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    Lopezism used to be the ideology of Natantrad. It suppports , Populism, Anarchism, Traditionalism, Ethnic/Racial Nationalism, Socialism (Typically Communist Mutualism), Transhumanism , Catholicism and Panarchism.


    Lopezism supports all anarchists of all social and economic beliefs, including anarcho-capitalists, uniting to start anarchist revolutions around the world and to start anarchist communities. He sees National Syndicalism[1] and Paleoconservatism as the best types of statism. He believes armed anarchist revolutions as only possible in the third world, and believes we should aim to reform first world countries to become Socially Conservative and Nationalist Social Democracies, and that anarchist communities should be started in these first world countries.


    He wants people to live Anarchist Traditionalist Catholic Ethnocommunes with a socialist system. He believes women should go back to being in their traditional roles as housewives and that they should dress modestly in public. He believes in European, Celtic and Hispanic nationalism, and thinks that Westerners should have more children. He opposes race mixing and believes in accelerating technological progress. He believes we should completely move to using renewable energy. He is opposed to transgenderism but is fine with homosexuality and bisexuality, since transgenderism is not seen in nature but homosexuality and bisexuality are. He believes monarchy is better than liberal democracy.


    His main influences are John Doyle, Nick Fuentes, Anglo Libertarian and Vaush.


    • Christian Anarchism - Christ is King!
    • Noctuaism- Based, except for the primitivism.
    • Archeofuturism-Technology good, tradition good.
    • Anarcho-Ecofascism- Ok, this is epic. Please just stop with the whole spirits of the races thing. Just don't be racist and you are perfect.
    • National Democratic Socialism- Nationalism, democracy and socialism are all  b a s e d.
    • Fourth Theory- Consumerism, Individualism and Postmodernism are cancer.
    • Neo-Puritanism-We must return to morality.
    • Integralism-Fellow Catholic who believes in "a fully integrated social and political order, based on converging patrimonial (inherited) political, cultural, religious, and national traditions of a particular state". Except I don't believe in the institution of the state.
    • Ethnopluralism - Every ethnicity should have the right to self determination.
    • Vaushism - Based. Just be more tolerant of non progressive and non socialist anarchists and don't call everyone you don't like Nazi or a Fascist.
    • Distributism - Based. You're the best non-socialist economic system.
    • Mutualism - When combined with anarcho communism, this is the best economic system.
    • Potashism - Based. You should accept ancaps as anarchists though.
    • Zapatism - Based. That feminism is kinda cringe though.
    • Tradwifeism - Extremely based. Catholic Trad wives=Best wives.
    • Fuentesism-A huge influence on me. America First, bitch!


    • Daveism-Based except for the fact that it's really authoritarian.
    • Eco-Fascism - You're a totalitarian. But you're also an environmentalist, traditionalist and environmentalist. You're one of the better Fascists.
    • Falangism - Based but too authoritarian.
    • Salazarism - Become less authoritarian and become socialist. You would be very based.
    • Bonapartism - Much better than modern France's system.
    • Francoism-Much better than the other dictators of your time.
    • National_Bolshevism - Right Nazbols are terrible Nazis, Left Nazbols are more based than most other Authoritarians.




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