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    Liberal Kemalism is a combination of Kemalism and Liberalism ideologies of Turkey's first president and founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. It was founded by the third president of the Republic of Turkey-Celâl Bayar, who democratized Turkey and diverged from the authoritarian one-party tutelage of the old Ataturk Kemalism.

    Supporters are mostly people living in Turkey who opposes Erdogan's rule and supports Ataturk's legacies. Liberal Kemalism is a secular ideology and supports liberal parliamentary democracy, as opposed to Erdogan’s authoritarian presidentialist rule. However, it is divided into mainly two factions: the Social Democratic centre-left faction of the modern CHP and the conservative centre-right faction which currently mainly represents the iYi party. However, this ideology has a complicated history due to political turmoils in the past few decades since democratization and the transition to a multi-party republic in the 1950s. Right-Kemalists and left-Kemalists have fought against each other in the past, and they have only been united in recent years to oppose Erdogan.


    It is a liberal interpretation of Kemalism, just like normal Kemalism, it has its own six principles.

    Liberal Kemalism argues that it is necessary to recognize ideas such as freedom of conscience, belief, thought and press for everyone.

    Ataturk's nationalism

    Liberal Kemalism defends Atatürk's understanding of nationalism. It is the understanding of nationalism that is stated in Article 88 of the 1924 Turkish Constitution and in Atatürk's principles and that bases the definition of nation on cultural and political unity, regardless of religion or race. However, because the iYi Party was split from the far-right ultranationalist MHP, it emphasizes more on cultural nationalism than the centre-left social democratic modern CHP, which focuses more on civic nationalism.




    Social Democratic Kemalism/Centre-left Liberal Kemalism

    The Republican People's Party declared that it was the "Left of Center" (Turkish: Ortanın Solu) since 1965. After this year, Kemalism and social democracy were commemorated together in Turkey. Before 1965, there was no social democracy in the Republican People's Party. Bülent Ecevit and İsmet İnönü are the founders of this ideology.

    On July 29, 1965, just before the 1965 general elections, Chairman İsmet İnönü spoke for the first time that the CHP's line was "left of center" during an interview with journalist Abdi İpekçi:

    The CHP is a statist party by nature, and as such, of course, it has a left-of-centre understanding.

    Bülent Ecevit, on the other hand, said:

    The main factor that separates the center-left from the extreme left, communism, is that it is democratic.

    Left of Center (p. 91)

    Ecevit later founded the Democratic Left Party. Here he continued to defend his view with names such as "democratic left".

    Conservative Kemalism/Centre-right Liberal Kemalism

    It can be assumed that the Democrat Party, which came to power in 1950, established this ideology. Celal Bayar and Adnan Menderes (Self-proclaimed, debatably) are the founders of this ideology. During this period, relations with America and NATO were at a high level. Anti-communism was more radical than in the Atatürk era. Turhan Feyzioğlu, who later opposed the concept of "left of centre", left the Republican People's Party and founded the Republican Reliance Party on the principles of right-Kemalism.

    In some forms of conservatism, change is advocated slowly, with this variant being closer to Progressive Conservatism. To give an example, the Republican Reliance Party writes in its program:

    We are reformers, not destructive. We are supporters of reform.

    Republican Reliance Party Program, 1967, p. 30

    A good modern-day example of centre-right Kemalism is the iYi Good Party that advocates a liberal democratic form of national-conservative Kemalism.


    Individualism is a political and social philosophy that places great emphasis on the freedom of the individual and often emphasizes the self-sufficient, self-directed, relatively free individual or self.


    Liberal Kemalism, unlike Atatürk's six principles, advocates market economy instead of statism. market economy; It is an economy in which decisions about investment, production and distribution are based on supply and demand, and the prices of goods and services are determined within the free price system. However, there are divisions of Liberal Kemalists: Social democratic Kemalists are in favor of a strong welfare state and generous redistribution of wealth. Conservative Kemalists are divided between supporting a social capitalist economic model (iYi Party) and a free market system (historical Turkish centre-right parties).


    Secularism means that the state does not discriminate on the basis of beliefs in its relations with its citizens and also prevents any belief, especially the dominant belief in a society, from oppressing the beliefs espoused by religious minorities in the same society.


    Liberal Kemalists support social reform. On social, political and economic issues, it usually refers to advocates of innovation versus those who advocate systems based on anti-change and social oppression, and encompasses the ideas they advocate. However, conservative Kemalists prefers to preserve the values of the Turkish nation when progressive social democratic Kemalists wants to pursue further reforms.

    How to draw?

    Flag of Liberal Kemalism

    The symbol of Liberal Kemalism is based on 6 arrows to represent 6 principles in ideology. This symbol is similar to the symbol of Kemalism. However, there is a snake on the arrow representing statism in the symbol of Kemalism, and the snake shows that this ideology supports market economy, not statist economy.

    1. Draw a circle with an eye in it.
    2. Fill the circle with navy blue.
    3. Draw six arrows.
    4. Draw a snake on the fourth arrow.
    5. And ready!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255
    Navy blue #0066A4 0, 102, 164



    • Kemalism - My father, I am continuing your legacies. I hope you will appreciate that. What do you mean by 'You are a traitor'?? I did nothing wrong and I am trying to protect your legacies from him.
    • Revisionary Tridemism - Fellow revisionist.
    • Liberal Feminism - At least I am brave enough to admit that I love female drone pilots, unlike my mother.
    • File:Socnat.png Social Nationalism - Based nationalism and economic policies!
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - Down with Erdogan's Islamo-fascist dictatorship! Long live the republic and democracy!


    • Liberalism - My mother who thinks that I went too far on the nationalist path.
    • Neoconservatism - I will return to you if I beat Erdogan. Can you please lift the sanctions on Turkish economy and stop supporting him though?
    • European Federalism - Similar to the above.
    • Socialist Kemalism - REEEEEEE!!!! Stop claiming that you are a Kemalist, you are a commie traitor who supports this Islamist scumbug!!! But some followers of my centre-left variant flirts with you, for somehow.


    • Neo-Ottomanism - REEEE!!! You cannot just fucking destroy his legacies and imprison my supporters!!!!!!
    • Democratic Confederalism - Kurdish terrorist scum! The Afrin invasion was justified against you!!!!
    • HDP - Aren't you just again? I could still use you against him in the parliament, though.
    • Stratocracy - Stop claiming that you are the true Kemalist and couping me for god's sake!!
    • Marxism-Leninism - Death to the Soviet Imperialists and Communism! I'll never forget that you funded this asshole even after you are diminished.
    • Kaypakkayaism - MIT (Turkish National Intelligency Organization) AND CIA, GET RID OF THIS BASTARD RTGHT NOW!!
    • Golden Dawnism - My worst nightmare!




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