghold, an underground temple, there is a ender portal which if you collect 8 enderman eyes (You must kill some endermen to collect enderman eyes) and attach them to the ender portal they will create the portal to access the End


    Lpyapersonism thinks vaping is dumb and not cool, this is another manuscript which must be followed under Lpyapersonism and its guides. My argument is on vaping because people should stop vaping. I think that people should not vape because researchers have found out that some illnesses are linked to vaping just like smoking is as well. One of the illnesses are lung disease which is linked with smoking as well.

    On https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/24/health/vaping-death-kansas/index.html the article quotes “Another person has died after vaping, this time it was a man over the age of 50 who lived in Kansas. He becomes the second vaping-related death in the state, according to a statement from Kansas Governor Laura Kelly.”. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/24/health/vaping-death-kansas/index.html also says that there as been 9 vape-related deaths in the U.S. and 530 cases of people getting lung disease from vaping, the article quotes “There have been 9 nine known deaths related to vaping in the US so far -- two in California, two in Kansas, and one in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri and Oregon. That's out of 530 confirmed and probable cases of lung injuries related to e-cigarettes as of September 17, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”. CNN also said that we don’t know the specific ingredients so there could be more nicotine then we think is in e-cigarettes. The article quotes “"E-cigarettes are unregulated, which means that we don't know what's in them," Norman said in Monday's statement. “.This data proves that vaping can even kill people rarely.

    Vaping can also cause many diseases as we can see.

    https://www.yalemedicine.org/stories/vaping-nicotine-addiction/ quotes on their page “These teens may be overlooking (or underestimating) a key ingredient in the vapors they inhale: nicotine. Though it’s possible to buy liquid or pod refills without nicotine, the truth is you have to look much harder to find them. Teens may not realize that nicotine is deeply addictive. What’s more, studies show that young people who vape are far likelier to move on to cigarettes, which cause cancer and other diseases.”. This paragraph tells us that vapers are also far more likelier to become a smoker than an average person so that is another big risk.

    Also another reason why people should stop vaping is because it can get you very addicted to it because of the nicotine inside of it. Nicotine is a chemical that naturally makes to become addicted to the substance. Nicotine is also very strong so when people are addicted to the substance it is very hard to stop consuming the substance. This is a reason why vapers and smokers have a hard time to quit vaping and smoking. https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/tobacco-nicotine-e-cigarettes/nicotine-addictive quotes on their page “Addiction is characterized by compulsive drug-seeking and use, even in the face of negative health consequences. The majority of smokers would like to stop smoking, and each year about half try to quit permanently. Yet, only about 6 percent of smokers are able to quit in a given year”. This research and data can tell us that it is very hard to quit when you are addicted to the nicotine so if you want to start but then quit  it is better that you don’t take the risk.

    There are also counterclaims to stop vaping like E-cigarettes make far fewer carcinogens than cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes contain more than 4 thousand harmful chemicals, many of which are produced by the tobacco and smoke. Since e-cigarettes have technology they expose users to fewer carcinogens. Also studies show that e-cigs can be effective in decreasing smoking amounts. In studies and surveys, e-cigarettes have been shown to potentially help smokers to decrease their habit or to quit as well. One study from New Zealand showed e-cigarettes to be as effective as nicotine patches. This data was found on https://www.projectknow.com/the-vape-debate-pros-and-cons-of-e-cigarettes/.

    This is my reasoning, evidence and support on why people should stop vaping.


    A response to MLK, "This speaks to me because I feel that we need unity, and that we can improve the world if we can come together and forget about our differences as people. People from every race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, occupation need to come together to sort out our differences and come to common ground. I feel when we come together then we can truly improve the world. This connects to the present day now, because there is a lot of division in our country at the moment, and if the people of America could unite and recognize our similarities we could help the situation of our world."

    A response to a case on Abortion, "The case held the argument if the prohibition of non-exclusive abortion was constitutional or not. The court decided to claim that it is unconstitutional because they claimed it violates the 14th amendment,¨All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.¨.

