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    Liberty-Loverism believes society should be organized in a manner in which everyone has as much personal freedom and control as possible. They believe the best way to do this is to this is to create a leaderless society. Along with this they also want to accelerate social and technological progress like PCB-Falgsc.png falgsc.


    Awaj.png Leaderlessness Directdem.png

    LibLovism believes that society doesn't need leaders to function and therefore avocates for voluntarism, anarchy, or direct democracy. They believe that it is important that the people have genuine control over their lives and thus is against types of organizations that are run from top down as opposed to bottom up.

    Fighting off Centralization

    Liblovism would prefer for either abolition of the state of the creation of non state entities to far to control, However they are unsure about how truly possible it is to have an abstance of a state for any long period of time. Liblovism intends to maintain post statist autonomy by having the powers that would fall under jurisdiction of the state, be instead divided by organizations directly controlled via the people, liblovism hopes this would prevent the anarchist free territories from being a power vacuum waiting to be filled by a warlord.

    Prog-u.png Social Progressivism Prgess.png

    LibLovism is quite progressive and believes every one should be treated equally and thus wants minority rights to improve. Unlike most progressives they disagree with the idea of idpol. They think identity should not matter, because of this they want all identities existing associations to be defanged to point where your identity barely affects peoples opinions of you if at all.


    Liblovism thinks gender is a nonsensical social construct that limits peoples self expression and shouldn't define how one is ought to live their life. They are unsure if it should be abolished based on how many people seem to care about it as a tool of self expression.


    Cultural traditions while also having little basis in reality are fine as long as they aren't shoved down peoples throats, which today they often are.


    Liblovism believes identity politics are something practiced by both the left and the right, and both sides of the culture war are often insufferable. They believe idpol is a form of state encouraged tribalism meant to divide people and prevent them from allying with each other against the state and corporate elites.

    Transh.png Technological Progressivism Futvalue.png


    LibLovism highly values technology and thinks its vital to accelerate technology to lead to humanity no longer being confined to the earth, and spread like across the stars.

    Technology and Decentralization

    They believe that technology will improve the ability to govern, which is terrifying as it means governments will have more power, via better security, surveillance, and faster ability to organize, however this faster ability to organize also means that more decentralized systems will have far more ability to become sovereign because of the Internet's acceleration and grassroots movements.


    Ai should be developed and non sapient artificial intelligence should be used to, create a post scarcity and post work society. Any ai which have self awareness and or ability to feel misfortune should be considered sentient entities worthy of rights.

    Falgsc.png Post Scarcity Production Bckchn.png

    LibLovism thinks that if (we live to) our production will inevitably rise enough to sustain communism on a larger scale. They think this should be used to give people free food, health-care, housing and access to information.


    Like all things food would be far more plentiful in a post scarcity society, this would make it even easier to give out free food then it already is. Most food would be produced in either factories or in vertical farms, these factories and farms would be owned by their workers and should be transparent to their consumers.


    As a transhumanist it's obivous that liblovism sees the production of technology as a necessity, these technologies should be as accessible to reproduce as possible and should be open source without any way to patient any vital components.

    Marketsoc.png Markets Mut Alt.png

    LibLovism believes that a free-market is the best way to allocate most goods and likes free markets because of this. However items or buildings that are needed for survival should be given for free by the local community such as, medical care, food, water, and housing, hopefully this would eliminate or alleviate the work or starve mentality of capitalism.


    Liblovism thinks that a universal basic income is vital to any market based economy, they believe that a universal basic income should be established through commune funds, they think its necessary because our a capitalistic job market won't survive automation.


    Liblovism believes some goods should be produced for free and some for profit, They believe most goods should be produced for profit since free markets are best for most goods. They believe that non luxury goods should at first be produced simply by what is demanded for survival but later but what is feasible to produce for free.


    Liblovism believes that taxes are fine if they are voluntary, Which under panarchy they would have enough alternative states to be far more voluntary. The amount of taxes should be up to the community to decide.

    DvEquality.png Ownership CapDemocracy.png

    Liblovism believes that property should be as close to being in the hands of the individual as possible. Because of this they believe property rights should be flat and unhierarchical. They want to maximize the amount use people get out of things and therefore prefer collectivist property for what is publicly used and individual property rights for what is personally used.


    They think everyone should be able to own their own home, It doesn't matter if they have to share it in apartments or with roommates. They believe that ideally individual homes and collectives homes should both be options, however most homes should be collective in order to save space and prevent atomization and alienation from each other.


