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    List of Polandball icons

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    The list of all Polandball icons. If a country is mentioned in a Polcompball page, or a nationality or language in a User page, put it behind to the name of said country/nationality/language. You can optionally link the country's name to it's Wikipedia or Polandball page.

    If you're looking for ideologies, see the List of Ideology Icons.



    • Cball-Abkhazia.png Abkhaziaball Cball-Abkhazia.png
    • Cball-Afghanistan.png Afghanistanball Cball-Afghanistan.png
    • Cball-Albania.png Albaniaball Bunkerland Cball-Albania.png
    • Cball-Algeria.png Algeriaball Cball-Algeria.png
    • Cball-Andorra.png Andorraball Cball-Andorra.png
    • Cball-Antigua.png Antigua & Barbudaball Cball-Antigua.png
    • Argentina.png Argentinaball Las Malvinas soy Argentinas Argentina.png
    • Cball-Armenia.png.png Armeniaball Artsakh of rightful armenian clay Cball-Armenia.png
    • Cball-Australia.png Australiaball Crikey mate those emus are wild Cball-Australia.png
    • Cball-Austria.png Austriaball Cball-Austria.png
    • Cball-Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijanball Cball-Azerbaijan.png
    • Cball-Bahamas.png Bahamasball Cball-Bahamas.png
    • Cball-BANG.png Bangladeshball BANG! Cball-BANG.png
    • Cball-Barbados.png Barbadosball Cball-Barbados.png
    • Cball-Belarus.png Belarusball Бацька і бульба Cball-Belarus.png
    • Cball-Belgium.png Belgiumball Waffles Cball-Belgium.png
    • Cball-Belize.png Belizeball Cball-Belize.png
    • Cball-Bolivia.png Boliviaball Cannot into sea Cball-Bolivia.png
    • Cball-BosniaHerzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovinaball Cball-BosniaHerzegovina.png
    • Cball-Brazil.png You're going to Brazilball Cball-Brazil.png
    • Cball-Bulgaria.png Bulgariaball Roses and yoghurt Cball-Bulgaria.png
    • Cball-Cambodia.png Cambodiaball Angkor What? Cball-Cambodia.png
    • Cball-Canada.png Canadaball sorry eh Cball-Canada.png
    • Cball-Chad.png Romaniaball Chadball Cball-Chad.png
    • Cball-Chile.png Chileball Not long tho??? Cball-Chile.png
    • File:Cball-Snake.png Chileball (Alt) (Chilesnake) Long Blockism's rival Cball-Snake.png
    • Cball-China.png Chinaball Chintendo 72 Cball-China.png
    • Cball-Colombia.png Colombiaball Cball-Colombia.png
    • Cball-Costarica.png Costa Ricaball Cball-Costarica.png
    • Cball-Croatia.png Croatiaball Cball-Croatia.png
    • Castro.png Cubaball Castro.png
    • Cball-Cyprus.png Cyprusball Cball-Cyprus.png
    • Cball-Czechia.png Czechiaball (Czech Republicball) Cball-Czechia.png
    • Cball-Denmark.png Denmarkball Lego Empire Cball-Denmark.png
    • Cball-Ecuador.png Ecuadorball Cball-Ecuador.png
    • Cball-ElSalvador.png El Salvadorball Cball-ElSalvador.png
    • Cball-France.png Franceball oui oui baguette Cball-France.png
    • Cball-Finland.png Finlandball perkele Cball-Finland.png
    • Cball-Georgia.png Georgiaball No, not the US state of Georgia Cball-Georgia.png
    • Cball-Germany.png Germanyball Germoney Cball-Germany.png
    • Cball-Greece.png Greeceball pay denbts Cball-Greece.png
    • Cball-Grenada.png Grenadaball Cball-Grenada.png
    • Cball-Guatemala.png Guatemalaball Cball-Guatemala.png
    • Cball-Honduras.png Hondurasball Cball-Honduras.png
    • Cball-Hungary.png Hungaryball 1920 worst year of my life Cball-Hungary.png
    • Cball-Iceland.png Icelandball Björk Cball-Iceland.png
    • Cball-India.png Indiaball Superpower by 2020 Cball-India.png
    • Cball-Indonesia.png Indonesiaball Cball-Indonesia.png
    • Cball-Iran.png Iranball Cball-Iran.png
    • Cball-Iraq.png Iraqball Cball-Iraq.png
    • Cball-Ireland.png Irelandball Cball-Ireland.png
    • Zio.png Israelcube oy vey Zio.png
    • Cball-Italy.png Italyball That's-a spicy meat-a-ball Cball-Italy.png
    • Cball-Jamaica.png Jamaicaball Smoke weed everyday Cball-Jamaica.png
    • Cball-Japan.png Japanball Anime Cball-Japan.png
