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    This is page describes Dragonguard's old ideology. To see my current beliefs see page of Ultra-Enlightenment

    Liberal Technocracy or LibTech (Not to be confused with Technoliberalism) is an economically centrist, moderately auth-leaning, globalist and culturally progressive ideology born from the synthesis of liberal democratic ideas and technocracy. It believes that by adapting some elements of technocratic governance liberal democracies shall be able to efficiently protect themselves from irrationalism and populism that pose danger to the survival of post-enlightenment civilization and progress of the human species.



    Liberal Technocracy proposes a type of government that can be called a semi-technocratic republic. Such type of republic can take many different forms. In its more authoritarian type of liberal technocracy a bicameral parliament would be consisting of the lower chamber of democratically elected representatives, possessing the legislative initiative. The higher chamber of such parliament would consist of technocrats appointed by a special government agency or elected by academic institutions across the nation. The technocratic chamber would possess no ability to propose its own laws but merely veto to the bills of the lower chamber and ability to propose corrections to them. The executive in such a republic would be consisting of a technocratic council of ministers appointed by their respective ministry. The Council would be elected from among those by both chambers of the parliament.

    In a more liberal-leaning type of liberal technocracy the parliament could be fully democratic but still assisted by institutionalised scientific advisors. The executive council of ministers would be elected by the parliament of elected representatives. To assure that the executive power remains compenent each of the MPs have a right to put into question the competence of a Minister. In such cases a Constitutional Tribunal would investigate the competences of the Minister and force them to step down from their position if they don't live up to expectations. Additionally Liberal Technocracy is open to adopt various aspects of Liquid Democracy and Cyberocracy into its government.

    Economic System

    Liberal Technocracy embraces economic ideas inspired by Ordo-Liberalism, Keynesianism, Neo-Corporatism and elements of State Capitalism. System of progressive wealth and corporate taxes favouring small and medium bussinesses in the services sector alongside anti-monopolist laws, support for trade and labour unions, social safety net, for example in form of UBI or welfare and keynesianist interventions boosting the economy in times of crisis and large recession allows for a form of social capitalism that gives citizens opportunity for success and self-actualization but doesn't leave them to die if they find themselves in bad situation. In addition Liberal Technocracy supports some State Capitalist policies like Singapore style, state-ownership dominance in the housing market and state companies involvment in strategically crucial industries as well as policies like creating performance standards and export contests for large industrial and high-tech companies, allowing best performing ones to gain governmental subsides. This would incentivize companies to perform efficiently and prevent them from leaving the country.

    For more detail on my Economic System see European Corporatism

    Enlightenment Culture

    Liberal Technocracy believes that for a society to truly prosper it must embrace a type of rationalist and progressive culture it associates with the Enlightenment. The embrace of that culture entails a balance of individualist philosophy with values of community and solidarity, support for civil rights, optimism in terms of technological and social progress, opposition towards discrimination in terms of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race etc. This culture would be promoted throughout the nation in forms of state paid art such as a specific architectural style of governmental buildings or monuments.

    World Government and Superculture

    Liberal Technocracy believes that to solve great challenges that await the world in the future, such as global warming, overpopulation, resource scarcity and space colonization, humanity needs to unite under a common global government. Importantly though Liberal Technocracy believes that it will be impossible to create a cohesive world government until vast majority of the world embraces the Enlightenment Culture creating a foundation for a united superculture of humanity. This would be the only way that allows for a creation of stable world government.


    Liberal Technocracy believes that religion should not be outright banned but it's influence should be pushed completely out of the public sphere into the private one. Thus, it advocates a laicist state in which secular values mostly replace the religious ones in society.


    Liberal Technocracy believes that for humanity to progress we should improve our bodies through genetic modification and cybernetics, completely end death from old age and minimize suffering through it. Liberal Technocracy also believes it is crucial for transhumanism to improve mental capacities of humanity to stop possible danger of AI rebellion and boost technological progress as well as enable humanity to transcend the limits of natural human experience.

