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    ""This used to be the Self-Insert of LogicalGrey, he's now working on Neo-LogicalGreyism""

    LogicalGreyism is an Anti-Theist, Cosmopolitan, Marxist, Leninist, Trotskyist Ideology that believes that Capitalism is a failure of a system and that once it reaches it's lowest point, a Jacobinist, French revolution esc revolution should happen to get rid of it and replace it with a Marxist Socialist state. It is centre in the left as it believes that there should be no too much liberty and no too much authority. It is atheist as it believes that religoun gives people anti-communist and anti-revolutionary ideas and thus must fade away, too fade away we must stop the selling of religious items and make sure they can't escape from the pit of atheism. It agrees on Ideas of Leninism and Trotskyism but mostly normal Marxist, though isn't offended by tankies.


    Rights will be respected and no one is classed as minority or majority. LGBT, Women, Blacks and all their rights will be enforced and respected, while also Heteros, Men, White's will also have enforced and respected rights; also trans and unisex and browns and children will have enforced and respected rights; Oh yeah I forgot about immigrants, they also are subjected to the same rights and... oh my fucking god I can't name all of them, fine, even Illegal immigrants are subjected to the same rights. Everyone has rights except Nazis, but only when they are discovered.

    Gay thingy

    Everyone is forced to be LGBT, I'm too lazy to right the whole thing down so goodbye


    There will be an immigration program, there will be open borders but only for neighbouring countries, if you are flying by plain or sailing by boat than that's a no. Only Illegal immigrants coming from neighbouring countries have rights because they did come from a neighbouring country, this is for less bad things coming in. Illegal immigrants from neighbouring countries do not count as illegal because of open borders.

    Authoritarianism or Libertarianism?

    LogicalGreyism likes to see himself as moderate between the two quadrants. No too much Authority, No too much Liberty. He believes in free speech but not entirely because hate speech is apparently bad. He believes that R-rated movies should be banned, and hardcore porn should be banned. He want's police guarding the streets and 4k cameras to be watching all the streets 24/7, for catching criminals obviously.


    The Military will have a lot of dissection so Lets start with the normal single Soldier first.

    Army Soldier

    The Military man will have gear for a primarily heavy infantry base force. At the start they may have a very low skill level as normally they would be average farmers called to action and it would be the duty of the general to train them. In terms of discipline, we will not mess around, there will be really strict rules against lying, thievery, unmanly acts, and dereliction of duty. Minor offences maybe met with lashings or a fine while major offences could result in execution or sometimes decimation.


    Generals would hold the responsibility of controlling armies and the training. On the training, they would teach the new men before a campaign and most learning will be on the job; there will be periods of prolonged high intensity campaigning, this will turn the greenest of troops into battle hardened veterans, they could even be called semi-professionals. Generals are typically people who have military and political experience.

    Manipular Legion

    When in combat they will be the order of maniple (sometimes but rarely in a phalanx). There would be 1 soldier, but you need other people so you would group 60 soldiers to create a Unit, 2 Units or 120 soldiers for a maniple, 10 maniples or 1200 soldiers for a Battle line of witch there are now three; the advantage here was each maniple could function independently, giving the entire army much more flexibility.

    Post-Marian Legion

    In other army divisions we could have another way of structuring the army, 8 Soldiers make a Contubernium, 10 Contubernium or 80 Soldiers make a Century, 6 Centurys or 480 soldiers would make a Cohort, 10 Cohorts or 4800 Soldiers made a Legion, in this way the smaller elements of a legion can operate independently while boasting more man power than the previous maniples. Each century had a commanding officer called a centurion, as each century is grouped together, centurions will be ranked hierarchical chain system of centurions of command; above the centurions are the tribunes, and above the tribunes are the generals. The tribunes and generals generally had military and political experience unlike the centurions who would of been one of the armys best people who are their best professionals with little to no political experience.

    Police Force

    To be a Police officer you should of had military experience, and experience with many types of weapons, and anger control. Different Polices will be in stations but other polices will be patrolling the streets. Police officers will need extreme devotion to the party as to not rise up against and use their power to their advantage. There will be different ranks from lowest to highest, Forest Rangers, Cosmopolitan, Soldiers (different from the army), Trident, Nova, Elite.