    • Cballalt-Japan.png Japanball (Alt) UwU what's this? Cballalt-Japan.png
    • Cball-Jordan.png Jordanball Cball-Jordan.png
    • Cball-Kazakhstan.png Kazakhbrick Superior potassium Cball-Kazakhstan.png
    • Cball-Latvia.png Latviaball Cball-Latvia.png
    • Cball-Lebanon.png Lebanonball Cball-Lebanon.png
    • Cball-Lesotho.png Lesothoball Cball-Lesotho.png
    • PLB-Liechtenstein.pngLiechtensteinball Secret Monarcho-Libertarian Utopia PLB-Liechtenstein.png
    • Cball-Lithuania.png Lithuaniaball Cball-Lithuania.png
    • Cball-Luxemburg.png God Luxembourgball Cball-lux.png
    • Cball-Malaysia.png Malaysiaball Cball-Malaysia.png
    • Cball-Malta.png Maltaball Cball-Malta.png
    • CBall-Mexico.png Mexicoball Jalapeño, Sombrero and Taco CBall-Mexico.png
    • Cball-Moldova.png Moldovaball Wine and epic sax guy Cball-Moldova.png
    • Cball-Montenegro.png Montenegroball Cball-Montenegro.png
    • Cball-Mongolia.png Cball-Mongolia.png
    • Cball-Morocco.png Moroccoball Cball-Morocco.png
    • Cball-Myanmar.png Myanmarball Cball-Myanmar.png
    • Cball-Nepal.png Nepalrawr Cball-Nepal.png
    • Cball-Netherlands.png Netherlandsball Cball-Netherlands.png
    • Cball-Newz.png New Zealandball Cball-Newz.png
    • Cball-Nicaragua.png Nicaraguaball Cball-Nicaragua.png
    • Cball-Nigeria.png Nigeriaball I'm going to say the N word Cball-Nigeria.png
    • Cball-North Korea.png Best North Koreaball Cball-North Korea.png
    • Cball-NorthMacedonia.png North Macedoniaball Cball-NorthMacedonia.png
    • Cball-Norway.png Norwayball børk Cball-Norway.png
    • Cball-Pakistan.png Pakistanball Cball-Pakistan.png
    • Cball-Palestine.png Palestineball Cball-Palestine.png
    • File:Cball-Papua NG.png Papua New Guineaball Cball-Papua NG.png.png
    • Cball-Paraguay.png Paraguayball Cball-Paraguay.png
    • Cball-Peru.png Peruball Cball-Peru.png
    • Cball-Philippines.png Philippinesball Cball-Philippines.png
    • Cball-Poland.png Polandball Cannot into space Cball-Poland.png
    • Polandball.png Polandball kurwa (Alt) Polandball.png
    • Cball-Portugal.png Portugalball Cball-Portugal.png
    • Cball-Romania.png Chadball Romaniaball Cball-Romania.png
    • Cball-Rwanda.png Rwandaball Cball-Rwanda.png
    • Cball-Russia.png Russiaball Status: Drunk Cball-Russia.png
    • Cball-Saudi.png Saudi Arabiaball Cball-Saudi.png
    • Cball-Serbia.png Serbiaball God is a Serb Cball-Serbia.png
    • Cball-Singapore.png Singaporetriangle Cball-Singapore.png
    • Cball-Slovakia.png Slovakiaball Cball-Slovakia.png
    • Cball-Slovenia.png Slovenia Cball-Slovenia.png
    • Cball-Solomon.png Solomon Islandsball Cball-Solomon.png
    • Cball-South Africa.png South Africaball Cball-South Africa.png
    • Ilminism.png South Koreaball K-popland Ilminism.png
    • Cball-Spain.png Spainball Cball-Spain.png
    • Cball-Kitts.png St. Kitts & Nevisball Cball-Kitts.png
    • Cball-Lucia.png St. Luciaball Cball-Lucia.png
    • Cball-Vincent.png St. Vincent & The Grenadinesball Cball-Vincent.png
    • Cball-Sweden.png Swedenball Börk Cball-Sweden.png
    • Cball-Switzerland.png Switzerlandball Neutrality and C H O C Cball-Switzerland.png
    • Cball-Syria.png Syriaball ALLAH, SOURIA, BASHAR Cball-Syria.png
    • File:Cball-Turkey.png Turkeyball CCC AUUUU Cball-Turkey.png
    • Cball-Taiwan.png Taiwanball Chinese Taipei Cball-Taiwan.png
    • Thailand.png Thailandball Thailand.png
    • Cball-Tonga.png Tongaball Cball-Tonga.png
    • Ottoman.png Turkeyball DO NOT REMOVE KEBAB Ottoman.png
    • Cball-Tuvalu.png Tuvaluball Cball-Tuvalu.png
    • Cball-Ukraine.png Ukraineball Cossacks and salo Cball-Ukraine.png
    • Cball-UK.png UKball God save the queen Cball-UK.png
    • Cball-Uruguay.png Uruguayball U R Gay Cball-Uruguay.png
    • Cball-US.png USAball 'MURICA FUCK YEAH Cball-US.png
    • Catheo.png Vaticanball Dorime Catheo.png
    • Chavismo.png Venezuelaball Chavismo.png
    • Hochi.png Vietnamball Welcome to the rice fields motherfu- Hochi.png
    • Cball-Zimbabwe.png Occupied Rhodesia Zimbabwe Cball-Zimbabwe.png