    A response to Chains, a book, "Before, she felt that her scar made her look strong but now it makes her feel like she is herself. ¨In truth, it seemed I was looking at a stranger who lived beyond the glass. My face was thinner than I remembered and longer from brow to chin. My nose and mouth recollected Momma´s, but the set of the eyes, those came from Poppa. As I stared, their two faces came forth and drifted back until I could only see me. I turned my head to the side a bit and studied the brand on my face; for the first time, studied it hard: the capital I that proclaimed my insolent manners and crimes. I touched it smooth and warm, fresh made into silk. The scars on Poppa's cheek had been three lines across his cheek, carved with a sharp blade. He was proud of his marks. In the country of his ancestors, they made him a man. I traced the I with my fingertip. This is my country mark. I did not ask for it, but I would carry it as Poppa carried his. It made me his daughter. It made me strong. I took a step back, seeing my whole self in the mirror. I pushed back my shoulders and raised my chin, my back straight as an arrow. This mark stands for Isabel.¨(286). This is because in the earlier portion of the book, Isabel wouldn't have thought that her scar represented herself because she didn't feel  as kt she persevered yet . But after she shows her strength, through many obstacles, for an example: how she escaped the potato bin and rescued Curzon. Isabel now feels that she is strong like her father back in his country because now she has seen pain and she has persevered really hard to get to her goal. Isabel tells Curzon that they crossed¨the river Jordan¨. ¨You don't understand.  Everything that stands between you and freedom is the river Jordan. Come closer, child¨ (167). ¨The river Jordan¨, difficulty in achieving freedom as a slave. Grandfather iis trying to tell her that she must find a cross and persevere this difficulty to achieve freedom. Isabel later tells Curzon that they have crossed the river, because they have persevered this difficulty by escaping the clutches of the Locktons and now they have achieved freedom.

    A further response to Chains, a book, "One event that changed Isabel was when Isabel´s plan to ally with the british to gain freedom fails.¨I cannot accept your service, child. We only employ slaves run away from rebel owners. I didn't hear him right. ¨Pardon me?¨ Page 181. ¨He couldn't take me, he would not. I was chained between two nations. The bees swarmed àgain behind my eyes, making the scene grow dim and distant. The sun was nearing the horizon, casting long shadows across the wharf. I was a ghost tied to the ground, not a living soul.¨Page 182. This event profoundly changed Isabel because it made sabel realize that no matter whose side she is on, she doesn't have any freedom because she is a slave and that she must find her way of life somewhere else to grant this freedom of prosperity." One life lesson I can take away from Isabel´s story, is that to find your own freedom must persevere through your own conflicts.

    "I'm pretty sure we speak different variants of english, Mine would be the 20th Century English and I think yours would be the 21st Century English." - https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000068860

    Word Games in Speech

    https://polcompball-anarchy.fandom.com/f/p/4400000000000065669 This is the origin of this idea.

    I am going to try and expand the defintion of the word boy, My try for the word "boy", Boy -> A male child -> A person below the legal age of majority and of denoting the sex that produces small, typically motile gametes, especially spermatozoa -> A human being regarded as an individual, at a lower level required by the law, of age when a person is legally considered a full adult and of indication of either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions that manufactures from components or raw materials which are of a size that is less than normal or usual, in most cases; usually of relating to or characterized by responses that involve muscular rather than audiovisual sensations of a mature haploid masculine or feminine germ cell which is able to unite with another of the opposite sex in sexual reproduction to form a zygote, or to a great extent; very much of the mature motile masculine sex cell of an animal, by which the ovum is fertilized, typically having a compact head and one or more long flagella for swimming.

