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    He is sympathetic to original forms of Corptism.pngcorporatism, Classfash.pngclassical fascism and Classdeal.pngclass dealignment. He is Autism.pngautistic, likes statues a lot.

    He likes eating cheese, carrots. He sortof has a political quadrant superiority complex, seeing centrism as the only quadrant of logic and facts, he wishes that more politically based ideologies would be more dominant online, than the Soc.pngcurrentAltr.png ones.

    How to Draw

    Draw the red duster flag

    Replace the union jack with the imperial German flag

    (Optional) Draw him as a jigsaw puzzle piece, cause autism.






    • Anpacf.pngAnarcho-Pacifism - "If we just not do anything the state will just miraculously disapear", you're cringer then pacifism.
    • Darwinist.pngSocial Darwinism - You monster! You're a perversion of Darwinism.
    • Leftac.pngLeft-Accelerationism - Thanks for voting for me, idiot.
    • Coomerismicon.pngCoomerism - I'm ashamed of what I constantly become, I hope porn will be gone forever!!!
    • Miko-Coomerism.pngMiko-Coomerism - You're a degenerated form of Mikolayism.
    • Nazcaptangle.pngHeinrich-Cheungism - Fascist bigot who should go eat a shoe.
    • BurgHein.pngBurgundian Heinrich-Cheungism - Okay this is horrifying.
    • Burgsys-rectangle.pngBurgundian System - IRL, this utterly sucks and is everything I hate about Nazism.
    • Ingcock.pngEnglish Cock - God! Why is there penis, grosss!!!!!! This is pretty horrible.
    • ElonMusk.pngMuskism - Utter imbecile, you're stupidity in the self-driving car business has killed people, I hope you go to prison.
    • IngBurF.pngEnglish Burgundian System - This is worse than the Burgundian System.
    • Hengshui Model2.pngHengshui ModelHengshui Model.png - Terrible school, too strict and harsh.
    • National Communist Burgundian System.pngBurgundian Communism - Communism and the Burgundian System? Awful!
    • Burgersys.pngBurgerdian System - Lipostocracy and the Burgundian System! This is a nightmare!
    • Based Autism Icon.pngBased Autism - You're not based! Fascism's never been based, bet ya 50 bucks you're not even autistic.
    • Utnazi.pngUtopian National Socialism - Hyperborea doesn't exist, loser or did it
    • AeonicFuturismf.pngAeonic Futurism - This feels sortof inaccurate to what futurism stands for it opposes old stuff, like Nazism's 92 years old which is pretty old, and in the past.
    • Natpos.pngNational Posadism - Nuking the world for political reasons is dumb
    • Rockwell.pngRockwell Neo-Nazism -
    • Turner.pngTurnerism -
    • Atomwaf.pngSiegeism -
    • Kratnat.pngKraterocratic Nazism - Kraterocracy's always a bad way of government, also you're fascist.
    • SJW.pngSJW - He he he, SJW triggeredness go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    • Hsjw.pngHyper-SJW - Dam woke uber-woke totalitarian literally nineteen eighty-four commie SJWs!
    • Femboyfash.pngFemboy Fascism - Weird e-fascist coomer
    • Altrightfemboyicon.pngAlt-Femboyism - 4chan pervert.
    • Mansphere.pngManosphere - Sexist who is exploiting innocent Incel2.pngvirgins, fuck you.
    • Insman.pngInsurrectionary Manosphere - Same as above, stop starting insurrections.
    • IncelAccel.pngIncel Accelerationism - Noooooo, don't make more incels, nooo that's more elliot rodgerssssssssss!
    • File:Tarrant.pngTarrantism - You monster! What's worst is your a kiwi shooter!
    • OmskTNO-hat.pngKarbyshevism - You know, Omsk isn't really that cool.
    • Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism - Why you hate liberals? Liberalsoc.pngSome are in left unity? Look I don't hate you, but, you're ideologically cringey. Stop hating 'Murica!!!
