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    Liblov-Voluntarism is a "right wing" varient of liberty-lovers views. Liblov-Voluntarism believes in laissez-faire economics, individualism, and anti authoritarianism.



    Liblov-Voluntarism believes that any attempt to rule over someone is vile disrespect of individual rights. Because of this they believe in anarchy or voluntarism, hate taxes and think all people should be self employed.

    Apathetic Equality

    They believe all people should be treated on a purely individual basis and thus even considering right/left wing idol is stupid.

    Technological Progressivism

    They believe that technology is incredibly important and should be pursued at all costs that exclude human extinction.

    Post Scarcity Production

    They believe that post scarcity COULD make communism work better but that communism is stupid and that the relative cheapness of products would make people just about as well off even without economic regulations.


    Liblov-Voluntarism believes in a strictly free-market economy without any regulations. They think non government forms of charities should be allowed but sees any attempt to take money without consent a type of theft. They are against both co-ops and traditional firms as collectivist and authoritarian.


    Liblov-Voluntarism thinks people should be able to own any object they use and can defend use of. Unsure of intellectual property though.


    Collectivism is cringe and authoritarian.(besides atomization is good and promotes self sufficiency.)

    File:PCB-Ego.png Spooks

    there is litterally no difference between Liberty-loverism's views and theirs on this issue


    Liblovism believes that people should determine their own living conditions under which they live and should voluntarily. where people would live should be up to each individual. they however aren't willing to allow people who clearly aren't actually anarchists or even libertarians such as anarcho monarchy and anarcho fascism


    How to draw


    S Tier

    Anarcho-Transhumanism -Anarchy and transhumanism based as hell.

    Anarcho-Frontierism -Anarchist, robot, cowboys, who the fuck wouldn't support this?

    A Tier

    Voluntaryism -Consent should be the basis of any agreement. A basis of no state follows.

    Anarcho-Individualism -Anarchy and individualism are the most important values I hold.

    Individualism -Individualism is the best path towards freedom.

    Panarchism -Hyper based.

    Agorism -Based and black market pilled.

    Anarcho-Capitalist-Transhumanism -Free markets are based and so is transhumanism.

    Geoanarchism If its voluntary I don't have a problem with the LVT.

    B Tier

    Anarcho-Capitalism -Like your economic views mostly. Social views vary but you tend to leave people alone.

    Enlightenment -Incredibly based but we didn't take it far enough.

    Left-Rothbardianism -based but co-ops are too collective.

    Bleeding Heart Libertarianism -Pretty good ideas however too statist.

    Libertarianism -Have the right idea but don't go far enough.

    C Tier

    Mutualism -Too socialist and too collectivist other wise cool.

    Geolibertarianism -the government shouldn't be taxing people but overall I'm fine with you

    Market Socialism -People should earn their shit but you like markets i guess.

    D Tier

    Classical Liberalism I love your goals but your way too statist and didn't go nearly far enough.

    Anarcho-Syndicalism -Way too structured and collectivist for my tastes.

    Anarcho-Communism -Good views on the state, Dogshit takes on property wealth and far too collectivist for me.

    Anarcho-Collectivism -Anarchy good collectivism bad.

    F Tier

    Democratic Socialism -Collectivist electoral garbage.

    Eurocommunism -European collectivist electoral garbage.

    Marxism -Collectivist garbage who created countless dictatorships.

    Corporatocracy -So monopolistic and reliant on government subsidies that no sane person could call this a "free market".

    Z Tier


    Hive-Mind Collectivism -My absolute worst nightmare.

    Collectivism -Any amount of the individual submitting to the collective is INHERENTLY AUTHORITARIAN!!


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