    American Manuscripts

    This manuscript of Lpyapersonism, details the creativity of the Americans, "Its all over the news random venets dreams coming trueI have a banana I have to find all the babnanas I can. I have to find the banas or else I wont be peeling. I have to go to the edge of the world, then I hve to get the banas from hawaii from my house and get a big boat with im gonna go to pimip chimpin I gotta ged god to take the gimnat shrek loves bananas. Am i gonna have to find a donkey to get to the island. Find donkey but bananas. To attractive, the brown banas to get the donkey with shrek bana island pimp chimpaneeze get the son of teh banana, banana puker but he mad. He whore shin guard from hawaii. My shin guards are now covered in donkey puke. I brought the donkey, with the shrek monster. Shrek is not happy. Jut then shrek be like stay. The temle of pimmp chimps. Hula cave dancers doin here they said itvwas a luooh they busted cocnuys  and dancing the greastest party. Why do you want bananas. Best party of all.The End. Iwas looking in my grandma’s attic and I Found an apple. A balloon. I found a cat, I found dead pet rock and an egg and a fish. Giraffe, and a hat, and an ice pic. And a james bond film. Kale. and a leotard. Also my mother. A night watchman, and an old oven. A penguin, a quilt, a red sled. A snowman, a tall salamander, an uncle. A very happy puppy. A Wiley wizard, and a xylophone. A young picture, a zorba degreeck and a Abraham Lincoln statue. A bubble and a Celtic warrior. Dove chocolate bar and an energized dj."

    Colonial Letter

    This manuscript of Lpyapersonism decsribes colonial times.

    Hello my fellow relatives.

    I came here to work on cotton farms and to smoke tobacco. I forgot to tell you relatives that I am a tobacco lover. I also love the smell of fresh cotton in the air rolling past the clouds and the expanse of the universe out into nothingness. Tobacco is the only prize I want. If they give me tobacco, I will word as hard as I can for them. The creamy and spicy sense of tobacco is all I want. Also may you please bring me some tobacco relatives, if you come here (But don’t).

    I have seen many, many corpses die here. There is mass starvation, I have barely eaten any meat since arrival. The people here have dysentery and are having illness from the water. There is one illness that turns your whole body green, another that makes your vomit brown, and a third one that gives you red spots all over. The natives don’t really interact with us anymore. I feel that they feel threatened as some of their land has been taken away. We have built up a fort but it took a long time. I have gone inside the ship and have stolen this piece of paper to write on. There wasn’t much in the ship other than potatoes but I was thankful for them. We cannot trade because we are stuck inside the walls of the fortress during winter. I am completely naked, I had several fungus warts on my feet, hands and arms. They are really painful and contagious. It hurts to walk, I need a walking stick. My foot got inquired from a bear attack. There is an arrow stuck in the back of my thigh as well. A rebellious servant stole an arrow from the ship and tried piercing the masters. Us servants want so much to escape the clutches of our masters. I think I have seen giant brown blobs in the sky, but I just think those are hallucinations I have been having for food. Just the smell of food would be nice. All I am having is mushy water. I will have to say that mushy water doesn’t taste good. There are so many other incidents and mishaps in our fort.  I have seen the armour the natives were. It is very unique to what we have back in Britain.

    You relatives should not enter or come near these lands. They are horrible, I promise that life in Britain is better. It is too cold here. There are many unknown illnesses here you could get. Who knows what lies past the woods. I thought I was poor, but now i’m completely poor.


    (Lpyaperson: I do not believe in some of my principles anymore; like for example I do not tolerate leftist culture nor its ideologies, I have felt a persona inside of me, tell myself that the world is being caved in by leftism, and I look around and I see examples of this everywhere, like for example at the top of tons of searches, almost all of them will be leftist which is biased because wouldn't you think there would be a mix of results both left wing and right wing, also I think the reason why big tech is so considered about censoring us is because we are exposing, them, behavior like banning those who deny "invalidatable truths", is literally the same tactics nazi germany and soviet russia did to take over, Also in a world where you are surrounded by left-wing media, it is hard to find evidence outside the circle, so therefore you are leftist because you dont know what is out there to know, If what the right was saying was false, then big tech would not care at all, big tech lets dictators spread their propaganda, (Twitter literally lets Kim Jong Un do this) but I guess trump is so evil, he is even worse than him).