    • Soc.pngSocialism - Look, here's what I actually think about socialism, socialists, skip this section, 'cause it's fucking shit, there are hundreds of examples of socialism, that have devolved in dictatorships, there are a few and I repeat a few!! Examples of socialism NOT being a dictatorship. Socialists are very ignorant, but they have the right idea, there are evil rich people, there are bosses who treat there employees like shit, they do believe in freedom of speech (sometimes), to be honest I'll never support you in an election (however there are a few exceptions) ever, fuck you socialists, you are the enemy of the people, you are the enemy of humanity, UUUUNNNLESSSSSSS your anarchist or libertarian or minarchist than your democratic.
    • Shell Colonialism.pngShell Colonialism - REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Ye neo-imperialists!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exploiting NigeriAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Trump.pngTrumpism - Better than Joe Biden but equally as worse.
    • ProudBoy.pngGavin McInnes Thought - Fascist Trumpists!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    • 3perc.pngThree Percenterism - The patriot movement's just a bunch of radical paleolibertarians, you suck.
    • GHF.pngWestboro Baptist Theocracy - God loves f*gs.
    • Tate.pngTateism - SEGSIST!
    • Necrocracy.pngNecrocracy - Pretty obvious.
    • Cringeism Pixel.pngCringeism - Cringe!
    • Trumpbert.pngTrumplitarianism -
    • TrumpNazbol.pngMAGA Communism -
    • Neoimp.pngNeo-Imperialism - No! Neoliberalism isn't this! Though I do like you're ideas...
    • Banncon.pngBanana Neoconservatism - Dumb system. Literally neo-imperialism.
    • Msauth.pngAuthoritarian Gatesism - Authoritarianism cringe
    • Msava.pngAvaritionist Gatesism -
    • Msego.pngEgo-Gatesism -
    • Mskrat.pngKraterocratic Gatesism - REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    • Mshive.pngMicrosoft Hive-Mind -
    • Msml.pngMarxism-Leninism-Gatesism -
    • Msnat.pngGateslander Nationalism - Gatesland! NOT A NATION!
    • Mssocdar.pngGatesist Social Darwinism -
    • Plutocon.pngPlutocratic Conservatism - Oligarchy's oligarchy, doesn't matter you're conservative.
    • Postsjw.pngPost-SJW - This horrifying!!!
    • Reactaustrobert.pngAustroreactionarism - Not even Austrian economics can save you!
    • Plrc.pngPaleoreactionarism - Bigoted paleocon.
    • Blink hat.gifMikolayism - Jesus fucking christ dude, you're like that racist uncle stereotype but socialist. You hate individualism which I strongly disagree with, dispite me identifying as an "individualist collectivist", I still uphold individuality more than the collective. What's wrong with flag burning? Sure, I get it, I also don't like seeing a good institution's flag set a blaze, stop treading on me!!! But atleast we agree with book burning. Also you're one of those guys who's not homophobic but wants to ban pride, it's fucking parade! WHAT'S WRONG WITH A FUCK-KIN' PA-RADE! We also agree on medical use on marijauna, but recreational? Hell! Nah! And god, you're so Anti-Semitic.pnganti-Semitic! You literally said the Israelis' run the fecking entire economy and if they do that's based! You've been reading too much of that Nazi Strasser. Though I'm sad you left.
    • Reactcap.pngReactionary Capitalism - You're the reason why people hate capitalism.
    • Authcap.pngAuthoritarian Capitalism - I might be you, but I hate you.
    • Alexism (Alex Jonesism).pngAlexism - THERE TURNING THE FRIGGIN' FROGS GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Honecker.pngHoneckerism - Can't find anything to like about you politically.
    • PCB-Plcn2.pngPaleoconservatism - WHITE NATIONALIST! Though I am kindof sympathetic.
    • Hetlibsoc.pngStraight Libertarian Socialism - Fuck of mate.
    • Niyazov.pngTurkmen ModelGurbanguly.gif - Cringe.
    • Pos.png Positionism - Your theory doesn't seem that good.

