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    Liberal Agorism is a representation of the ideology of Yevgeny Dragunov in the Hearts of Iron 4 alternate history mod: "The New Order: Last Days of Europe". The ideology is the practice of what Dragunov does in the governance of his warlord state, the Republic of Zlatoust.


    Dragunov was a senior armourer in the Red Army, stationed at the major industrial firearm making city of Zlatoust. This allowed him to survive the bloodbath of the front lines during WW2. Upon the collapse of the USSR, Dragunov found himself as mayor of the city of Zlatoust, and upscaled the arms manufacturing industry, as a way to provide income and stability for the city. This worked out extremely well, with the government establishing itself as a stable and prosperous region in the Union's corpse.

    Originally being a part of the West Siberian People's Republic (WSPR), the collapse of the WSPR following the 2nd West Russian War gave Dragunov the opportunity to declare independence of his state. This, along with the arrival of Mikhail Kalashnikov, fellow arms designer allowed them to design even better weapons, based off their existing designs of the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle and the AK-47. Their rule over the state was further solidified by their indomitable friendship, the increased amount of weapons sold to anyone in the Russian Anarchy who could afford it and the improved quality of their weapons.

    In the 1950s, Dragunov also struck a deal with the criminal empire of Yugra, where they offered their protection for weapons and profitable trade deals. This gave Zlatoust a stable source of weapons and ensured peace.


    Dragunov and Kalashnikov, having solidified their rule over Zlatoust, built a functioning democracy based off the selling of weapons and equipment to other warlord states across Russia, provided they could pay for it and created an island of prosperity in a sea of chaos, has no ambition of reuniting Russia, retaking Moscow or conquering Germania. However, with war on the horizon for Russia and Germany crumbling, Dragunov and Kalashnikov will have to be on their watch to protect themselves, their market and the state they built with their own bare hands off the black market.


    Liberal Agorism believes that a state is necessary to ensure stability and prosperity, but the best way to support said state's economy would be through the selling and purchasing of weapons and material through the black market. He also supports liberal democracy, but does not shy away from making connections and selling things to others who do not share his views.

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