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    Progressive Theocracy

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    Liberal Theocracy is an Authoritarian, Culturally Left and Theocratic ideology which wants a theocracy based on liberal theology.

    The ideology wants to create a theocratic state, but instead of basing it on a normal interpretation of the religion it wants to base it on a liberal version. It thinks that religion, culture and morality has to change with the times and is therefore very liberal while practicing its religion. It can draw weird conclusions and sometimes even dismiss entire segments of the religion. This is done to either change the religion to "be more correct" or to gain power.

    Liberal theology in Christianity has been heavily influenced by The Enlightenment. Many big denominations in the West follow a form of liberal theology. However, there are still a lot of Christians who are appalled at the state of things. Pope Francis could be considered a big Christian leader with generally liberal views.

    In the Jewish faith Reform Judaism is the more liberal branch. It incorporates elements of Rationalism and Humanism into the jewish religion.

    Certain branches of Islam has been affected by Western thought and have included modernistic elements. These values include Civic Nationalism, Democracy, Equality and Progressivism.





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