    Opinions on individuals



    • Optimist.pngNuseir Yassin (Optimist.png/Zio.png/Anti-Filipinoism Icon.png/Prog.png) - I like you but your too annoyingly optimistic, be a bit pessimistic from time to time.
    • Hippie.pngJohn Lennon (Anticon.png/Lpop.png/Pac.png/Utsoc.png) - Honestly your my least favorite beatle, you just oose of utopian socialism, it's kindof delusional, honestly Pleasantries has ruined Imagine for me, but honestly I'm not quite angry about that. The song seethes with a level of atheism I cannot tolerate. The entire song is just stupidly utopian, everyone won't be pacifist there will always be individuals who will want to declare war on countries, you have to be the most delusional champagne socialist ever. It's sortof ironic that the line "there's no heaven" is supposed to be a good thing, when the celebrities sang that song to raise spirits, they never fought that people dying of COVID-19 were hoping they were going to heaven, so saying there is just makes them think when they die they don't exist anymore, which sure might make them want to live longer, but it leads to an extreme fear of death, that prevents them from accepting death's hand.
    • Proudhon.pngPierre-Joseph Proudhon (Mutualist.png/Utsoc.png/Trad.png/Anti-Semetic.png) - Culturally cringe, but you're theory is quite based.
    • XiJinpingThoughtf.pngXi Jinping (Antiporn.png/TotCommie.png/PostDeng.png/Lwnatcon.png) - Totalitarian terror capitalist Maoist. But you have a based policy on porn.
    • Bernstein.pngEduard Bernstein (ClassicalSocdem.png/Liberalsoc.png/Orglib.pngDemsocstar.png) - Thanks for making social democracy, c*mmie.
    • Vaushism2.pngIan Kochinski (Dsa.png/Libms.png/Anti-AuthMarx.png/Liberalsoc.png) - At least you're more tolerable than that Hasanism.pngtwat, you're too arrogant. But your beliefs are okay for a socialist.
    • Rishi Sunak.pngRishi Sunak (LibTory.png/Red Tory.png/NeoThatcherite.png/Neotech.png) - I know your a bit controversal, but, you're okay, sure I've heard your a kleptocrat and transphobe. But your the first black British prime minister! Hope you reign longer.
    • PrgmaticCon.pngLiz Truss (NeoThatcherite.png/ConLib.png/PrgmaticCon.png/Econlib.png) - Congrats, your probably the shortest reigning leader in my livetime currently. All I remember is you did one law and I can't even remember what it was.
    • Taft.pngWilliam Howard Taft (NatProg.png/Krit.png/Fiscon.png/Imp.png) - Don't know anything about you.
    • Demsocstar.pngEugene V. Debs (Dsa.png/ClassicalSocdem.png/Anticap.png/Antiimp.png) - Okay enough, but too anti-capitalist.
    • Shoecialism.pngJune Lapine (LibSocDemIcon.png/WelfChauvin.png/Antisjw.pngLeftUltranat.png) - Too conservative, which is weird form a conservative. Your quite entertaining.