    Forest Rangers

    Will usually be equipped with a hand gun and a shot gun. Forest Rangers will need 6 months of military experience.


    Your normal police officer. Cosmopolitan police will be the ones patrolling the streets, instead of being equipped with batons or tazers, they will have stunsticks, and they will have a long barrel gun, such as shotguns or ak's. Cosmopolitan would of had 1 year of military experience.


    Are the police called into action, whether there is a crime with no cosmopolitan police around or the cosmopolitan police can't stop it on their own, they can be equipped with flash bombs and desert eagles and the AK 47. If someone is suspected of a felony and their is suspicion worth worrying about, the Soldiers are permitted to investigate their home when there isn't anyone there to know about it. Soldiers would of had 3 years of military experience.


    Protect government buildings, if Soldiers can't deal with a threat, the Tridents will such like mass killings etc etc. Tridents will be armed with one of the deadliest guns and weapons including grenades, flash bombs, FN FAL, Uzi, and the AK 74. They will require 10 years of military experience.


    They will be protecting against hostage situations, terrorism, and threats to party members. The Nova doesn't have to deal with any threats the Trident can't because if that's the case from the start, then they would of already arrived. They will be equipped with the AK 103 and AK 104, Accuracy International AS50, and tracking point guns of better or similar deadliness of the other guns. They will need atleast 25 years of military experience.


    They will need to have been a centurion for 40 years. They will be equipped with same weapons as Nova rank but made more deadlier. They will used to protect the most important government building and the house of the current leader of the country. They can sometimes be body guards. They are so crazy powerful I don't even know what to even do with them; Probably something like the Cosmopolitan police of space?

    Note: During times of pandemic, the forest rangers will wear N95-Respirators while all the other ranks will wear gas masks.

    What to do about the Baddies

    There are some people who are complete shit. We will eat capitalists, but what about the other shit stains of earth?


    They are Ultra-Nationalist idiots who don't believe in a unified world, they might want a taste of their own medicine, literally.


    Nazis are idiots, they are scum of the earth, they're worth in life is nothing but a negative number, they are one of the most disgusting bastards you could see with your own eye's. So first we will make Nazis depose of dead bodies (that is the least worst part about this), the uncleanly, and smelliness of them will tell people to stay away from them. We will make Nazis spend days in an overcrowded train to their Death Camps where they have no Food, Water, or protection of the Elements. They will hear the most annoying songs ever from an orchestra that they are forced to listen to and sing to while walking in and being pushed by the guards into the Death Camps, not even the music can drown out the screams from the Zyklon. I want to turn the Nazis Fat into Soap for them to use. I want to send Nazis to dark, air tight sealed, completely metal rooms that they will suffocate in. I will put a specially made irritant into the Nazis female reproductive tube, it will inflate and shut the Fallopian tube later exploding. We will spray X-ray onto the Nazi males Testis and Female Nazis Ovaries, it will cause severe burns in the chest, buttocks, and areas around where the X-ray was sprayed, a severe burn that does not ware off, and always will be there. Later on the Nazis will be sent to gas chambers where they will be gassed with Zyklon-B, the gas they used in their gas chambers. We might just bury them in white phosphorus (A powder that eats skin down to the bone). Might try science experiments and they will be the guinea pigs.

    White Supremacists

    I will put the white supremacist in a room that is divided into two by bullet proof glass. At one side is the white supremacist and the other side there is the who the White Supremacist loves most dearest in his life strapped to an Iron Chair screaming in pain, on the White supremacists side is a table with a gun with only one bullet, if he shoots himself, his loved one is released, if he decides to waste it or he runs out of time, the loved one dies. Fuck em'.

    Francoists and Falangists

    Franco supporters and Falangists will be hung upside naked and sawed in half, they will get the strappado, they will have their rectum split in half by a spike, and in special cases, the breast ripper. Their bones will go in unmarked graves with other peoples bones and have their bones scattered in different graves.

    Pol Potists

    They will be suffocated with plastic bags, they will be whipped with sticks naked, they also will be whipped real hard with red hot electric wires.


    Best Friends





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