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    Literally Anybody Else is a political movement encompassing the ideology of Literally Anybody Else, an American math teacher and army veteran running for the presidency of the United States in the 2024 presidential elections, largely as a protest against the American political status quo, its two major parties, and those parties' presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

    It is a radical centrist and populist ideology, campaigning for the common good of the American people against the elites and divisive party lines. It supports free markets and innovation, especially for small businesses, as well as extensive government investment in healthcare, infrastructure, housing, and education.

    Literally Anybody Else was once named Dustin Ebey. He had his name legally changed to Literally Anybody Else, effective January 12, 2024, as a major part of his political campaign in 2024.

    Policy proposals


    Literally Anybody Else has a rather rationalist personality, being focused on taking what it sees as the best of both sides of the American political spectrum, and on uniting as many people as possible towards common goals of change. He is fed up with the American political status quo, and seeks to send a message to the Democrats and Republicans with his campaign.



    • Populism - For the people!
    • American Patriotism - For a stronger, united America!
    • Radical Centrism - We need to move past party lines to enact effective policy.
    • Third Way - Free markets, innovation, and fair taxation are important, and so is robust support for people needing healthcare and housing.
    • School Reformism - Education is the key to a brighter future. I'll champion innovative changes.
    • National Liberalism - We should make legal immigration easier, while securing our borders from illegal immigration and criminal threats.


    • American Model - This country is great, but its current political system needs serious scrutiny and reform.


    • Trumpism - We've all had enough of you.
    • Bidenism - And you, too.
    • Oligarchy - Stop taking away from the American people!
    • Particracy - Those party lines are not doing us any good.

    Further Information


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