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    Linguistic Preservationism

    Not to be confused with Lingcon2.png Linguistic Conservatism.

    Linguistic Preservationism is a language ideology which while being culturally right can also be seen as inclusive.

    It's basically Lingcon2.png Linguistic Conservatism taken to the extreme. It tries to preserve all languages that are being currently spoken. Another difference to Lingcon2.png Linguistic Conservatism is that the arguments aren't inherently based on nationalism and traditionalism.


    This ideology wants to preserve as many languages as possible. There are ~6700 languages and 40% are teetering on the brink of extinction and it argues that when a language dies, we loose a culture, a work of art and a unique way to perceive the world. There are also factions mostly consisting of scientist that support this ideology because when a language dies it's way harder and sometimes impossible to study the language and the culture associated with it.

    There are many institutions who try to help preserving languages or document endangered languages like UNESCO, Center for the Protection of Language Resources of China and Europe's Endangered Languages Documentation Programm.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Lingcon.png Linguistic Preservationism is a extremely smart and eloquent ball. He loves to speak and learn different languages especially endangered languages. He has basic knowledge in every spoken language and has the power to summon letters/symbols from different languages. He can also chnage the letters/symbols on him into other ones.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball and colour it blue.
    2. Draw some letters/symbols from different languages with white on the ball.
    3. (Optional) Draw flying letters around the ball.
    4. Viola, you're done.




    • Intercult.png Interculturalism - Exchange of different culutures can spark interest in different languages... but it can also make one language dominant...
    • Lingnat.png Linguistic Nationalism - You sometimes support be kinda but for the wrong reasons.


    Further Infromation

    Language Extinct-Endangered
    Wikipedia.png Language Preservation
    YouCube.png The story behind language preservation

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