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    Warning: This page is alt-history, it's people, history and extent are made up for the ideology's context.

    Lorranian Libertarianism (LorraLib for short) is the ideology of James Lorraine.



    LorraLib believes in a strong welfare system, while still preserving the economy. It's flexible in it's economics, with the existence of an "umbrella" for LorraLib, ranging from Moderate Socialism to a Centre-Right Economy.


    LorraLib believes in a Council of elected people, with a small gate to pass. The government can:

    • Only pass laws if 2/3 of the council agrees
    • Only pass laws after they go throught testing in an area and the people like the new change.

    Along with other restrictions to prevent corruption.


    LorraLib is a distinct kind of Progressive, what it calls "Apolitical Progressivism", which is that not caring about what someone is, distancing yourself from identity politics and just having equal rights is the best way for progressivism. It does not care if you're black, white, asian, gay, straight or literally any gender; if you're human, you're good.


    LorraLib is an accelerationist, seeking to advance technology.

    Other Axes:

    • Military: LorraLib seeks to reduce the army and if there's conscription remove it. It thinks that serving in the army is one of the few ways to serve your nation, and making it mandatory is wasting people's time.
    • Religious: LorraLib is a firm believer in Secularism, and the separation of politics from religion.
    • Personal: People's personal freedoms are great and vast in Lorranian Libertarianism.


    I repeat, this is not real.

    Lorranian Libertarianism was born when James Lorraine educated from the Universtiy of Massachusetts (1986), and got interested in politics, as a graduate in Economics, he saw himself as fit for political interest. In 1989, he formed the Liberation Community, a group of Like-Minded Anti-Authoritarian People, and while this was his first political journey, he became popular among progressives for offering a nice way to unite Libertarians.

    In the 1996 Election, he ran as the leader of the Lorraine Party. While he didn't win any states, he did win a few senate seats.

    He tried again in 2000, and this time got more senate seats, and also won Massachusetts.

    And in 2004, he won 3 states and even more senate seats.

    The Democrats and Republicans joined together and made campaigns trying to convince people he was a socialist. But with the economic crisis underway, in 2008, he won over 40 seats, and 6 states. With the Economic Crisis, this is when Lorrain became more economically Right-Wing, but he still supported a great deal of welfare. In 2012, he was very close to win the election. In 2016 and 2020, he won. He made extensive changes to the US including:

    • A welfare system
    • Expansion of the Senate to 1000 Senators
    • Lessening the Power of the president
    • Several cuts to the military
    • Pulling out of several wars
    • Legalising Marijuanai but making in mainstream like alcohol and smoking
    • More minorty party representation
    • Removing gerrymandering in districts
    • The creation and change of several counties

    In 2021, his party still has a big portion with senate, but not as much as the political field has diversified.



    • Libertarian - You're cool dad, I just wish you had welfare.
    • Social Democrat - Nice going! I like you.
    • Democratic Socialism - Old me would have loved you. You're a cool guy, like socdem over here, but more extreme!
    • Liberal - You seem fine, I just wish you had some more welfare policies.
    • Progressive - Wonderful ideas in equality, but why do you have to be so identitarian?
    • Republicanism - You're my inspiration for the Government system.


    • Neoliberal - You're ok, but you're also really boring. Hey, you make great tacos.
    • Moderate - You're as boring as Neoliberal here, but you can't even make tacos. ...Atleast you're ok with me so.


    • Nazbol - You're everything I'm against.
    • Fascism - I can barely hold myself against you.
    • The Media - I hate you.

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