    Liblovism believes that just like everyone deserves a house everyone deserves to be able to eat, therefore their should be community cafeterias and grocery "stores" were people can get as much free food as the workers of said cafeterias and grocery stores deem reasonable. However if free alternatives are available they have no problem with restaurants charging for food.


    Liblovism thinks workplaces should be owned by the people that use them and be without strict hierarchy. Due to this they are against business as they currently exist and would be opposed to any workplaces or businesses that have a strict manager and employee dichotomy, However organizations that are self employed or have are only managed by a few friends who are on equal footing are fine, especially under the conditions where anyone can decide to do this. While ideally workplaces would be run by individuals any other workplace would have to be bottom up collectively owned business in order for each member to have a say over how the business is ran.

    Personal Items

    Each persons personal belongings belong to them and therefore liblovism would be indifferent if they shared these.

    Public Buildings

    Liblovism determines ownership primarily by its use and therefore sees no reason why building meant for public use wouldn't be owned by the public, ownership of public buildings should be spilt between who works there and uses it.

    Intellectual Property

    Liblovism belives that intellectual property in a post fan fiction world should be purely collective as ideas can have founders, but you cannot have naturally have exclusive ownership over an idea. Along side that the attempt to have exclusive ownership over ideas has lead to worse uses of franchises, Disney ceasing ownership over almost half of all fiction, and the patents making it impossible to make insulin or functioning printers.

    PCB-Nationalism.png Nationalism vs Globalism Globalism.png

    Liblovism believes society should be ideally run by individuals as much as possible, On this basis they oppose both nationalism and globalism. They want things to be divided between areas under control of small groups in urban areas, and areas with control of only peoples own personal property in rural areas.

    Is a global anarchist revolution possible?

    No, If it does happen which it probably won't, it wouldn't last long because most people want some amount of hierarchy, many groups would stay libertarian for awhile at least.

    Indiv.png Individualism and Collectivism Col.png

    liblovism believes people exist as individuals however that helping the collective is essentially helping individuals but with extra steps thus they believe in mix of individualism and collectivism. They believe that actions should be done for mutual benifit and not exploitation thus forcing one party to give up for another should be avoided.

    Self Theory

    Each person should think for themselves and philosophy and politics are no exception to this fact. Self theory is a important part of thinking for yourself because otherwise ideas, memes, spooks, social constructs whatever you call them, will effect how you think. To fight against this everyone will have think for themselves and not follow any ideology to strictly, and take inspiration form various sources.

    Social Atomization

    Liblovism believes that people should have the ability to connect with each other, and that while individual freedom should be preserved as best as possible that, disconnection to each other hurts people more than it gives freedom. Due to this ability to form community and connect with them should be far more easy then it is now.

    PCB-Ego.png Spooks Ego.png

    They believe most ideas in society are fabrications constructed by society. These social constructions made by society haunt people without them even knowing it infecting their brains with what society wants them to think. Because of this all ideas should be examined and over examined by each individual so they can subjectively decide its validity. They believe that society or a nation imposing correct views of these ideas undermines individual autonomy.

    We live in a society

    Despite society being some what corrosive liblovism would in fact prefer to live in a society, as not living in one would be highly impractical to do, and would make it nearly impossible to build an i phone let alone robot arms.

    Meme egoists

    Fuck these people, not every thing is a spook, if it is a spook you can still engauge in it because most things made by society are spooks, most ideas are spooks, you can't avoid all spooks.

    Panarchy.png Panarchy Polyarchy.png

    Liblovism believes that people should determine their own living conditions under which they live and should voluntarily choice via consensus or directly democratically what few rules if any they live by. whether people would live by themselves or in neighborhood wide communes should be up to each individual. they however aren't willing to allow people who clearly aren't actually anarchists or even libertarians such as anarcho monarchy and anarcho fascism.


    They act optimistic and try to look on the bright side despite their internal pessimism and anxiety. They believe in lib unity and will try to unite anarchist factions even if impossible.

    How to draw

    1st draw a ball

    2nd draw a bunch of intersecting stripes, fill the top half purple, and the bottom half blue.

    3rd fill in the gaps, half hot pink, half blackish.

    4th draw either eyes or orange sunglasses. they should be green robot eyes.

    don't care if you add the hat or not


    S Tier

    PCB-Falgsc.png FALGSC -Its futuristic, Socialist, and has a utopian standard of living. (too bad we might die before getting chance to try it.)

    Front.png Anarcho-Frontierism -What isn't to love about transhumanist anarchist space cow-boys.

    PCB-E-Democracy.png E-Democracy -Direct Democracy via technology is the best kind of government.

    PCB-Cybermut.png Cybermutualism Independent communes running everything in a market economy, can't agree more.