    • NicolaeCeaușescu.pngNicolae Ceaușescu (Juche.png/TotCommie.png/PolState.png/Klep.png) - Totalitarian commie, screw you bro.
    • Bandera.pngStepan Bandera (Anticommunism.png/Fash.png/EthnoUltranat.png/Irridentism.png) - Average fascist fack of.
    • Andropov.png Yuri Andropov (NeoComBall.png/AuthMarkSoc.png/Left Reformism.png/Anti-Corrupt.png) - At least you were anti-corrupt and reformist.
    • JosephStalin.png Joseph Stalin (TotCommie.png/Lenin.png/Indust.png/Anti-Semetic.png) - Pretty obvious.
    • Lysenko-alt.png Trokhym Lysenko (Pseudoscience.png/Sralin.png) - Cringe pseudoscientist, though applying socialism to anything does sound cool for a youtube video in the future.
    • Goloshchyokin.png Filipp Goloshchyokin (Communism No Foodism.png/Stalin.png/TotCommie.png) -
    • GermanStalin.png Ernst Thalmann (Authprog.png/Statesoc.png/Stalin.png/Neckbeard.png) - Curse you Thalmann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Karl Marx.png Karl Marx (Soc.png/Utsoc.png/Babouvism.png/YngHeg.png) - Curse you Marx, and Engels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Polpot.png Pol Pot (Agsoc.png/Neckbeard.png/TotKak.png/PCB-Nazbol.png) - Cringe.
    • Goering.png Hermann Göring (Nazi.png/Klep.png/Strato.png/Imp.png) - Cringe.
    • Goebbels.png Joseph Goebbels (Nazi.png/Mediastocracy flair.png/Imp.png) - Cringe propogandist.
    • AlfredRosenberg.png Alfred Rosenberg (Esofash.png/Imp.png/PanGerman.png/PCB-PanSlav.png) - Cringe!!!!!!!!!!11
    • Mengele.png Josef Mengele (Pseudoscience.png/PCB-Nazi.png) - Cringe!!! Fake scientist!!!
    • CarlSchmitt.png Carl Schmitt (PCB-Nazi.png/AntiLibIcon.png/AuthNatCon.png/Revolutionary Conservatism.png) - You influenced many people which is sad because you're a cringe anti-liberal!
    • Barbie2.png Klaus Barbie (PCB-Nazi.png/Nazcap-Hat.png) - Cringe genocidal maniac that should've died ages ago.
    • OskarDirlewanger.png Oskar Dirlewanger (PCB-Nazi.png/Klep.png/Map.png) - Cringe pedophile Nazi.
    • Faust.png Oswald Spengler (Revolutionary Conservatism.png/Cultnat.png/Nietzsche.png/Corptism.png) - Shut up Nietzschcuck.
    • Lukash.png Alexander Lukashenko (Marketsoc.png/Socauth.png/File:PCB-AuthCon.png/Consocf.png) - Fellow centre-right! But you're too authoritarian!
    • Hasanism.png TwatHasan Piker - (Marketsoc.png/LeftSocdem.png/CommieKakistocracy.png/Bernstein.png) - Soom opinions good but politically you're a fucking LIAR, dude. What a fucking, WEASELLY little, liar, dude. What a fucking, WEASELLY little, LIAR, dude. HOLY SHIT, dude. HOLY FUCKING SHIT, dude. Literally lying, STILL LYING to his audience. Can, someone at least fucking enlighten Hasan that he's LITERALLY lying to his audience? What a fucking piece of shit, dude. Holy fucking shit, dude.
    • Fitzhugh.png George Fitzhugh (Reactsoc.png/Cball-CSA.png/Timocracy.png/Alt Aristocracy icon.png) - White nationalist Confederate reactionary socialist.
    • Nero.png Nero (Caesar.png/Auto.png/RomanImp.png/Auth.png) - I don't care if you didn't burn Rome, I'll still believe it plus you suck.
    • SecondThought.png JT Chapman (Anti-USA.png/AuthSoc21.png/MLMarkSocMask.png/Ultraprogressivism.png) - You are influencing youngies which is HORRIBLE!!!!!
    • AntonioRazzi.png Antonio Razzi (KimJongil.png/Klep.png/Berlusconi.png/PCB-Kak.png) - I've heard your idiot so I'll believe them cause you are cringe.
    • Fuentesism.png Nick Fuentes (Plcn2.png/Cathfash.png/ReactPix.png/Crusadism.png) - Unlikable.
    • GregorStrasser.png Gregor Strasser (PCB-Nazbol.png/Strasser.png) -
    • OttoStrasser.png Otto Strasser (Strasser.png/Antifash2.png/Euronaticon.png/LeftUltranat.png) - Just cause your anti-fascist and less racist doesn't mean I don't dislike you.
    • Ranavalona I.png Ranavalona I (Abmon.png/Isolationist.png/EthnoUltranat.png/Matmon.png) - Ultranationalist traditionalist who ruled Madagascar.

    Opinions on parties





    Tucn-EcoAuth.png Environment Ectrans.png

    I've noticed my environmental plan is rather authoritarian, my idea is to ban/prevent businesses from destroying the environment. Of course damaging the environment isn't going to become illegal, the company's boss will loose the change of welfare for 12 days. If the company violates this twice the company will be banned. All company's who hurt the environment will be banned, or given native products.

    I believe in eco-transhumanism, it's the only form of transhumanism that isn't ultracringe, as leader I'll get technicians to create advanced environmental technology to prevent damage.

    PatCon.png Education 3way.png

    Schools where only a specific gender can join shall be dissolved, because what about the thomans (they/them) and the genderless, and intersex.

    Schools with a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very extreme culture of bullying will be punished. Somehow, probably arrest them if they did bad shit. Anyway more last idea of it was shit.

    Dirigisme.png Soccap.png Economy Rogernomics.png Ecocap.png

    Certain industires will have to be nationalized due to there importance, one is the green industry. This is where the thoery of semi-nationalization comes in.

    SocCap2.png Semi-Nationalization

    To prevent the inefficency of a completely nationalized company, they will semi-nationalized, they'll be free to do what they want unless it goes against the ideas of anti-corruption, environmentalism, and foreign peoples.

    Soccap.png Social Market Economy

    What do you think?

