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    List of Fictional Media: the Republic of Fredonia

    Map of the Democratic Republic of Fredonia

    Page for the Republic of Fredonia polsim.

    Link to polsim: https://discord.gg/97CQhqBw


    Backstory:The Republican Rebellion

    When Fredonia first began, the story was that our land had once been ruled over by a regressive absolute monarchy, that existed in the an alternative universe version of the 1920s. Rebels had successfully overthrown the reactionary monarchy, but the nation lagged far behind in technological development, with technology equivalent to that of the 1700s. Further more, after the fall of the monarchy, there were no existing laws. A new constitution was ratified by referendum as one of the first laws, which set up a liberal semi-presidential government, yet to be elected, and established both basic civil liberties, and the right to private property.

    The First Political Parties

    The The United Socialist Party (or USP) was the first party to form, created by Klem. They preached better education, industrialization and the promies of uniting all socialists.The USP were very organized, but some of it's former members would accuse it of being autcratic, with Klem and his top brass making decisions for the rest of the party, using them as puppets.

    In response, three other parties formed, the Federal Republicans and the Social Democratic Labor Party.

    The center-right Federal Republicans were founded by the neoconservative Conservative Nephite in order to oppose the USP. They ran on a platform of anti-communism and federalism.

    The Social Demotic Labor party was created when the more moderate branches of the USP split off from the party to form a more center left party, uniting progressives, social democrats and democratic socialists.

    The Tradtionalist party was founded by members of the far right, who denied being facists, but preached against degeneracy and often preached alt right talking points.

    The Free Left were a left libertarian environmentalist party, overwhelmingly made up of libertarian socialists, who's ideas were heavily inspired by social ecology. They were founded by Tomjazzy.

    The Libertarian Party was founded by members of the libertarian right, who supported fierce fiscal conservatism and cultural liberalism. They were opposed to intellectual property rights.

    The First Government

    The first election in Fredonia was for president, and was narrowly won by Benasio, a Left Rothbardist/Market Anarchist from the Libertrain Party.

    A new coalition was formed inbetween Social Democrats, the USP, and the Free Left. The Federal Republicans formed a coalition with the Traditionalist's until the Traditionalists far right views soon caused a split, and the FRP joined in coalition with the Libertarians. Additionally, a new radical centrist party called Step Forward was created.

    The parliamentary election soon followed and it was apparent no party had a large enough number to take power on there own. In spite of this, it was clear the USP had the most seats, followed closely by the Libertarians, with Step Forward in third place. President Benasio made the controversial move of choosing Conservative Nephite from the Conservative Republicans as his nominee for Prime Minister, which caused a deadlock for days as parliament was unable to do anything. The left claimed Benasio was trying to subvert an election in which the left wing had gained a majority by choosing a right winger from an unsuccessful party, while Benasio claimed Nephite could be counted on to work across the aisle. Eventually, after increased pressure to do something in a country which had basically no laws, a big tent cotillion involving members of nearly every party formed, with Nephite as prime minister and mixed cabinet with potions for nearly every party. The exception to this was the Traditionalist Party, who had only won a single seat despite there size, and the Step Forward Party, who had originally been promised a cohltion with USP, and soon felt betrayed by the proceedings, and effectively dissolved.

    This new government passed land reforms, implemented an new tax code, outlawed things like murder and assault, established labor laws, hampered the powers of former nobles and the kings old supporters, and well as implemented a new federal system with local direct democracy. A new party, called the Techno-Socilists (latter the Union of Technocratic Socialists) was formed.

    The Period of Turmoil

    Before the first prime minster was elected, a break away section of Fredonia called Anket declared independence. Fredonia, not having the resources to stop them, and so the newly elected parliament chose to recognized the breakaway state. Soon after however, Anket began persecuting Bedevarian ethnic minorities. When Ferdonian citizens began to retaliate again ethnic Anketians, Anket began army militas and sending them into Fredonia, increased there persecution, and started arming themselves. Prime Minster Nephite, his secretary of state Buravik, and jounrlist named Nethermob crossed the broader on a diplomatic mission, but failed to make any kind of progress.

    Later on, Buravik was assanited by an Anketian citizen, just as Imperial Federation of Osotrov and Kertaan began there invasion. Ostrov attacked the city of Frostforge, while Kertaan attacked from the south. This lead to a declration of war on Kertaan and Ostrov. Fredonian forces were ill equipped to fight, accepting forgin aid from Etria and allying with Vapaus, who invaded Kertaan.

