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    "To call oneself a libertarian marxist today is not to look backwards but to be committed to the future. The libertarian marxist is not an academic but a militant. He is well aware that it is up to him to change the world — no more, no less. History throws him on the brink. Everywhere the hour of socialist revolution has sounded. Revolution — like landing on the moon — has entered the realm of the immediate and possible. Precise definition of the forms of a socialist society is no longer a utopian scheme. The only utopians are those who close their eyes to these realities."

    Libertarian Marxism (LibMarx) is an economically far-left, libertarian, revolutionary, internationalist and progressive ideology who supports worker ownership of the means of production and eventual transition into a stateless, moneyless and classless society as per typical Marxist thought, however, he supports a decentralized approach where the working class lead the revolution themselves as opposed to acting with the aid of a vanguard party, and strongly emphasizes the libertarian and anti-authoritarian aspects of Marx's writings, specifically in his later work. It is almost always coupled with culturally left leanings.


    See: Libertarian Socialism

    20th century

    The history of libertarian Marxism is basically the same as libertarian socialism, with the only difference being that the ideology is derived directly from Marx's interpretation of 'lower phase communism' to mean the abolition of classes, and the immediate weakening of the state. Libertarian Marxism, like its ideological twin libertarian socialism faced brutal repression under the Bolsheviks.

    Later, during the Spanish Civil War, Libertarian Marxism played a key role in the form of the POUM. This was a communist party designed to unite many different leftist factions under one banner. These factions included the following ideologies:
    centrist Marxism, libertarian socialism, and Trotskyism.

    Post-World War II


    Beliefs and Theory

    Libertarian Marxism believes that the establishment of socialism is preceded by the formation of a dictatorship of the proletariat. This DoTP is directly controlled by the proletariat, in a manner similar to the Paris Commune. This new, proletarian state will eventually wither away, leaving behind socialism, or 'lower phase communism'. Once people are socialized into this new economic arrangement, 'higher phase communism' (or a stateless, classless, moneyless society) will commence.

    Libertarian Marxism also believes that “the working-class cannot simply lay hold of the ready-made state machinery and wield it for its own purposes.”, since doing so would be submitting to a public force designed to oppress the working-class.

    How to Draw

    LibMarx's design is almost identical to that of Libertarian Socialism:

    Flag of Libertarian Marxism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw an alternating pattern of red and near-black stretching from the edge and meeting at the center, in ten segments
    3. Draw a hammer and sickle in yellow in the center
    4. Add the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0
    Yellow #FFCF00 255, 207, 0



    • Libertarian Socialism - We're often basically the same.
    • Anarcho-Communism - My friend who is slightly more radical and extreme than me but still based.
    • Marxism - If only your more well known followers had bothered to read your later work.
    • Council Communism - You're a bit too occupied with endless meetings, but you're still a real good pal.
    • Situationism - My consumerism-disliking son.
    • Marxist Feminism - Women's liberation! Though try to sympathize with statists less.
    • Neozapatismo - So based.
    • Autonomism - My favorite ideology.
    • Sorelianism - “One of the outstanding tasks of the proletariat is, obviously, to combat with every possible means the extension of the state and to free social life from the intervention of state functionaries. Statism is the ideal of the petty bourgeoisie; it is the exact opposite of socialism.” Still a bit suspicious of you because of how fascists praise you.
    • Communardism - If it weren't for your influence on Marx, I would not exist as an ideology.
    • Narodnichestvo - Alexsander Ulyanov was based, shame his brother Lenin left the Narodniks in 1887.


    • Leninism - You had good intentions, but you were still an elitist authoritarian.
    • Marxism–Leninism - Even though you are pretty authoritarian and a state capitalist, we do share some sides, we just disagree on how powerful the state should be and some ML's are actually cool people but still, state "socialism" is state capitalism.[1]
    • Italian Left Communism - I wish you would tone down the Lenin worship a little. You literally said that you are more Leninist than Lenin.
    • Democratic Socialism - Too moderate, but Corbyn is a pretty cool guy tbh.
    • Spartacism - I like your criticisms of Lenin. Wait, what do you mean you’re not me?
    • Anarcho-Collectivism - Engels' critique of you was kinda stupid, but you don't truly abolish capital and we still need a transitional state.
    • Guild Socialism - I don’t know what to think about you. On the one hand, your libertarian socialism is based, but on the other hand, many of your followers are opposed to Marxism.


    • State Capitalism - LITERALLY THE SOVIET UNION!
    • Social Democracy - Backstabber!
    • Lassalleism - "But the whole program, for all its democratic clang, is tainted through and through by the Lassallean sect's servile belief in the state, or, what is no better, by a democratic belief in miracles; or rather it is a compromise between these two kinds of belief in miracles, both equally remote from socialism." - Karl Marx, Critique of the Gotha Program
    • Libertarianism - Dumbass who doesn't understand the relations between the state and capital.
    • Capitalism - Cringe system. Needs a state to function.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Oh god, what?
    • Pinochetism - Oh god. NO STEP, NO STEP
    • Stalinism - You're no Marxist, you're a state capitalist, and if it weren't for you more people might actually take me seriously.
    • Hoxhaism - Stalin’s #1 fanboy. Pathetic.
    • Juche - You're somehow even worse. I really don't understand why so many self-proclaimed "Marxists" like to defend you.
    • Pol Potism - You disturb me.
    • "Democratic Socialism" (in the US) - For the love of god socialism isn't when more government spending or free healthcare. Every time you say "i'M talKIng abOUT SocIAlISM in scaNDInAvia, noT soVIEt cOmMuNism!" I die a little inside.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Cringe oxymoron.
    • Hoppeanism - No.
    • National Anarchism - You're a fake leftist and a racist pile of garbage!
    • Libertarian Feminism - "HuRr DUrr ThE BeST wAY fOr WoMEn To Be LiBeRAted iS iF tHey GeT TheIR TiTS ouT fOr MonEeY!!!"
    • Pragerism - You idiots tell outright lies about Marx, you don't even bother to read his work.
    • Conservative Feminism - Oxymoron.
    • Thatcherism - Nope.
    • Objectivism - You don't want freedom, you want everyone to obey the orders of the bosses who you think are the greatest thing ever.
    • Attentionalism - Traitor! You are a traitor, Bard!
    • A whole load of political tests - NO, MARXISM IS NOT AUTHORITARIAN, DUMBASSES!


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    1. As a libmarx myself, i am friends with some ML's and i do share alot of opinions outside of the state, this is why i moved ML from Enemies to Frenimies
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