    More Reasoning for Ideological persuasion: Over the course of my life, I have listened to left-wing sources, like my school teachers, friends, college mates, etc. I just got somewhat normalized to what they said, and you know when you watch and see these sources, they try so hard to be visually appealizing and pacific, and they do succeed, and it causes yourself to throw all the right-wing evidence away and rethink about the issue even thought you already had it in the first place, It is almost like a memory eraser from men in black, and then the doubt that your right-wing claim is false comes and slashes any hope of remembering your point, unless I write it down. When I think right-wing hypothesizes and perspectives, I almost always get this subconscious voice in the back of my brain which tells me what Imam seeing is wrong. is this brainwashing or just extreme skepticism? I think it is brainwashing, I mean really the nazi government using a centuries' old technology could turn normal children into hatred-filled nazis, It is repetition, that is what it is, the left always provides you will talk and a poor source, but that is it. While, I very think about my writing the same subconscious voice is telling me that this is biased and I should stop. It is the same voice that tells me God might not be real (which is so not the case), the schools were I use to grew up had anti-christian propaganda in them, teaching things like evolution, homonormativity, etc. You do know the nazi, comrade brainwashing came from the schools, I also feel bad for the teachers and parents who are stuck in the bubble of the left, because they think what they are doing is right, and it is so sad that they cannot see the truth, politically and religiously, and still my brain tells me your going on a serotonin high! Which I am not because I obviously am still very focused on my goal and can still realize the counter-arguments for my claim. Because I picked up my bible, I just see the sin in people today, curses in rap, men looking like women, vice versa, evil dance moves that promote the s*xual movements which are forbidden and sinful, etc. Why do we live in such a sinful world? If you say the bible is fake, look around, there were 40 writers of the bible and all of them described Jesus perfectly, nebulas look like stars, also how can nothing become something? how can a big bang appear from nowhere, and if you say that another reaction happened before the big bang, then I may ask what happened before that? and if you say that there has been an infinite amount of reactions happeneing a long time ago then I ask you how did that come to be? If you go back, and back, and back there will always be something, so there always needs to be a creator for its creation, also the names of pre-noah patriarchs literally mean when combined a quote related to Jesus. I just forgot what else I was going to talk about and I usually dont forget what I am just talking about, because that is ridiculous and it only really happens when I talk about these subjects which brings me back to, am I brainwashed? Like how the nazis when seeing a jew automatically subconsciously hated that jew?




    • Christian Apoliticism - Jesus is king!
    • Capitalism - Helps others get rich.
    • Police - You guys die everyday just for our safety, how can people actually think you guys are bad?
    • Shapiroism - We will defeat the aryan together.
    • Christianity - Thanking you for guiding me.
    • Gamerism - Gamers know how to take a joke, so I like y’all.
    • File:BlackNat.png Black Nationalism - Usually, I don’t support supremacism but really some white folks are so unaware of their state and politics, ahem .
    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism - The only major differences between you and me are isolationism, I am actually very fond of your conservative values, and I feel the worse part of my ideology is my progressivism. (Post-Comment: Which I would evenually get rid of).
    • Animeism - Gosh, dang it why do I simp for anime.
    • Pan-Hispanism - Unite all hispanics under one control! Rise of the United States of Greater Hispania!
    • Pan-Rightism - Unite the capitalist! Rise against communism, socialism, (even nazism, jk sorry lol)!
    • All Further descriptions in this category are Post-Lpyapersonic.
    • Gabrialduffeyism - You are a good capitalist thinker, you would make a great SIRU member against the left and its anti-capitalist agenda.
    • Trumpism - I am sorry, for judging you too quickly.
    • Neoclassical Geoliberalism- I like your liberalism and I like your logic, good 'ae pal.
    • Lincolnism- You are the man that banned Slavery, you sir are a hero who should be remembered for centuries to come.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - I do agree taxation is theft but anarchism is not the solution to this.
    • File:American Model Icon.png American Model - Your model has heavily influenced my ex-ideology (this one) and my current one, thank you.
    • Sadoneism - Your seem pretty based, Christianity and Conservatism are basically my ideology and some chinese phiosophy is very based.


