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    List of Political Parties created by Altem101

    This is a list of fictional political parties created by Altem101.


    Lore: TBA

    Note: All parties with an icon are placeholders. They will be assigned an ideology later.

    Parliamentary Parties


    • Liberal Democratic Party
    • Conservative Party of Synzeria
      • Right-Conservatives
      • Left-Conservatives


    Extraparliamentary Parties


    (D) - Non-violent groups which want to gain power through the system.
    (R) - Militant and Revolutionary groups.


    Lore: After revolutions took place in both China and USA and the subsequent collapse of the global economy the EU united. These are the parties that take part in the first European election.


    The Red Alliance

    Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Globalist parties.


    Political parties with unorthodox political views, united against the system.


    Political parties with comparably moderate views.

    The Capital International

    Capitalist and Globalist political parties.


    Lore: After another turbulent election and after the fall of the Chinese government a revolution took place in America which split the nation into two parts. There is much tension between the two halfs as both sides try to get strong enough to conquer the other.

    People's Union of America

    The bigger half which stretches all the way from the west coast and throughout most of middle America. It is a one party state, but there are still underground resistance movements and rebels which hold a small bit of territory out of the newly established nation.

    United States of America

    The smaller half of America. Located in the east-coast, it is a corrupt democracy led by the Democratic Party. It recieves a lot of support from both Canada and the EU.



    Greater Islamic Emirate


    For Use Later


    Celfloskyism - Hi, can you add me as Chinese Tridemism Party in China?

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