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    Libertarian Fascism is a politically Authoritarian, socially Libertarian, culturally ambiguous and economically Capitalist ideology. Libertarian Fascists believe most people to be too easily influenced by emotions, media and propaganda and thus that they will end up voting for oppressive ideologies if given the chance. They believe people will vote for politics and ideologies that oppress individuals and personal freedoms due to fear, envy, personal gain or persuasion by selfish politicians and big companies, therefore authoritarian regimes can only be avoided by abolishing democracy and founding a fascist government on the core principle of freedom. The fascist dictator in this case will be impervious to influences such as corruption, propaganda, personal gain, emotion or other irrational motivations and therefore be able to consistently defend the core value of personal liberty.

    Personality and Behavior

    Libertarian Fascism is portrayed as being rather blunt and direct, sometimes even unable to pick up on more subtle social clues. They see themselves as being responsible for protecting other Libertarian ideologies and won't hesitate to use force while doing so, will act like a big brother towards the more socially progressive versions of Libertarianism and like a concerned kindergarten teacher for the more Conservative ones. Libertarian Fascism however values the NAP and thus won't attack unless provoked. They hate Democracy, especially Democratic Socialism, with a passion and will often intervene if one of them tries to interact with another Libertarian ideology.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Fill it with yellow (#FFD800),
    3. Draw a stylized black eagle (ideally with a rattlesnake's head and tail),
    4. Draw the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Yellow 255,216,0 #FFD800
    Black 25,25,25 #191919



    • Libertarianism - You are what I fight for.
    • Paleolibertarianism - I don't really get the need for certain societal values but I get your other stances.
    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - Whatever floats your boat, just don't become a wuss who can't defend themself.
    • Libertarian Transhumanism - The more logical, the less one can be influenced by emotion and manipulation.
    • Technoliberalism - If we can make sure those experts truly value freedom, you might become my best friend.
    • National Libertarianism - Get rid of that irrational racism of yours, then we'd basically be the same.
    • Pink Capitalism - You need to man up, otherwise you'll become easily manipulatable and oppressable.
    • Cyberocracy - AI programed to protect freedom might be the most incorruptible and rational protector of liberty next to me! Also, author of sci-fi "Orion's Arm" universe is libertarian himself, which is proves my point!
    • Anarcho-Totalitarianism - Makes sense to me!
    • Hoppeanism - Armed Libertarians defending themselves from oppression is based, but how can you call yourself a Libertarian if you discriminate?
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Look, I love freedom as much as you do, but who'll protect the NAP when a socialist warlord rises and oppresses you?


    • Fascism - Look, I love your system but why do you to use it to oppress the individuals and remove their liberties?
    • Pinochetism - Throwing innocent people out of helicopters violates the NAP, dipshit.
    • Stratocracy - You make for a good Nanny dog, but if you so much as to bark at my children, I'll get the rifle.


    • Democracy - People will vote for oppressors if given the chance, they are selfish, irrational and vulnerable to manipulation and propaganda. You'll lead to the end of freedom, it's just a question of time.
    • Democratic Socialism - See? This is exactly what I said would happen!
    • Mediacracy - You are the fearmongerers who make the people choose oppressors! You should be ashamed of yourselves!
    • National Socialism - The worst outcome of democracy. People literally voted for Hitler.
    • National Capitalism - You and I are not the same, you racist oppressor!

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