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    Liyue Model is an Authoritarian Right ideology and the current ideology of Liyue's government. Liyue Model believes in a contract ruled society where an oligarchy of merchants deal with the everyday affairs while the god Rex Lapis gives an annual order. Liyue Model believes in a capitalist economy of merchants and businesses.


    Liyue Qixing

    Liyue Model has an oligarchy on top that deals with the day to day affairs and makes and executes the laws. The Oligarchy is known as the Liyue Qixing and is made up of seven of the most successful merchants. New members that replace the Qixing are decided upon the analysis by the Qixing member being replaced sort of like a chosen successor. Each of the members of the Liyue Qixing deal with a different enterprise of Liyue with the Tianquan dealing with law and justice, Yuheng dealing with land and estate, while the Tianshu deals with intelligence and security and so forth.


    The Liyue Model economy is a capitalist economy that is mostly a merchant based economy instead of a company or a corporate economy. The Liyue Qixing are even merchants themselves that got to their position through their success in their business. Though all citizens are obliged to pay tax and if they don't they have consequences.


    Liyue Model was founded on contracts therefore Liyue Model believes in upholding contracts no matter what. Contracts are therefore should be regarded as law for any business to follow no matter what. Any contract that is broken shall be punished severely or as he likes to call it "feel the wrath of the rock". Liyue Model believes in a strong justice system in order to uphold the contracts that have been made by businesses.

    Morax Theocracy

    Higher than the Liyue Qixing is Morax or Rex Lapis who has the final say. Though Morax only gives blueprints on how Liyue should be so the duty of the Liyue Qixing is to uphold what Morax says at the end.

    Eight Trades

    The Eight Trades are Eight commerce sectors under the Liyue Qixing. Each hall in the Eight Trades control a different sector of the economy. So far only four halls have been revealed, the Yinyuan Hall controls the salt trade, the Communications Office deals with judiciary affairs, Huishan Hall deals with mining possibly, and Shenglu Hall deals with glazed ceramics.

    The Ministry of Civil Affairs

    The Ministry of Civil Affairs is mostly the bureaucracy branch of the government dealing with the day-to-day affairs of Liyue. The ministry has broad powers ranging from intellegence gathering, dealing with commerce, dealing with maritime authority, taxes, public safety, and managing public festivals. The Ministry of Civil Affairs can sometimes command the Millelith to ensure public safety. The Ministry of Civil Affairs reports to the Liyue Qixing.


    The Millelith is the military of Liyue and reports to the Liyue Qixing. The Millelith both exists as a military and a policing force. The Millelith unlike in the Archon war times reports to the Liyue Qixing instead of Morax.


    Liyue Model is mostly a businessman often doing business with everyone in Teyvat. He usually doesn't care about much and is happy most of the time often enjoying his wealth and his cuisines that he makes all the time. Obviously really loves Morax even though he kinda wants to be independent these days from the gods and adepti.



    • Capitalism - The best system that made Liyue rich and prosperous.
    • Plutocracy - The Liyue Qixing are rich merchants and rule over us.
    • Oligarchy - The Liyue Qixing rule us.
    • Keqingism - My daughter who wants a more human ruled society and get rid of dependence on Rex Lapis. I'm kinda following your path in recent times.
    • Constitutionalism - Liyue was founded on contracts and we will always upheld every contract.
    • Morax Theocracy - FOR REX LAPIS!
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Rex Lapis once said: "Ones who break their contracts shall suffer the Wrath of the Rock."
    • Kritarchy - Law and justice to uphold the contracts.
    • Dengism - Me but in real life and more socialist. Also your Politburo Standing Committee kinda reminds me of my Liyue Qixing.
    • Guili Adepticracy - My father who was also prosperous and stronk but he died.
    • Favoniusism - Good trading partner we also cooperate a lot and start international events with each other. He once thought I made a contract to enslave him so he got angry but it was illegitimate. Mondstadt's god is nowhere to be seen, whilst our god is forever with us. Also you are a godless city lol!
    • Sumeru Akademiyarchy - There are a lot of scholars from you in Liyue and I allow them to do research there as well. Also thanks for making inventions to clean up the Chasm.
    • Fontaine Kritarchy - I get a lot of people from Fontaine doing business with me.
    • Internationalism - I'm the biggest trade hub in all of Teyvat and I like to trade with all the other nations. Also my currency the mora is used everywhere in Teyvat.
    • Anti-Fatuiism - After that whole Osial disaster, we're ceasing all business with the Fatui!
    • Revisionist Ei's Eternity - Hey you finally opened up!


    • Corporatocracy - Many say I'm you but my capitalism is through merchants, not large corporates.
    • Libertarianism - You like capitalism but taxation is not theft and pay your stupid taxes or I will find you.
    • Havria Pacifism - You were peaceful, too peaceful and you end up getting forced into concessions against your will. I honestly feel sorry for you.
    • Ei's Eternity - He likes me and I am one of her few friends who does trade with her but please be more open so I can do more business with you.
    • Neoliberalism - I appreciate free trade and I integrate Teyvat's economies because every nation uses the mora which's the currency made by Rex Lapis but you're kinda imperialist and screw the Northland Bank!
    • Progressivism - Many people in Liyue are scared of you but Xinyan seems to go all out and I like going to her concerts sometimes and be in awe of her style, so I'm just gonna put her on watch for now...
    • Humanism - I have been following him in recent times but I will never deny all the great things Rex Lapis has done to make Liyue prosperous and great!
    • Crux Model - I often have to deal with Beidou and the Crux Fleet constantly breaking the law but a lot of people in Liyue like Beidou and the Crux and thanks for helping me defeating Osial and Beisht and Ningguang often commissions Beidou.
    • Aratakiism - I like Kuki Shinobu as she studied in Liyue, so in any case, as a visitor from Inazuma, I'd suggest you defer to a local when in doubt. Stick to the local rules and keep yourself out of trouble.
    • State Capitalism - Not sure if merchants should be subservient to the state but the Eight Trades are controlled by the Liyue Qixing making them sort of like state-owned enterprises so I guess that counts?


    • Kleptocracy - Literally the Fatui.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Break the contract and I will break your knees and make you feel the wrath of the rock.
    • Illegalism - WRATH OF THE FLAME! but Beidou is based!
    • Meropide System - He hates the mora and think his "coupon" currency is the best currency ever! Also Fontaine told me you guys are a bunch of criminals so you're here.
    • Socialism - Why don't you start your own business, capitalism doesn't sound as bad as you think.
    • Libertarian Socialism - Tax evader but he even hates capitalism now.
    • Marxism - Practically opposite of me except for individualism and globalism probably.
    • Isolationism - Hey open your borders, I want to trade with you!

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