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    A list of YouTubers and their ideology.

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     Oriente em Fúria - com Paulo Kogos


    Defunct Channels

    1. Originally Alt-Lite before rebranding.
    2. Unsure. But they did retweet PJW.
    3. Said multiple racist things on discord.
    4. Although she's opposed to many figures of the Alt-Lite such as Ben Shapiro (and the rest of the Daily Wire) she has been known to make homophobic amd Transphobic Statements as well as calling people ageist due to her being old whilst they are making fun of her
    5. He did a gulag rape erp with a 15 year old on discord.
    6. Icons below made to illustrate the main topics of said channels, not the ideology being supported in them
    7. Source
    8. Made a comment supporting them in 2021 on X.
    9. Attempted to strike down Think Before You Sleep's video about her.
    10. Said pedophilic and transphobic things on his Discord server causing it to be shut down.
    11. Harassed Minors for Nudes. He's arrested after PeachyCub told her parents about this incident.
    12. Just trust the science, Bro!!!
    13. These last few days, along with everyone else, have made me feel incredibly sad. Through these uncertain times, I hope to bring laughter to your lives through my continued videos. Please stay safe out there. Peace
    14. The Beautiful Destruction of the Mainstream Media #PewDieGate
    15. Yes I 100% percent agree with your assessment which has nothing to do with democracies or free and fair elections
    16. He ruined The Mr Incredible memes by making lazy and unfunny videos with disgusting images. They contain overused memes sounds and the outro in each videos is ear-piercing. He also supports Hitler, hates Ukraine and makes fun of Disabled, Homeless and Poor people.
    17. Abused his cat.
    18. He, along with hundreds, if not thousands of other people, ruined Monster School by making shitty inappropriate videos targeted towards children, most likely for money. Worst part is, most of them haven't been banned yet.
    19. Their channel was deleted recently for unknown reasons
    20. Suspended from YouTube since August 2022.
    21. Hasn't uploaded since 2015.
    22. Privated everything, presumed inactive.
    23. Suspended from YouTube since August 2020.
    24. He committed a school shooting at Jokela Institute in 2007.
    25. Suspended from YouTube since February 2020.
    26. Multi-level marketer and scammer who believes in Slavic ultranationalism and recently posted redpilled Sigma male memes. Used to upload content related to Heart of Iron IV. Channel became an archive channel and thus defunct.
    27. Hasn't uploaded since 2019.
    28. He deleted his channel for personal reasons.
    29. Quit Youtube in 2021
    30. Quit YouTube in February 2024 not uploading new videos anymore and making most of the already existing ones private, but still uploads YouTube shorts
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