    Antcent.png Anti-Centrism -Interesting philosophy.

    A Tier

    PCB-AnQueer.png Queer Anarchism -Be gay do crime!

    Synd.png Syndicalism -Much like communism but far more focused on unions, probably far less likely to swing right.

    Bckchn.png Communalism -Aligns with most of my views on equality liberty and the environment, However I don't agree his criticisms of other ideologies.

    Post-an.png Post-Anarchism -Sounds pretty based, I think, kinda confusing.

    PCB-Xenoequalism.png Xenoequalism -ALIEN RIGHTS!!!

    Polyarchy.png Polyarchy -The peoples choice is very important and if the area isn't being run how the people want they have the right to change it.

    PCB-Awaj.png Anarchist -Governments are bad and people can run things without them.

    Marketsoc.png Market Socialism -Socialism has good ideas but I prefer my markets free.

    Libms.png Libertarian Market Socialist -I also prefer my governments or lack thereof free.

    Transh.png Transhumanism -Obtain robot dicks.

    Mutualist.png Mutualism -Mutual aid markets and statelessness, based.

    Andist.png Anarcho-Distributism -Very similar to mutualism however more religious.

    PCB-AnSynd.png Anarcho-Syndicalism -Syndicalism but anarchist.

    PCB-Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism -Communism but anarchist.

    PCB-FDF-Pirate.png Piratism -Copy-right more like copy-wrong. keeps trying to make me torrent one piece.

    UtopAn.png Utopian Anarchism -Based, however can you at least TRY to think how this would work, it won't kill you.

    B Tier

    Demcon.png -Democratic Confederalism -Based, but I prefer slightly less government.

    Egoism.png Egoism -The foundational ideas of stirners philosphy are amazing, however I disagree with the idea of getting rid of society altogether, And personally prefer simply flattening the hierarchies of society.

    PCB-Agorismf.png Agorism -Ancap but more progressive. great ideas about different property owners and counter economics are based.

    LeftRothbardianismPix.png Left-Rothbardianism -Ancap but more progressive and likes co-ops.

    Anpostleft.png Post-Left-Anarchism -Like their views on idpol and work and strongly think the left right binary is cringe, however I hate the views on technology.

    GeoSynd.png Geo-Syndicalism -Like their views on property

    Libsoc.png Libertarian Socialism -I like liberty and socialism thus I like Libertarian socialism.

    PCB-Commie.png Communism -I like the whole stateless classless thing, but i'm not so sure about the no money thing.

    Marx.png Marxism -Had very great ideas, happened to denounce anarchy more than authority right before a huge rise of authoritarianism, leading to some of the worst leaders know to man.

    Soc-h.png Socialism -My prefered economics but my opinions can very.

    Bckcap.png Bookchin Capitalism -Aligns with most of my views on the government and equality, also what the hell is individual property and how is it different then private property.

    Marketcom.png Market Communism -Based why have a ceo though.

    C Tier

    Consocf.png Conservative Socialism -I don't like conservatism but do like socialism.

    Distributist.png Distributist -Nice ideas on equality and ownership don't quite like the traditionalism though.

    Socdem.png Social Democracy -One of the best systems within the overton window.

    PCB-Ancapf.png -Anarcho-Capitalism -I like the whole anarchy thing, But why capitalism, more importantly whats with the whole all rights are property rights.

    Bhl.png Bleeding Heart Libertarianism -A more progressive form of libertarianism. I like them, they are still too capitalist for me.

    Ancaptrans.png Anarcho-Capitalist Transhumanism -I like anarchy and transhumanism, don't really like capitalism.

    Dem.png Democracy -Direct democracy is very based, representative democracy isn't unless I compare them to the other war criminals we call governments.

    D Tier

    PCB-Techcap.png Capitalist Transhumanism -I like the transhumanism but not the capitalism.

    File:PCB-Capitalism.png Capitalism -Does care about anyone else's freedom and wants to own everything. Still a huge improvement on feudalism.

    Obj.png Objectivism -What if we add more capitalism to the capitalism.

    Property.png Propertarianism -Land lords are cringe, reducing ethics to property rights is to dumb for Kak.png to do.

    Reagan.png Reaganism -Government isn't the solution to the problem government is the problem. except with war, drugs and crime.

    Libertarian.png -Libertarianism -I like you most of the time, but you simp for business owners too much and your conservatism often gets in the way freedom.

    Makhaevism.png Machajskism -Way too anti intellectual, but ok other than that.

    Prez.png Presidentialism -The worst type of government except all the other ones we tried.

    Radcent.png Radical Centrism -Highly variable so it depends.

    Centrist-yellow.png Centrism -Hate what you support but you yourself aren't at fault.

