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    Not to be confused with National Liberalism.

    Liberal Populism is a civically moderate, liberal reformer, populist ideology. It is politically center-left and diplomatically patriotic to nationalist.

    Beliefs & Ideas

    Liberal Populism is a populist ideology that overlaps between uniquely liberal ideas where individual freedom should be the anchor for promoting a common good and that government should be representative of popular will. Individual freedom would be defined as freedom from excessive government intervention and later defined as freedom to determine their own life. These beliefs are advocated for via a populist thought that a small group of people in society who disagree on broader policy, opinion, or act against their interests, are an enemy and possess disproportionate power.

    Liberal Populists then believe in the interest of freedom and the common good, it is necessary to counter their opposition's disproportionate influence or harm towards their cause. Although they extend civil liberties to their opposition, Liberal Populists advocate for institutional reform and norm-breaking even within established liberal systems of government if it makes the government more representative of popular will with respect to those in the electoral minority.


    United States



    Modern Movements

    On policy LibPops can be found supporting abolishing the electoral college, abolishing the senate, packing federal court seats, adding seats to make the supreme court proportional, and pushing for term limits for Justices and Senators in different states.


    LibPop is your average political zoomer that views injustices of the world with sincere and passionate anger for those who reinforce systems that transgress on the freedoms of a minority.

    Being a headstrong and divisive trailblazer, LibPop is outspoken about confronting inequity and discrimination on the basis that everyone should be entitled to fair conditions as a means to increase their freedom of self-determination.

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    Further Information

    Online Personalities

    Liberal Populists


    Liberal Populists


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