    Fredonia was massively outgunned, but began working towards industrializing so they could fight back. Formerly created municipal militias and the USP controlled red guard aided the national guard and militarily in trying to fight back, despite massive losses. A navel blockade against Ostrov and a mysterious series of poisonings against Kertaan led to chaining tides, as Shunkist missionaries claimed that this was the punishment of Shunk. Ostrov surrendered, as Fredonia resorted to chemical warfare, devistating Kertaan and reclaiming all lost terrotires. Kertaan surrendered soon after.

    Tensions continued to rise Anket, when a coup was blamed on Fredonia. The war hero Just a Zombie, enraged by inter party conflict with USP leader Klem, revieled that then Prime Minster Jesse had plotted to poison his political enemies while in a high ranking position in the USP before blowing up a nuclear reactor in Frostforge. This lead to a long period of terroism that plagued Frednia.

    Soon Anket launched a counter coup which was deeply anti-bedivarian, causing Fredonia to declare war on Anket. The conflict was a grueling stalemate, until finally Fredonia was pushed back out of Anket. This defeat was greatly contributed to by unrest at home, eventlay leading to the civil war.

    The Confederate Rebellion

    During the war in Anket, another confilt was brewing, this one within Fredonia it's self. A new coalition, lead by Prime Minster Bjorn from the recently formed Gay Space Comunist Party, combined with the merger of the Social Democrats and Free Greens (a rebranded, more liberal free left) into the market socialist Green Labor party, as well as the contained success of there allies in the USP and Techno-Socilists had lead the left wing coalition to victory; enough so that they broke the tradition of having a bipatrsian cabent. This new left wing government began a processes of nationalization, and attempts to create worker cooperatives. These attempts were hampered by the largely right wing supreme court, who believed these economic polices went against the constitution, and at one point even attempted to outlaw abortion due to the efforts of justice I am the Walrus.

    Thinks came to a head when President Tomjazzy and Prime Minster Borjon were declared traitors by the Supreme Court, who said they were striped of there potions. Leaders in the supreme court and miltary declared themselves an independent confederation, and the civil war begain. The Confederate forces were lead by Supreme court justice Caesaran, Supreme court justice and well know libertarian Walrus, Traditionalist party leader General Nethermob, and a cult leader named Rob, the son of the terrorist Just a Zombie. The Confederate forces lost, and most of them fled to Vapaus, where it was ruled they were unable to effect Fredonian poltics. A complicated negation with Rob established a psudo-independent set of islands, filled with cultists and eugenicists repsectivly, but this was short lived.

    The Victory of the Left-wing

    Just before the end of the civil war, a new constitution was established in Fredonia. This new constitution mandated that the government had to own a certain amount natural resources and public services, outlawed private ownership, and eliminated the office of president and the supreme court in favor of a fully parliamentary system.

    The government faced a famine, but this was abated do to the efforts of the newly elected Prime Minister Alice, and her minster of Agriculture Alice the Farmer. The economy continued to grow and recover, as decentralization, worker control, and a decrease in state ownership established. There was a period of peace, without conflict. A big tent anti-comunist party called the Immuno Rightist attempted to run against the left wing cohlition. However, right before Alice's second term, a mass ban due to bigoted content resulted in them failing to have a parliamentary list. This lead to most of the early 1960s being carried out without any right wing parties in government, at least until the mid-1960s.

    Prelude to 2nd Anket War

    Upon the fateful year of 1963, Fredonia's Neighbor, Anket, had announced a construction of a large number of naval ships, being practically a new, modern navy. With the Honorai Pact between Fredonia, Etria, and 2 minor socialist republics, Fredonia was still concerned about the rapidly modernizing, expansionist neighbor. Anket is racist towards Bedvans, which make up almost the entirety of Fredonia.

    Later on, Anket had started upgrading their military bases, which further concerned Fredonia. When Kertaan discovered oil reserves, both were competing to get access to these reserves. At the end of 1963 during a Fredonian PM crisis, the dictator called out a politician in Fredonia by name for them to not be PM. By 1964, Fredonia was preparing for war as 2 Million Anket Troops were reported to be on the border. Two Years of preparation later, the 2nd Anket War Begun.




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