    • Cball-Catalonia.png Cataloniaball Cball-Catalonia.png
    • Cball-England.png Englandball oi bruv Cball-England.png
    • Cball-NE.png New Englandball Cball-NE.png
    • PLB-StPat.png Northern Irelandball fleg PLB-StPat.png
    • File:Cball-Quebec.png Quebecball Cball-Quebec.png
    • Pball-Ontario.png Ontarioball Pball-Ontario.png
    • Cball-Scotland.png Scotlandball Haggis Bagpipe Empire Cball-Scotland.png
    • CBall-Wales.png Walesball CBall-Wales.png
    • File:Texas.pngTexasball Texas.png
    • California.pngCaliforniaball California.png
    • Sball-Minnesota.png Minnesotaball Sball-Minnesota.png
    • File:Sball-Minnesota Alt.png Minnesotaball (Alt) Sball-Minnesota_Alt.png
    • Sball-Georgia.png Georgiaball Sball-Geogria.png
    • File:SBall Virginia.png Virginia SBall Virginia.png
    • Oklahoma.png Oklahomaball Oklahoma.png
    • Hawaii.png Hawaiiball Hawaii.png
    • File:SBall-Oregon.png Oregonball SBall-Oregon.png
    • File:SBall-Oregon Back.png Oregonball (Backside) SBall-Oregon Back.png
    • File:New Mexico.png New Mexicoball New Mexico.png


    • File:Chicag.png Chicagoball Chicag.png
    • Cball-Kansas City.png Kansas Cityball C-ball Kansas City.png
    • CBall-Tulsa.png Tulsaball CBall-Tulsa.png ‎
    • File:DC.pngWashington DCball DC.png