    Emancipation through Technology

    Liberal Technocracy believes that humanity should strive to eliminate discrimination based on gender and sexuality. In addition to the Enlightenment Culture that should eliminate any cultural discrimination, Liberal Technocracy recognizes that sometimes inequalities might be caused by material conditions. To solve that problem, Liberal Technocracy sees technology as the ultimate tool of emancipation that will allow us to completely transcend the bodily restrictions of gender. Easy transition, growing kids without the need for biological parents to be of opposite genders or even complete abandonnment of the natural body in favour of superior artificial one in the future.

    Transitional Enviornmentalism

    Liberal Technocracy advocates specific type of philosophy when it comes to the relation of man and nature. According to Liberal Technocracy humans (or any other sentient beings) are by their nature superior to the rest of the natural world due to their ability to reason, create meaning and strive for freedom. This outlook means Liberal Technocracy will support environmentalism but not because it sees nature as important but because the destruction of environment puts humanity in danger. When a way for humanity to exist comfortably without the natural environment will be invented (for example through technology that can produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide more efficiently than plants etc.), Liberal Technocracy will no longer support environmentalism and shall focus more on productivism Indust.png

    Faustian Liberalism

    Due to its believes about nature Liberal Technocracy believes humanity should strive to liberate itself from the restrictions that natural order put on it by striving to completely understand and subjugate nature using technology. This philosophy means Liberal Technocracy will support a culture that venerates innovation, technological and scientific achievements and strongly associates human identity with curiosity and ambition to innovate, build civilizations, understand the universe and use its knowledge to bend it to human will. Liberal Technocracy views the desire for greatness as innate part of human identity that should be embraced. This philosophy often puts it at odds with any form of luddism.

    For more information on this philosophy see Neo-Faustism


    Liberal Technocracy believes that while world government is still impossible to create, different nations that believe in the same values and share close cultural heritage should unite with each other, creating a civilization-state. Civilization-States would be able to use enormous potential of a unified civilization to achieve its goals while also maintaining cohesion thanks to sharing the same values. Liberal Technocracy believes the forming of civilization-states is necessary since in modern geopolitics the old nation-state model has become outdated and unable to answer the problems of this age. To shape the world and command change, for the sake of pursuit of its values and interests, a modern state needs to be a Civilization-State or it will find itself under the influence of one.

    Space Expansion

    Liberal Technocracy believes that humanity should not stop at dominating just one planet. To assure survival of the human species in case of global disaster on Earth as well as for the sake of exploiting the vast riches the universe has to offer, it strongly supports human endeavours to reach and colonise space. Space colonisation and creation of interplanetary government to manage them for the welfare of human civilization should be seen as an important task to work on.

    Kinship of Intellect

    Liberal Technocracy believes that humanity is superior to the rest of the natural world because of its capability of intelligent thought, ability to feel complex emotions and ability to create meaning in life. Because of that reasoning Liberal Technocracy also believes that any other beings sharing those characteristics like intelligent aliens or artificial intelligences could be considered equals to humans or even that the cultural definition of "human" could be extended to include those beings. Liberal Technocracy would advocate an idea of universal brotherhood of all intelligent beings and, if possible strive to assimilate them into the Enlightenment Superculture of humanity.

    Rousseau's Civil Religion

    The Roussean idea of civil religion should not be confused with upholding any form of theist or spiritualist state-religion but rather the cultural construct of veneration of certain ideas and values for the sake of uniting society around them. Thus both Laicism.png Secular or even Stateath.png State Atheist nations can uphold their own civil religions. Liberal Technocracy believes that for the sake society's cohesion and survival of its ideals, nation should create a civil religion in the spirit of Enlightenment Culture venerating the ideas of Liberty, Justice, Brotherhood, Human Dignity, Innovation and Rationality. Creation of such culture through media, national holidays, national symbols etc. is paramount in sustaining the Enlightenment Culture after society first embraces it.


    Liberal Technocracy often likes to spend a lot of time analyzing the problem before coming out with a solution. This often causes him to be rejected by extremist ideologies. At the same time the solutions he comes up with are often radical enough to be rejected by majority of centrists. Thus he usually hangs around other technocrats and transhumanists or stays alone. He has a particular hate for any form of luddism seeing it as a rejection of everything that makes humanity great.

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    Flag of Liberal Technocracy

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