    File:TharProtect.png Anti-Authoritarian Protectionism

    This just sums up my type of protectionism.

    Strengthening of trade unions and cooperatives

    I am sympathetic towards a CoopCap.png capitalistic eco-cooperative society, and believe in creating one, where members of the cooperatives and trade unions will fight against environmental injustice and their interests from the stingy money-grubby boss.

    Mil.png War



    Think of what happens when a Chinese citizen watches porn.


    After discovering WorkWelf.pngWorker Welfarism, I am convinced it's the best solution to welfare leachers. If Worker Welfarism doesn't work than I'll need another solution created by some narcissist.

    PatCon.pngCultural and Traditional Ideas

    I have always during my live always acknowledged that tradition is important.



    I'm straight, and straights are based.

    Superstraight.pngSuper Heterosexuality

    I identify with this but I'm not transphobic.


    Danielism tolerates gays and lesbians.


    Lesbians are okay.


    Partially supportive, but you look kinda weird in a maid dress.






    Good, though some criminals will not be allowed to enter, and some walls will have to be made.

    Biocon.pngPlastic Surgery

    People won't be able to have surgeries, to sexualize their bodies as I oppose the objectification of females in the beauty industry.

    Trans people will be able to change there bodies.

    Disfigured people will be allowed to make themselves look more normal of cause I'm not lookist.


    Superb bird of paradise.jpg

    I want to change the beauty industry, to make them more realistic than this:



    Fat people I fine, I'm partially chubby myself, however...

    Inflate.pngMorbidly Obese

    If you are unhealthily obese, than, loose weight.

    I don't want you to die a short live.



    Anti-Racism.pngRace and Ethnicity












    Geomut.pngLand Usage Tax

    See: Andalusian-sprite.pngNeoclassical Geoliberalism

    The percentages will be chronological

    5% on homes used by people full time.

    13% on small businesses.

    23% on land used for fun stuff i.e: water parks, concerts, etc...

    26% on small landlord businesses

    46% on big businesses.

    66% on big landlord businesses

    84% on useless land usage.

    Georgist.pngLand Value Tax


    Health and Safetyf.pngCrime Tax

    A tax to punish people from committing crimes, like selling drugs, taking drugs, robbery, etc...

    This will tax criminals who haven't been punished by the PolState.pngpolice. They will be taxed 55% percent and can be changed to 67% if the crime is terrible.

    Health and Safetyf.pngTerrorism Tax

    If anyone commits terrorism, after there prison sentence, they will be taxed 80% for 4 years, if they continue committing terrorism, the length of the tax will continue until the fourth act of terrorism.

    Inheritance Tax

    Small one.

    Gsocdem.pngEnvironmental Damage Tax

    Envi.pngCarbon Tax


    Envi.pngOil Tax


    Blue Environmentalism.pngAquatic Damage Tax


    Hawking.pngAdhearing to Stephen Hawking's warning of genetic modification

    I staunchly oppose Genh+2.pnggenetic transhumanism as it could lead to eugenics being right, while it has done some good, genetic transhumanism could lead to terrible downsides for humans, the good outways the bad situation will happen it the future, the world won't acknowledge the possible downsides of it.

    Honestly transhumanism just looks really cringe nowadays, like jeez.


    I don't really know what to do with guns on one hand, I want everybody to have a gun, but on the otherhand that will make it easier for school shootings, I'm Moder.pngmoderate when it comes to guns.

    Cannibalism Legalization.pngCannibalism

    I am a firm supporter of the legalization of cannibalism, people could consensually be euthanaised and cooked, and cannibalized. It has to consensual!

    Ansynd2.pngCreating anarchist communes

    I believe in creating 3-7 anarchist communes, becuase I support anarchism, I'd probably fight with anarchists, my prefered system would be Ansynd2.png anarcho-syndicalism, or Demcon.png democratic confederalism combined with syndicalism.

    Diarchy.pngDyarchical Monarchism

    I believe in monarchism, I've soon discovered something called the Maori King movement, I believe in two kings, the English monarch, and the Maori monarch.

    The Maori monarch will be a semi-constitutional monarch, making sure the prime minister isn't committing white nationalism, and authoritarianism. As long as the monarch has accusations of racism the prime minister will have to be fired, and an acting prime minister-esque position will be given to someone by the parliament, his leadership will soon be dissolved after the election on a new prime minister.