    • Cball-EU.png EUball Cball-EU.png
    • Necon.png NATOball Necon.png
    • File:UN.pngUnited Nations UN.png


    • Ancom.png Generic Rebelball Ancom.png
    • File:Cball-Catalonia-Estelada.png Independent Cataloniaball Cball-Catalonia-Estelada.png
    • Cball-Isis.png ISISball Allahu Akbar Cball-Isis.png
    • Cball-CSA.png Southern Rebelball Cball-CSA.png
    • Cball-WesternSahara.png Polosario Frontball (Western Saharaball) Cball-WesternSahara.png



    • Cball-Rashidun.png Abbasid Caliphateball Cball-Rashidun.png
    • Cball-South Africa alt.png Apartheid South Africaball Cball-South Africa alt.png
    • File:Cball-AustrianEmpire.png Austrian Empireball Cball-AustrianEmpire.png
    • Cball-AustriaHungary.png Austria-Hungaryball Blinded Cball-AustriaHungary.png
    • Cball-Belarus-old.png Belarussian People's Republicball Cball-Belarus-old.png
    • Cball-CSA.png Confederate States of Americaball Cball-CSA.png
    • Polpot.png Democratic Kampucheaball Take those glasses off Polpot.png
    • Cball-EastGermany.png East Germanyball (German Democratic Republicball) Cball-EastGermany.png
    • Showa.png Empire of Japanball Showa.png
    • Franco.png Francoist Spainball Franco.png
    • Bolivarism.png Gran Columbiaball Bolivarism.png
    • Cball-German Empire.pngGerman Empire Cball-German Empire.png
    • Cball-Qing.png Great Qingball Cball-Qing.png
    • Gaddafi.png Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriyaball Gaddafi.png
    • PanArab.png Kingdom of Hejazball PanArab.png
    • Cball-HRE.png Holy Roman Empireball Cball-HRE.png
    • CBall-King-Italy.png Kingdom of Italyball CBall-King-Italy.png
    • Cball-FranceKingdom.png Kingdom of Franceball Cball-FranceKingdom.png
    • File:IceCommon.png Icelandic Commonwealth IceCommon.png
    • File:CBall-King-Montenegro.png Kingdom of Montenegroball CBall-King-Montenegro.png
    • Nordmodel.png Kingdoms of Sweden and Norwayball Nordmodel.png
    • Nazi.png Nazi Germanyball Nazi.png
    • Ottoman.png Ottoman Empireball Ottoman.png
    • Cball-Prussia.png Prussiaball Cball-Prussia.png
    • Cball-Rashidun.png Rashidun Caliphateball Cball-Rashidun.png
    • File:Cball-Reich.png Reichtangle Guten tag, polen Cball-Reich.png
    • File:Cball-RoC.png Republic of Chinaball Cball-RoC.png
    • Cball-Rhodesia.png Rhodesiaball Rhodesians never die Cball-Rhodesia.png
    • SPQR.png Roman Empireball SPQR.png
    • Res Publica.png Roman Republicball Res Publica.png
    • Cball-Russian Empire.png Russian Empireball Cball-Russian Empire.png
    • Orthlen.png Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republicball Orthlen.png
    • File:Cball-Soviet.png Soviet Unionball Cball-Soviet.png
    • Cball-2Spainrepub.png Second Spanish Republicball Cball-2Spainrepub.png
    • Tito.png SFR Yugoslaviaball Tito.png
    • File:Republic of Texas.pngRepublic of Texasball Republic of Texas.png
    • File:Cball-KingdomYugoslavia.pngKingdom of Yugoslavia Cball-KingdomYugoslavia.png
    • Cball-SouthVietnam.png South Vietnamball Cball-SouthVietnam.png
    • Cball-Umayyad.png Umayyad Caliphateball Umayyad bro? Cball-Umayyad.png
    • Mobutism.png Zaireball Mobutism.png

    Holy Roman Empire

    • TBA




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