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    Libertarian Neosocialism, clipped to NeoSocBert, is a revisionist tendency of Socialism that seeks to unite both the working class (Organised in Syndicates) and the bourgeoisie against Totalitarian and Authoritarian regimes that seek to oppress the Nation, with the final objective of creating a Neosocialist European Federation, overseen by an undemocratic (but not authoritarian) technocratic and decentralised government, with the only functions of protecting its citizens from internal and external threats, to mediate relations between Syndicates and the bourgeoisie and to plan the economy (in a way not too dissimlar to Libertarian Socialism).


    Libertarian Neosocialism has its origins in the views of Marcel Déat, who theoretised Neosocialism in his work "Perspectives Socialistes" and in over a hundred articles written for "La Vie Socialiste" journal.

    Marcel Déat was an admirer of the french revolution, particularly of the Jacobins, from which he took most of his social ideas.


    Political Views

    Libertarian Neosocialism is [[File:]] anti-democratic, embracing a technocratic form of government, but still criticising Authoritarianism.

    Democracy in the workplace and in the government is still present in the form of a decentralised Social Corporatist system, with which citizens can raise concerns to the government.

    Social Views

    Libertarian Neosocialism is culturally variable, but generally center-right, embracing Secularism and equal rights for women. Racism is viewed unfavourably, preferring to embrace [[File:]] Culture as the main character of the Nation; jews are, however, viewed unfavourably and are thus discriminated against.

    Economic Organization

    Libertarian Neosocialism embraces a decentralised Social Corporatist system, where, in local councils (or "corporations") of syndicates of workers and syndicates of employers collectively plan the economy and make labour and economic regulations, all while being overseen by the local government.

    Globalism is judged negatively as a system that kills both workers and the nation's cultural independence.

    Personality and Behaviour

    How to draw

    Flag of Libertarian Neosocialism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw an alternating pattern of Red and a near-black stretching from the edge and meeting at the center, with 10 segments.
    3. Draw a white square at 90° angle.
    4. Draw blue upside down Othala rune from the flag on the white square.
    5. Add the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Red 206,18,38 #CE1226
    Black 20,20,20 #141414
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF




    • Marxism - You were a good analysis of the world, but what you call "revisionism" is ultimately better than you.
    • Syndicalism - Syndicates are the backbone of society can you stop striking!? Collaboration will solve every one of your problems!
    • Council Communism - I will borrow your local councils while maintaining private property, thank you!
    • Libertarianism - It's called CLASS COLLABORATION, not LEAVE THE POOR TO STARVE. Based small government though.
    • Yellow Socialism - I love your son, but you? You are too authoritarian.
    • Strasserism - I am you but libertarian, so FUCK OFF AUTHORITARIAN SCUM (Even though we can easily work together)
    • National Anarchism - You went too much on the left bro, come back
    • Fascist Socialism - Based economics, but... you're totalitarian, you know.
    • Fascism - Also based economics ("Libertarian Socialist Corporatism" is probably the best description for me), but yeah, still totalitarian.



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