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    Lipostocracy is an ideology ruled by the fattest. They advocate and encourage obesity for those in this society. A census is recorded every year to check each one's weight, body index, ect.. Those that are fatter than the leader will become leader. If two or more are fatter, then the fatter of the bunch will be chosen as leader.

    Personality and behavior

    Lipostocracy is very gluttonous and is either eating something, or looking for something to eat. He will frequently pull out a "snack" that could feed a medium sized family, usually while waiting for his order at whatever fast food restaurant he's at. Despite this, he usually turns his nose up at food such as fruits or vegetables, claiming them to be "rabbit food" and "unfit for a big strong American man like me".

    Lipostocracy is so fat, he couldn't move, but he gets around places in a cart, which will collapse under Lipostocracy's weight eventually when he becomes fat enough. Lipostocracy has a passion for fast food and watching mukbang videos.

    Lipostocracy is a ball portrayed as the sin of gluttony, as it eats so much to continuously get fatter.

    Also likes diet soda.


    1. Gain as much weight as possible (your end goal should be no less than 180kgs (~400 lbs))
    2. Acquire mobility scooter
    3. Go to Walmart
    4. Yell at staff because you can't get through the aisles


    How to Draw

    1. Draw a large, wide ball with a flat stop at the bottom.
    2. Fill in with white.
    3. Draw 2 yellow dexters on each side.
    4. Draw a yellow burger symbol.
    5. Draw in the eyes.
    6. Draw in the cheek lines.
    7. Optional: Draw a size large McDonalds cup.

    You're done!




    • Vegan Apoliticism - Burgers, sure. But, soy burgers?
    • Cummiest-Pieism - I don't know if it would be right for me to eat you, but a big boy's gotta eat I guess.
    • Lipsoc I like your gluttony, but why not the proles too!
    • Burgerdian System - OMG it looks so delicious and kawaii! but it keeps giving me a funny look.
    • Corn - The only things you're good for is Tortillas, Nachos and Cheetos
    • Femboyism - I am NOT obese! cute and wholesome chubby femboy looking for a dom bf hmu here's a pic of me~ uwu
    • Marxism-Leninism - [Communism no food jok-Wait, calories per person-day was higher in the USSR than in the USA[1] for over 20 years? BASED!
    • Giantocracy - Super big, like me! WAIT, DO YOU EXERCISE?!!!


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