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    Liberal Internationalism is a foreign policy doctrine that argues that international organizations should achieve multilateral agreements between states that uphold rules-based norms and promote liberal democracy through things like humanitarian aid or military intervention. It is defined by achieving global structures within international systems that are inclined towards promoting a liberal world order through things like global free trade, liberal economics, and liberal political systems. These international organizations would include institutions like NATO, EU, UN, and the IMF.


    Socialist Liberal Internationalism

    Socialist Liberal Internationalism is a version of liberal internationalism that is applied to liberal socialism. This could be considered a form of moderate Trotskyism.




    • National Liberalism - Nationalism is cringe, but we're both liberals.
    • Liberal Socialism - Some of you guys are quite based, but I'm not sure about socialism. Atleast you're apart of the liberal gang.
    • Civic Nationalism - So long as you're paired with me, you're alright.


    • Paleoconservatism - Isolationist bigot.
    • Putinism - Aggressive illiberal tyrant who oppresses his people and wants to do the same in neighboring countries unchecked! PUTIN KHUYLO!
    • Fourth Theory - An ideology literally built around sulking that liberalism proved to be superior to fascism and Soviet communism. Why can't you just die?!

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