    Anprim.png Anarcho-Primitivism -Why do you want be a caveman? Why?

    Kak.png Kakistocracy -Has the worst policies but their nice and I'm not bulling a twelve year old.

    F Tier

    Corp.png Corporatocracy -If cyberpunk had a political ideology.

    PCB-Imperium.png Imperiumism -FASCIST IMPERIALIST THEOCRACY EMPIRE!!! However I'm way too fond of rome and space too put them in Z.

    THETI.png Transhumanist Ego Theocratic Imperialism -Sounds like it might be good to live under, but I hate theocracies and authoritarianism.

    Posadist.png Posadism -YOUR GOING TO NUKE ALL THE CAPITALISTS!! ARE YOU INSANE!! They do like aliens and equality though.

    Statesoc.png State Socialism -I like your intentions but you do almost all things you criticize capitalists for.

    Ultraprogressivism.png Revolutionary Progressivism -The right and left can both be authoritarian and you are proof.

    Nrx.png Neoreactionarism -Crazy as hell but I like the tech and can't help but be interested is his weird ass ideas. If objectivism is double capitalist this is capitalism squared.

    Post-Bert.png Post-Libertarianism -So your going to destroy freedom to project freedom?!? WHAT!?!

    Statecap.png State Capitalism The worst economic system.

    Statlib.png State Liberalism -MoRe GaY DiCTaToRs!! Truly ground breaking.

    Ford.png Fordism -What if we took the worst aspects of capitalism and progressivism and turned them up to 11.Much like theti could still be fun to live in.

    Strans.png Stransserism -MoRe TrAnS DiCTaToRs!! Truly ground breaking.

    Avar.png Avaritionism -What the average person thinks a anarchist is but unironically.

    Anmona.png Anarcho-Monarchism -Anarchy and monarchy truly the most compatable ideas.

    Anfashf.png Anarcho-Fascism -Ok the idea of national culture being different from the state kinda makes sense. So even if you're authoritarianism is stateless I still hate it.

    Fut2.png Futurism -I like art progress and new ideas too, still a fucking fascist.

    Z Tier

    Whitesup.png White Nationalism -Ethonostates are a horrible idea.

    Blacknat.png Black Nationalism - yes even the minority ones.

    Neolud.png Neoluddism -Stopping technological progress isn't going to do any useful its just going to set us back.

    Feud.png Feudalism -I'm sorry state capitalism THIS is the worst economic system!

    Imp.png Imperialism -Conquest though war is the longest running and worst human past time.

    Burgsys.png Burgundian System -SOMEHOW MORE INSANE THEN POSADISM JFC!!!

    Fash.png Fascism -I hate racial supremacy and the state and thus you!

    Nazi.png National Socialism -LITERATELY HITLER!!

    Reactcross.png Reactionarism -Ew.

    Altr.png Alt-Right -The only good thing about you is that you are more of a fallure then your dad.

    Krater.png Kraterocracy -CURSED.

    Ingsocf.png Ingsoc -double plus unbased.

    OOTS.png Death Worship -双加糟糕

    Abmon.png Absolute Monarchism -VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!

    Polpot.png Pol Potism -Anti intellectual totalitarian garbage!!

    PCB-Taboritsky.png Taboritskyism -Burgundian System if their madness was fueled by vodka.

    Darwinist.png Social Darwinism -Psychotic asshole who has tainted Charles Darwin's name.

    Antcent.png Anti-Centrism -I hate absolutism in every context without fail.

    S Tier

    AlaskanSoup.png AlaskanSoup Thought -Incredibly based, Anarcho-Frontierism but applyied to Alaska.

    KimMin Sprite 2.png Kimnostic Minarchism -Heavily agree with your views.

    HelloThere314Icon.png HelloThere314ism Incredibly Great ideas, agree with them on alot on freedom, economics, and broader society.

    A Tier

    Anbun.png Anarcho-Buniism -has very good points on philosophy and a great sense of aesthetics.

    NeoBlartf.png Neo-Blartism -I seem to agree with him on most issues.

    AshleyHere.png AshleyHere Thought -Sounds good ,Socialism and individualist anarchism are based.

    Yoda8soup.png Yoda8soup Thought -Has pretty similar views to me but way more moderate.

    Takoyakismicon.png Takoyakism -Like a more futuristic and left wing version of social democracy. Very nice friend to talk to.

    OwfBall.png Owfism -A libertarian market socialist who likes pirating and wants to go to space, if you weren't so Unitarian I'd put you in s tier.

