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    Libertarian Accelerationism

    Normal explaination:

    It is a libertarian, culturally and economically variable ideology that believes that all different forms of anarchism, minarchism, and libertarianism, no matter how left or right, should join together to stop Authoritarianism. How? By Accelerating Authoritarian societies, make them become more and more oppressive and totalitarian until the people rebelled to get rid of the Authoritarian regimes and create a new era of liberty and chaos (of course)

    Schizophrenic on steroid explanation (Ignore what they said below lol):

    It want to accelerate the technological, social, cultural, political, economical, etc, process in order to lead to the collapse of the Global Totalitarian Elitist State Liberalist Neo-Feudalist Oligarchical Corporatocracy Neo-China regime through a series of nuclear wars, deterritorialization process and technocapital singularity deleuzoguattarian schizoanalysis revolution. From the ashes of the old world, the new Hive-mind Matrix Hive-mind Individualist Collective Consciousness will emerge and lead humanity to a Post-Structuralist, Post-humanist, Eldritch God-like Civilization. The product of the old humanity like gender, race, culture, nation, religion, politics, economy, etc, will be absorbed and made obsolete by the acceleration of Emergent Planetary Commercium and the Self-Conscious Capitalist Machine. And finally, humanity will turn into the Chaos God (Azathoth) and spread to every corner of the Multiverse, absorb and plunge every space, time, reality and dimension into eternal chaos. The shackle of Structural fascism, Psychoanalysis, Reality order and Natural/Physical Laws is lifted, once and for all.

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