    • Afunhumaninterism - You are very based, the only thing I don't like is how loose your are on capitalism, I mean there are some restrictions to trade (slaves, cornography, etc)
    • Orwellism- I really like your writings but man how can you right a book against Totalitarian English Socialism "Ingsoc" and still be a ... demsoc.
    • Silly Chimpism - Most of your ideas, are pretty good but I don’t want an ethnostate.
    • Antillean Confederalism - I think your idea of hispanic unification is great but I do not know what this monroe doctrine is.
    • Omnivertism - Sounds fun but hard to do.
    • SCPism - Thank you for securing, containing and protecting, but I'm a little suspicious.

    Out of touch but still there

    • Alexism - Like your ideas but you scare me a little.
    • Hoppeanism - I like the private land idea but no free speech for minorities? really come on.
    • Christian Theocracy - I love the message but God did give us free will so, I mean I don’t think you should force the truth on other people.
    • Jewish Theocracy - Without you, I wouldn’t have Christianity but there is some much evidence for Jesus though also stop forcing it please.
    • Zionism - I like your pro-Israel ideals but a lot of people say your evil or something, I don’t know.
    • Moderate Islam - I do not really have much to say about you, I mean at least you some-what care for women’s rights.
    • Centrism - I could like you guys but you honestly aren’t serious enough for the culture war.
    • Oofitism - I like how you stand for the indiviual but, capitalism being bad, nuh uh.
    • Trumpism - I use to be more fond of you, but I just think you are too authoritarian.
    • Conservatism - Can you just leave people alone, just saying, You know you mean good though.
    • File:AiriFlo.png AirisuFloppa - I don't like homonationalsm but your cool.
    • Anti-Showerism - I get that you don't want to take a shower, but I mean that is pretty extreme.
    • Anarcho-Trumpism - I understand your cause for your reckless behavior but come on, now your just as bad as the antifa people. Anarchy is not the key silly.
    • File:Slavr.pngSlavreichism - I like how you want to privatilize money, and have multicultrism, but why the cultural segregation, why do you hate plato, why do you dislike capitalism and why did you do an unspeakable act with Kira Kween?
    • Further descriptions are Post-Lpyapersonic.
    • Ermacism - It sounds cool, but also very scary because what would happen to the individual?
    • Ultranationalism - I am not to hyped up about ultranationalism, I think you should like your country to an exstant.
    • Social Capitalism - Why not just be fully capitalist?
    • Conservative Market Socialism - I like your conservatism but why don't you accept capitalism?
    • Anti-Airisuism- Why do you have to be so strict, only straight power? I believe in a republic, not a dictatorship nor a democracy. Also why do have to worship Hitler? But I do like you defending conservatism.
    • Kylism - I like your conservatism and libertarianism but you not a big fan of the jews, come on, Also I think welfare is poopy.
    • File:Psy.png Psionicism - Looks cool, but seems incredibly unrealistic, come back down to earth from scienceland.
    • [1] - I like capitalism, but this can be awfully corruptible.
    • Regulatonist Capitalism - Leave me alone, and let me sell bread on craigslist please.
    • Extroversionism - Extrovertion can be entertaining but also loud.
    • Subgenius - Capitalist, but very wacky and likes to make fun of religion.
    • Neo-Airisuism - Communalist and wants to distribute catboys to ****, I would put you in enemies but dang your picrew is hot uWu.