    B Tier

    Duckf.png Individual Voluntaryism -Has very based ideas on self determination. The kratoacractic elements are a huge turn off, Otherwise incrediblely based.

    Vita.png Vitarchism -Sounds incredibly cool and interesting I'd love to see a more fleshed out page.

    Bsaheedism-icon.png Bsaheedism -Not really sure what you believe in, But individualism and anarchy are based.

    Uzarashvilism.png Uzarashvilism -I like your economics alot and think your governing policy is good. However I'm bit ify on the traditionalism, But you don't seem to like bigotry so its mostly fine.

    Ultro.png Ultroneism -Much more philisophical then me however, egoism and individualist philosophy by and large is based.

    Aaron.png Aaronism -pretty based i'm not sure about how you view things exactly but what i've read sounds good.

    Councilguy2.png Post-Councilism -very well read and has various good ideas. Far too nihilistic for my taste but i'm probably just deluding myself by being an optimist.

    Nourishism.png Caressism -Has a mixture of liberty and equality with theocracy that leaves me confused, They seem to have many great ideas mixed with terrible ones.

    C Tier

    Panth.png Pantheonism -I don't really like monarchies like at all, However this mostly democratic and therefore is exceptable. Since this ideology is mostly socialist still it would be better then neoliberalism.

    Jao icon.png Enlightened Conservatism -The pragmatism and flexibility are quite good. I don't personally like the outcomes much but very efficient.

    MATTball.png Mattism -Sounds pretty good to be honest, I'm not that found of the economic policy, but everything else sounds like good policies I'd support.

    TonyNew.png South Floridan Socialism A more indivdualist and less federalist form of Retroliberalism. Has based economic and cultural policies, and as a panarchist I'm all in favor of smaller states.

    D Tier

    Icon oRange.png oRangism -Surprisingly good for an ethnostate supporter. Social democracy is the best form of capitalism, However I am still very against the idea of separating ethnicities.

    Neoafun.png Neo-Afunhumaninterism -The libertarianism makes this much a much better ideology then any totalitarian dictatorship, however I still don't find it good. I don't like conservatism or capitalism, and you seem to care more about banning degeneracy then peoples freedom.

    AesQuark.png Quarkism -Great views on technology, good views and understanding of economics, and decent views on progress. On the other hand I hate their views of authority, and its necessity in human progress.

    Tony.png Retroliberalism -I like democracy and you have good economics, but this basically just the status quo but more nationalized. You have alot of good policies but I'm really not fine with the anti libertarianism.

    F Tier

    Atacc icon.png Ataccism -If it wasn't for the complete and entire lack of individualism I'd probably you higher, though the tech views save you from going lower. Hate the hierarchical views on society and the economy. This seems like if you fused neoreactionism and fordism and subtracted any of the few individualist elements out to make this mess.

    Technototball.png Technototalitarianism -I hate his social views and enbracement of totalitarianism, but since they welcome technology so much and they seem to value rationality over conservatism I'm more fine with him then most totalitarians.

    Nullball.png nullism -like the views on tech, otherwise I go against everything they stand for.

    Z Tier

    Pixil-frame-0(16).png Reactionary-Cheesenism -Literally the opposite of me, I'm in direct opposition to almost all of their views.

    S Tier


    RadAaron.png Radical Aaronism Sounds cool even if I'm not a cultural abolitionist.

    Anarcho-Owfism -(wip)

    A Tier

    AnarchoMattismicon.png Anarcho-Mattism -Based, basically me but not as tech focused.

    Liblovspritecom.png Communist-Liblovism -Me but far more communalistic and a market abolitionist.

    B Tier

    LibertarianMattismBall.png Libertarian Mattism -Based progressive georgist.

    Volliblovsprite.png Liblov-Voluntarism -You don't have to abstain from altruism to be an individualist.

    Liblovsprite REFORM.png Reformist Liberty-Loverism A more civically moderate variation of myself.

    C Tier

    Tony.png Retroliberalism -I like democracy and you have good economics, but this basically just the status quo but more nationalized. You have alot of good policies but I'm really not fine with the anti libertarianism.

    D Tier

    ConservativeMattism.png Conservative Mattism -Bad but still to moderate for me to really hate.

    LeftAaron.png Left Aaronism Class reductionist that doesn't see how civilians and government personnel have about as much differences as the poor and rich do.

    F Tier

    AuthoritarianMattism.png Authoritarian Mattism Progressive technocracies wouldn't be the worst systems to be in, but are still pretty bad.

    NatAthDem.png National Athenian Democracy Top tier fantasy setting would suck to live in though.

    Z Tier

    Aaronsoc.png IngAaron Literally 1984!!!


    🤮 person ga 5


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