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    Liberal Bonapartism is the form of Bonapartism adopted during the The Hundred Days War (War of the Seventh Coalition) and during the Liberal Empire period from 1860 to 1870,


    Unable to restore the Authoritarian Empire, wary of revolutionary outbursts, feeling that a constitutional monarchy would better for both himself and his son, and to reassure the liberal bourgeoisie, Napoleon in concert with the liberal Benjamin Constant created and issued the Additional Act to the Constitutions of the Empire (better known as the Charter of 1815) which extensively amended (de facto virtually replacing) the previous Napoleonic Constitutions, The Charter of 1815 was very liberal in spirit, and gave the French people rights which had previously been unknown to them.

    With the final defeat of Napoleon and the French Empire, the Charter of 1815 became defunct and the Bourbons were restored again, however liberal tendencies remained within the Bonapartist movement, and would be an influence on Charles Louis Napoléon Bonaparte (Napoleon III), especially evident during the "Liberal Empire period" and culminating with the (relatively) liberal Constitution of 1870, which replaced the the authoritarian Constitution of 1852, however with the defeat and fall of Second French Empire during the Franco-Prussian War, The Constitution of 1870 became defunct like the Charter of 1815 before it and Liberal Bonapartism, along with Bonapartism as a whole has remained on the fringes of the political spectrum.


    Liberal Bonapartism believes in a fusion of Bonapartist and Liberal principles , with a member of the Bonaparte family as a monarch under a (nominally) constitutional monarchy with explicit democratic institutions and a greater emphases on Human Rights then mainline Bonapartism.

    Personality and Behavior

    Liberal Bonapartism is very distraught that he never came to power.

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    Further Information

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    Bonapartism; six lectures delivered in the University of London


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