    Kinda Ehh (Entire Section is Post-Lpyapersonic)

    • Logavism - I like that you want a minimal state economy but I don't really like your progressivism, and mutualism is too mutual for me, I like some more competiton in my economy. Being economically mutual isn't really successful in my opinion.
    • Sboltism - I like capitalism but social darwinism often destroys economic and sometimes social competition. I also think legalizing horrific acts is just wrong.
    • Christian Anti-Bulgarian Traditional Mutualism - I like that your christian but why are you against bulgarians? Tradition is also pretty cool as well but mutualism is too mutual (Just a reminder, that I think mutualism is mutual, this is a reminder)

    Ehh (Entire Section is Post-Lpyapersonic)

    • Buddhist Anarcho-Utopian Market Socialism - Anarchy usually ends in chaos, Why intertwine religion into this? I mean at least this is utopian. Market socialism isn't really that free either.
    • File:Corruption.pngPhanpite Corruptionism- Monarchism is too old-school, socialism is a poop economic system but at least you have a sense of humor, corruptive humor.
    • Strayamateyeboism- Nazis are poo poo, I like your christianity but why a hre and an ingsoc?
    • Libertarian Nazism- National socialists are poopy they hurt jews and stuff but you are also libertarian so, I am going to put you here.
    • Anti-Jd2842ism- Why do you hate great men so much? I mean bonapartism is kind of ehh, but why do you have to be a hater though.
    • Asianoscriptism - Why do you want people to use asian letters so bad?
    • Anarcho-Capitalist Juche- Anarchism and a juche, that will definitely get me a job, the only major good thing about you is that you are a capitalist (somehow).
    • Authoritarian Transhumanism - Robots are cool but forcing them is not.
    • EdPatrumism - I think you are too authoritarian, the only thing I like about you is that you are religious.
    • F.I.A.T - Fascism is for babies, Imperialism is outdated, autocracies are inappropriate but transhumans sound pretty cool.
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - Anime is pretty cool and capitalism is as well, But going full out nazi is not.
    • Daveism - Dave, I have to say I don't think Pan-Nationalism is a good idea, I would think of a more superfederalized union, were the union is only there for militaric purposes and that is it, Socialism is not very free, Absolute monarchism is too unamerican for me, I think you go a little too fair with the nationalism and tsarism isn't that good, so I am going to put you here.
    • Demosism - Egoism usually turns chaotic, Neo-paganism is stinky poo poo, We are not going back to pagan europe. At least your libright.
    • Papperism - Papper, oh paper why are you a nihilist and an egoist? It seems rather blue. Also I don't know how to feel with the radical centrism.

