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    Liberating Communism is an ideology that combines Maoism and liberalism.She supports  Communists,  Feminists , Environmentalists ,' Internationalists & LGBTism

    I. Philosophy

    "Philosophy is a certain worldview". Thus, the legitimacy of philosophy is a guarantee of legitimacy for political science and sociology.

    Practice is inevitably conditioned by society under certain historical conditions. Therefore, any conceptual system and (real) human nature are historical and temporary, and the reality that is perceived by human beings is "subjective" as it unfolds in practice. Objectivity is only the subjectivity of subjectivity. (As "the ontology is the appearance of the appearance".)The impotence of the ideas system itself requires us to constantly change our perspective and to understand the world in a nomadic way, i.e. "The Parallax View".

    Materials and nature can only be revealed to human beings through practice, and the ego and ideas can only be generated through human practice. Therefore, the four can be grasped only from their dynamic and historical connection, i.e., practice. The world is not born in a transcendental sense, but is continuously generated in human practice.

    The contradiction between the abstract, self-contained, finite and smooth ideas system and the concrete, self-contained, infinite and unsmooth reality indicates the existence of a surplus that cannot be grasped by the ideas, the inconsistency of the ideas system, the non-existence of the truth, and the possibility and necessity of breaking out of the existing order.



    II. History

    a. Division of Labour and Private Ownership

    b. State and Class

    c. power and Ownership

    d. Gold and Capital

    e. Ideology and Relations of Production

    f. Nation and Economy

    g. Gender and Human Reproduction

    h. "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Power"

    i. Liberty and Necessity

    III. Politics

    Socialist Patriotism
    With the establishment of a global communist federation ("People's United Nations"), the right of nations to autonomy should be guaranteed. The role of the central government (and of the Party Central Committee) is only to regulate and define the general direction of the economy, culture, politics, etc. of each national state.
    However, the division of national states should be reasonable, and the emergence of unreasonably sized national states should be avoided. The best criterion is to divide them on the basis of cultural similarity; at the same time, on the premise of preserving the language of each nation, a man-made global language (similar to Esperanto) should also be used as the second language of each nation.
    Nations should harmonise and assist each other rather than compete with each other. A rational national policy should be sought that would avoid the emergence of regionalism.

    The Mass Front
    People's War

    "Communism is not for us a state of affairs that should be established, an ideal to which reality should be adapted. What we call communism is that movement which eliminates the reality of the existing situation."

    History is fractured and non-linear. The significance of the revolution does not lie in following any "historical necessity". The revolution itself is its own meaning.

    IV. Attitudes

    a. Cyborgism

    b. Revolutionary Humanism

    Pure humanitarianism is unrealistic. When humanitarianism wants to realise itself, it will inevitably turn to violent revolution - the revolution of the proletariat - otherwise humanitarianism will become its own worst enemy.

    c. Moderate Atheism

    d. Revolutionary Environmentalism

    e. Revolutionary Progressivism

    f. Anti-Pornography, Gambling and Drugs

    How to Draw

    Flag of Liberating Communism

    The design for Red Liberalism is based on & the colors of .

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it with white.
    3. Draw a red star on the top left.
    4. Add the Asian eyes (if you like) and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #DF2408 223, 36, 8
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255


    同志们 (Comrades)

    统一战线 (United Front)

    • 毛泽东-第三世界主义 - It seems to make some sense...... I feel a bit wrong again
    • Big Floppa - Not a very good policy......
    • 斯大林主义 - You are the most misunderstood person, even though you have made many mistakes.
    • 自发毛派 - Sounds reasonable......
    • 尼克松主义 - interesting
    • 胡志明思想 - Sorry for betraying you earlier, comrade, but why did you support him?
    • 无政府共产主义 - Kropotkin helped radicalize me, but anarchism is childish.
    • 庇隆主义 - My friend from Latin America, but why are you an anti-communist succauth?
    • 民族共产主义 - "Chinese Communists must therefore combine patriotism with internationalism."
    • 孙中山思想 - Civic Nationalism|He is a progressive revolutionary who represents the Old Democracy stage of the Chinese revolution. He greatly inspired me, even though he was against Marxism. He is a great forgoer of the Chinese Revolution and we will build on his legacy to further the revolution to next stage.
    • 自由主义} - Cast away Illusions and prepare for struggle!
    • 纳吉主义 - You may be revisionist, but I admire your resistance to Soviet social imperialism.

    走资派 (Capitalist Roaders)


    Revolution 85.3% / 14.7% Reform
    Scientific 80.9% / 19.1% Utopian
    Central 50.0% / 50.0% Decentral
    International 83.9% / 16.1% National
    Party 56.3% / 43.7% Union
    Production 40.3% / 59.7% Ecology
    Conservative 26.6% / 73.4% Progressive

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