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    Not to be confused with Liberal Fascism or Civil Nazism

    Liberazism - Also known as LibNaz or NazLib is a culturally far-left, totalitarian, economically center-right to far-right, nationalistic ideology, that uses ideas from Liberalism (Like minority rights) and Nazism (Like removing hostile ideologies or races). This ideology is mostly similar to State Liberalism, but with some changes.



    Liberazism is a Pro-LGBT ideology. In Liberazist world, LGBT have most control of the government, and If you don't support the LGBTQ rights, You will get gassed in "Liberal Concentration Camp". He also believes in more than 2 genders. And If you say a wrong pronunciation to are person. You'll get less rights. And if you say more and more of mispronunciation, or if you don't believe in more than 2 genders. You will also get gassed in Liberal Concentration Camp. Straight people and Cisgender people have also Rights, if they support LGBT community File:Straightally.png. Also Straight and Cisgender are not included in LGBT Community so they can't control the government.


    Liberazism supports racial minorities such as Blacks, Jews, Muslim, Native Americans, Asians, Hispanic and other races. And also if you're racist towards racial minorities. You'll get gassed in Liberal Concentration Camp.


    The Difference from Liberazism from State Liberalism is the Nationalistic themes. Liberazism is a Ultranationalistic ideology. He thinks that his country is the best from others because it supports minority rights and there is no discrimination against those minorities in his country.


    Liberazism is a totalitarian state. There is no freedom of speech and criticizing the party or protesting is a crime and people who do this get gassed in Liberal Concentration Camp.


    Liberazism is a Atheist State. He thinks that people who believes is religions is a Racist Homophobe who want's to rule the world scaring people with his imaginary creature who is God. Christian, Islamic, Judaist, Hinduist, Buddhist or any other religious people are the second of the most discriminated people in Liberazist state and they also get gassed.

    Women’s and Enby Rights

    Liberazism supports women's and other Non-Binary gender rights. Woman in Liberazist state have the most freedom than men. Trans or Enby people have even more freedom than women have. Men in the liberazist state does the most work and have less freedom than Woman. Woman does the less work than man, and Transgender people does the work if they want to do it.

    Mental People's Rights File:ADHDism.png

    Liberazism mostly care about people with Autism or File:ADHDism.png ADHD.


    The most hated and discriminated people in Liberazist state are conservatives (For many reasons). He has very mixed opinions on Slavs. He has issues with Socialist, Communist, Anarchist, Globalist and most of Liberals.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Liberazism (Swastika design)

    Swastika Design

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Add Eyes
    3. Make a ball blue
    4. Draw a golden/yellow Swastika on it
    5. You're done

    Liberalism Design

    Flag of Liberazism (Liberalism design)
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Add Eyes
    3. Make a ball red
    4. Make a white circle on it
    5. Draw a Black Liberalism's symbol on it
    6. You're Done




    • Most of Liberals - Freedom means hate, why don't you understand that?
    • Neoliberalism - Liberal as me but... Globalist
    • Pink Capitalism - You're doing great things but why are you anti-statist?
    • Liberal Conservative - Uhhhh... Ok?
    • Straight - You're ok i guess, but please, stop asking me that you want to join to the LGBT Community.
    • Slavic Nationalism - I don't know how to feel about you. We both hate nazis, but you're racist and homophobic


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