    Nah fam

    • National Socialism - I secretly know you are leftist, you SOCIALIST also you make the biggest fuss ever over jews, like stfu and leave them alone you sjw crybaby.
    • Obamaism - War monger.
    • Liberalism - Fear monger.
    • Islamic Theocracy - Eww, rapist.
    • Islamic Obamaism - A rapist (Why did I call him a rapist, 🤦) and a war monger, great. Also you don’t like us on the right.
    • Atheism - Being atheist is like saying 0+time=1.
    • State Atheism - Seriously, the commies didn’t need to get the atheists riled up.
    • Black Zionism - These Africans think they are the Jews?!? And they quoted hitler?!? Not cool, y’all racist anti-jews. You guys literally justify the f***ing Holocaust cuz “tHe wHiTe jEwS aReN’T tHe rEaL jEwS” like bruh if u gonna cry go sit in the safe space for fascists with crybaby nazism.
    • Bidenism - This dude is just out of it, literally.
    • Fortniteism - You guys just slurp juice all day long. hehe 9 yr olds.
    • INGSOC - It’s not just that you ruined the economy but you ruined reality as a whole, get a life.
    • Radical Feminism - Without men, you guys would all die 5 years olds, males but still thats kinda mean just saying, and I know how to spell, I just like to misspell my letters.
    • White Supremacism - no, I am not a nazi you weirdos.
    • The entire country of Germany (but not germans) - you destroyed the unification of rome, invented communism (Karl Marx) then hitler? Nuh uh, fam you belong to the streets.
    • Plenderplarism - Oppression is overated.
    • Homophobia - I think hating homosexuals is bad but I do think they should be told what they are doing is wrong in a pacifist form.
    • Nullism - You are literally ingsoc but worse, like you are literally the evil that could destroy everything, you are literally invalid, null because you are so horrendous.
    • Rutabagism - I do not like bureaucracy, I can tell you, also no capitalism come on. "Cultural Manipulation" the actual heck, why do you need to manipulate cultures?
    • File:Nazi Lpyaperson icon.png Nazi Lpyapersonism - You are just a despicable nazi version of me, go back to berlin!
    • All Further descriptions in this category are Post-Lpyapersonic.
    • Abortionism - You kill innocent babies (also a lot of colored ones as well), its funny how the left accepts you while you kill colored children and white children. Save roe, more like save roe from herself.
    • Oiboioiism - How the heck are you going to make a nazi holy roman empire? Also nazis ain't christians they worshipped hitler.
    • Welfare Anarchism - Welfare, can make people lazy and anarchism just leads to chaos.
    • Affirmative Action - In the words of Neoclassical Geoliberalism, "Racial theory is ultimate cringe". Yes, Indeed racial theory is ultimate cringe. You are a hypocritical, you want to be anti-racist while making a racial theory.
    • Vaushism - Vaush, I know you have some pretty bad things, once you said that you would allow pedos to look at cp, and that is not okay. I think you are kind of delusional with your aspects of both society and the economy.
    • Illumanti - You are just generally a despicable globalist elite, how dare you.
    • Animist Theocracy- I do not like worshipping animals, and this is way too pagan.
    • [2] - I do not want Jeffrey Epsteins out in the street banging my daughters.
    • [3] - Chinese commies please interferring with us.
    • [4] - Third positionist, more like third reich with all the big digitally fascist big tech.
    • Warism - War is when someone wants something but is too dumb to figure out how to get it themselves.
    • Muskian-Supremacy Autistic-Hyper-Fascist Illuminati - I do not even know what muskians are, supremacy stinks, autism makes your brain dodo (Please don't get offended, I am an autist myself) and fascism is violent and angry.
    • File:Contradictory communism.png Contradictory Communism - Communism is already contradictory to begin with.
    • File:Antiden.pngAnti-Denatian - You are just a little ancom kid who has been brainwashed by public schooling.
    • Benefactorism - This is so boring, it is scary.
    • International Stalinism- Why does stalin need to spread his lies across the world, like he has made enough problems already.
    • File:AntiFloppaBoo.pngAnti-Floppaism- "dEsTrOyEr of YeLlow CaPiTaList pIgs" more like destroyer of braincells.
    • Authoritarian Progressivism - 好吧,你确实是一个堕落的纳粹分子
    • Thanato-Environmentalism - When sjws get too serious about climate change, and start worshipping their neo-pagan "mOtHer nAtUre" by sacrifing people and animals.
    • Pan-Leftism - The Left has no power if they are divided (I literally sound like ingsoc).
    • BERNHE0504 Thought - Ingsoc is totalitarian but I do like the robots,pew pew pew.
    • Bsaheedism - Im sorry but communism especially extreme communism isn't gunna fit with me, atheism is not smart (Einmi oepin yun) but I do like your pacificism.
    • Dab Occultism- I will dab your butt back to India.
    • Fuenteism- Fuentes better go to the dentes' before those nazi cavitiies get to him. (Joke)
    • Transphobia - Recently, I have been accused of Transphobia, but I am not and I don't like you because hatred is a sin.
    • The C.O.N.S.P.I.R.A.C.Y. - A living nightmare from Alex Jones's dreams.
    • Airisuism - I never realized that I hadn't put you in my relations yet, so I have done so now, I mean I think I don't really like the libleft as well as the authleft and anarcho-communism is an ideology even dumber than normal communism, also distributing catboys is not going to go in my book.
    • DaBabyism - Why so pervy with all the ladies in yur vids? Why does like every big rapper have to be pervy though? (Or even worse they be homosexual and pervy).

    Arch Nemesis

    • P*rn - Of all the wickedness in the world, you destroy the lives of countless men (and women), how dare you destroy the very structure of morality and existence that comes with it you are one without a benefit essence, who does not understand old morality and are not attractive in my opinion. You should be banned, unpersoned and destroyed for all eternity. You are mean and addictive.



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